The Top Useful APIs for Marketers

If you are a Data-Driven Marketer that uses analyzed data to determine what or how to market a product, then the right APIs can simplify the process.

An API (Application Programming Interface) is an interface that dictates how different software should communicate with each other. It acts like a translator between software by breaking down and interpreting data so that a 3rd party can understand it. With so much free applications that collect data on the market now, there is a great opportunity available to take advantage to make your goals easier. APIs are a little challenging to use. They will require you to understand some amount of programming and understand how software architectures work.

Here I will discuss APIs for 5 different applications. These are Pay-Per-Click, Search Engine Optimization, Social Networks, API Learning tools and other useful APIs.



Bing Ads API

This API allows advertisers and agencies to manage their Bing Ads accounts with campaigns, keywords, ad groups and ads. There is a free version, but authorization is required.

Facebook’s Preferred Marketing Developer Program (PMD)

PMDs build apps on Facebook to help marketers and advertisers connect and cement relationships with customers. They are responsible for innovating, building useful custom tools and features, and providing the correct development resources. It is available for free, but authorization is required.

Google Adwords API

Developers are able to build software that connects directly to Adwords with this API. It can:

  • Simplify the Automatic generation of ad text, keywords and destination URLs.
  • Combine AdWords data with your inventory system to manage campaigns based on stock.
  • Establish additional tools and applications to help you manage accounts.

There is a free version but authorization is required.


The SEMRush API works by allowing users to gain access to data from the SEMRush servers for analysis, by just making a request. The charge is $15 per month.



Bing Search API

Bing Search API allows developers to utilize XML and JSON tocustomize search options on websites. It is available for free but is limited by a rate.

Majestic SEO API

Majestic SEO API provides back links that are stored in their database upon request. The light version is available for free on request, but it is limited compared to the Platinum version available. The light version is available upon consideration after making a special request from Majestic.

Raven API

Managing accounts and campaigns is as easy as requesting an API Key from within your profile on Raven. Raven API is available to paid accounts only.

Mozscape API

Moszcapse API on SEOMoz includes intelligent metrics, URL data and SEO tool building. It is available in a free version but is limited by rate.

Wordstream’s Keyword Tool API

Developers are able to use Wordstream’s algorithms and keywords in their own applications with this API. The free version is a trial version.

Social Network APIs


Graph API for Facebook

Graph API is the main software used for creating apps on Facebook. The free version is limited to a rate.

Social Authority by SEOmoz

Social Authority is used to locate the most influential users on Twitter. The free version is limited to a rate.


Gnip provides social media data to some of the biggest corporations for analysis and product marketing. There is a Trial version available.

Google+ API

This API can be integrated with your Google+ account to maximize communication with Google+ features. It is available for free but at a limited rate.


Klout gives access to its data which is collected with advanced diagrams and illustrations. It is available for free but at a limited rate.


PeerIndex provides Social Influence Data to your application or service. There is a free version but it is limited by rate.


This API tracks URL shares, likes and more on Social networks. There is a free version but it throttles the amount of usage.


You are able to track Twitter data with Topsy. A trial version is available that limits the amount of calls per day.

The Twitter REST API

With this API, you are able to gather tweet and user information, gather follower data and manage your account. The free version is limited to a rate.

API learning Tools



Codecademy is a useful website that can be used to teach or learn programming languages such as Python or Javascript to build apps and learn API coding. It is free.


Mashape is an API marketplace that allows you to give and access over 2000 APIs. Some of the APIs are free.


ProgrammableWeb provides access to a large number of APIs, codes, developers and mashups with the convenience of an internal search engine. It is a free service.

SEER’s SEO Toolbox

This Toolbox aims to satisfy marketers and not programmers by providing simple spreadsheets instead of complicated code. It has a free service that is limited by rate.

SEO Gadget (The Links API Extension for Excel)

This API extension allows you to draw links from SEOmoz’s Mozscape API, SEOgadget’s Links API & Majestic SEO within your Excel spreadsheets. It has a free service which is limited by rate.

Other Useful APIs



AlchemyAPI analyzes and processes natural languages from the cloud, thereby eliminating other integrated processing systems. A demo and free API key is available but the rate is limited.

The Google Analytics APIs

The Google Analytics APIs offers The Collection API, The Management API and The Data Export API to users. It manages Google analytics accounts and profiles. It is available free, but authorization is required.

The Google Places API

This API is used to find detailed information about places across a wide database. It is free but authorization is required.

PageSpeed Insights API

Analyze your PageSpeed performance with PageSpeed Insights API. It is available for free but authorization is required.


This is a simplified tool that allows you to predict trends and organize social media data. It is free but at a limited rate.

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