Articles Directories worth sending content?

“Article Directories!” Does this ring bells? Well, you might have come across SEO experts voicing different opinions about article directories and their effect on SERP rankings. Submitting articles to directories is one of the conventional methods of driving traffic. Some consider article directories to be useful in boosting page ranks, while some believe it to be a waste of time. With Google Penguin and Panda updates, submitting articles to directories is now a myth. In other words, people have started to give up on article submissions, but that is costing adversely in search results.

It’s true that Google has downgraded thousands of directories. But that doesn’t mean article submissions are worthless. Yes! Article directories help in increase your website’s rank. To make it clear, article submissions are still a big factor in determining your search engines rank.

In this digital era, dominated by the World Wide Web, there are still a handful of directories that are worth sending content to get the best results. But, there is a lot of change in the way these directories work. Starting from the article length to content quality, there is a big difference in every single parameter to ensure only high quality directories survive.

Now let’s take a look at the role of article directories before and after Google’s updates:

Before Panda and Penguin:

Gone are the days when article directories played a decisive role in increasing a website’s rank. In fact, they dominated the search engine results. Earlier, directories where the main source where search engines look for contents and they attracted huge traffic.

These article submission sites, with very less hassles allowed the marketers to promote their site by providing significant backlinks. Moreover, there wasn’t any restriction in submitting the same article to multiple websites. In the sense, high search engine rankings with absolutely no effort with article submission strategies.

After Panda and Penguin:

The article submission strategy of driving traffic has lost its significance long back. That’s exactly after the Google’s updates, the most dreaded nightmare for directories housing low-quality contents.

With Panda, the search engine giant made it crystal clear that no keyword–stuffed filler-articles or plagiarized content will be displayed on its results. Article directories that thrived on low quality or promotional articles were pathetically kicked by Google and they lost their charm in the world of internet.

With this update, only those submission sites that maintained decency with high quality articles and avoided keyword-stuffed contents were considered authentic. However, even these directories were annulled by professionals as the restrictions on quality content were getting fierce. Some of the article directories that are still worth a try are:


For more than a decade, with a page rank of 6, is ruling the world of article submission sites. With millions of readers, it has proved to be the best traffic driving force for websites. It’s one among the top directories considered to be the authentic by Google with great importance for quality content.

Any sloppily written article or plagiarized article will not be approved by the directory., with options to share articles across social networking platforms, is constantly helping writers gain the maximum exposure.


It’s one among the popular article directories that is as good as, with a page rank of 6, is been around for more than 8 years and allows more than 12,000 article submissions per week. Generally, articles are approved within a few hours after submission.

The directory allows 2 do follow links in the article, but prevents links to commercial sites. With millions of viewers, you are bound to get targeted traffic to your website with every article you submit.


Around thousands of articles related to almost everything you would like to know about, has joined the group of high quality article directories. With a page rank of 6, this submission site helps you rank better in the search engines easily.

What’s more interesting is that, articles submitted in have a pretty good chance to score among the top 10 results on the Google’s First Page. In other words, with an interesting content on you can drive as much as traffic possible.


With a page rank of 5, this site is serving as the best source of free contents for newsletters since 2005. Known for its large readers base, this article submission site provides the writers with various services to connect with their audience. is one of those high quality directories that reject articles stuffed with keywords or promotional. With every informative, high quality article in, you can easily get thousands of followers.


If you are looking out for a popular free high quality article directory that allows you to promote, then you consider You can add a link to your website or blog in the Resource box and promote your website with an interesting author profile. When it comes to the content or article, promotion is highly restricted. With over a million writers, this article submission site of page rank 5, is growing rapidly day by day and is a valuable source of targeted traffic.

That’s not all, there are many other submission sites that are worthy enough like,,, etc.

Whether it is for the traffic or revenue or backlinks, article directories still play a great part in it. In fact, article submission sites are required in building targeted traffic and getting fruitful results, as these directories are still searched by the search engines to provide users with relevant and appropriate results.

Even with the Google’s Panda and Penguin updates, article directories are serving as a platform to promote your website. If you submit unique, well-researched, high quality contents to the article directories, then you can get a quality backlinks that can reward your website with high SERP rankings. With this, you can attract millions of viewers and incite them to visit your website.

In other words, a number of directories are still available to publish quality contents and get targeted traffic that helps in increasing page ranks.

So, what are you waiting for?

Check the top article directories, submit your content and get the best result for every effort you put in.

So, Did I miss anything? Is there any other submission site that must be in the list? If yes, then share it in your comments. I will get back to you in a while.

20 thoughts on “Articles Directories worth sending content?”

  1. Have seen lot of blog tips recommending to submit their articles to article directories ..but none of them explained in detail ‘what you can expect after submitting articles to article directories’ as you’ve explained . Knew about ezinearticles and didn’t knew the other directories you’ve mentioned. thanks for sharing the info

    1. Michael McCaffrey

      Hi Pramod,

      If none of the other posts have properly answered this for you, basically, submitting articles to these high-quality article sites does two things:

      1. It builds backlinks to your website. A strong article with good anchor text linking to a meaningful section of your website with relevant content will help your website’s search engine ranking.

      2. It increases your reach. The more people that comment on, read, and link to your article, the better it will start to rank on its own in search engines (thus the stronger the link it will give you). It’s all about getting your content out there (and linked to from other people) and article sites like these are a great way to do it.

  2. Article directories still have their purpose and they can drive a lot of visitors to your website, or blog.

    My rule of thumb is to post the content to your site first and grow it into an authority site, then rewrite your posts and submit them to the top article directories.

  3. Frankly, directory is one the best directory.I used for my blog post and got good backlinks from my post which i published on

  4. Efoghor Joseph Ezie

    Article directories with high standard are still relevant. If you submit to those ones, Google would respect your backlink because they know that those directories do not compromise quality.

    Directories that were proliferated for the sole purposes of making money without care for quality are being weeded out so the best can remain. I still use ezinearticles and goarticles periodically. I don’t concentrate my energy on building backlinks; I only try to provide quality content and let other sites link up naturally.

  5. Falola Oluwaseyi

    Article submission to article directories is a great way to build links for a site,but most of them are nofollow.But thank you for listing so me great ones

  6. Hi Jenny,

    This title itself calls for an interesting contemplation..You have aptly explained all the scenarios and i couldn’t agree with you more.I used to do a lot of article submissions which were ok then but are now considered spammy..I mean submitting the same article to 20-30 sites..It had helped me to improve my rankings back then..But then the Google mammals came and wiped off the strategy..Now i submit original articles to 2-3 high quality sites…I guess that counts as link building in moderation.

    1. Yes, don’t do anything “spammy” to get caught by Google (sooner or later).

      Thank you for stopping by, Joe.

  7. Cameron Chardukian

    I’ve got a question Jenni. I’ve heard google doesn’t like duplicate content. So wouldn’t my website actually be penalized for having my articles on these other sites?

    1. Yes, you will. That is why you need to take care of content when do Articles Directories submission.

  8. Dear Jenni R,
    Thanks for sharing your info on article directories.
    I’ve a question. Should I write an article on the article directories or write it on my website in my blog section. Which one is more beneficial from SEO point of view. Kindly clear.

  9. Thanks for giving an update on which directories to focus on for article submissions since the latest big G updates.

  10. I think after Panda and Penguin updates, these article directories have become irreverent for getting link juice.

    1. I think that you’re safe if you stick with the directories mentioned here since they have been established over time and have strict criteria for articles submitted. They still have high PR which definitely generate quality backlinks.

  11. We used to post articles in several of the article directories that you’ve mentioned above but following Google updates we quit the submissions. I’ve been following several forum threads related to article submission and haven’t found a clear answer to the debate. Your post here is helpful.

    I’m wondering about duplicate content as well. Obviously you want to write unique articles for each directory you submit to, but it used to be that other people would visit the directories and copy the articles and post them to their blogs. Does this still happen and if so does it hurt your site as duplicate content?

  12. Thanks for this. Article submission to article directories is a great way to build links for a site,but most of them are nofollow.

  13. Thanks for the update info on directories.
    Now comes the difficult part: getting the articles written and published :)

  14. I personally only use EZA as far as article directories go.

    The reason I use only this one is because EZA is the place where PUBLISHERS go, people who are looking for content for their own site.

    For me article marketing is about getting my articles published on niche related sites and directories still play a role in doing so.

    Maikel Michiels

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