5 Reasons Why Affiliate Marketers Should Use Social Media

We know social media as a form of relationship building and reconnecting with family and friends, but it has also opened its doors to those who want to earn money online. Businesses, small or big, have been using social media to successfully promote their brand, products, and services. As such, affiliate marketers like yourself can also effectively use social media in promoting your products, and experience the increase in awareness and traffic these platforms can give you.

Need more convincing? Here are five reasons why you should use social media in your affiliate marketing efforts:

It’s almost free

One of the main reasons why social media is recommended is because it is essentially free of charge—at least, the basics of it are. You have to get around creating an account, get familiar with the features, add your family and friends, or follow those who you think share the same interests as you.

Though the platforms themselves are free, you still have to invest time and effort. Social media campaigns will have to run for approximately three (3) months, and if you want it to be successful, you have to devote hours for it.

Everybody is on social media

Do you know someone who doesn’t own a Facebook and/or a Twitter account nowadays? Or someone who has not viewed a single video from Youtube?

It’s safe to say that most people are going social. There might be people online who are not social-media savvy, but they are a minority. Chances are, your target audience is out there scrolling timelines and engaging in online conversations.

You’ll get a lot of exposure once you consider social media as a way to promote your product. It can reach not only the youth but also the older generation. Also, since there are a greater number of people using smartphones and tablets these days, users can easily access their social media accounts anytime, anywhere.

People create accounts online to be updated on what’s happening with people they’re connected to, and they are always looking for something new. If you can offer something they haven’t heard of or used before, your chances of being talked about in the Internet is very high.

You can manage it yourself

Managing your social media account yourself cuts the cost of outsourcing someone to do it for you. If you have a lot of time in your hands, updating social media accounts can be done during your free hours. Though it can be time-consuming, it’s quite enjoyable and doesn’t make you feel like you’re working at all.

If you have a day job and have a few minutes to spare, you can check your accounts for updates while taking a break from office work. You can focus on it more later when you’re free of distractions.

Target audience is easier to approach

Social media allows people to come together and discuss common interests, experiences, and grievances. When you trigger their interest through the things you post, they will reply or repost whatever you share online. It’s necessary to grab that opportunity to establish a lasting connection that can make them aware of your product to get the clicks or purchase you are after.

It’s easy to find a specific group of people since groups, forums, and even hashtags can connect people who think alike.

Engage in groups and forums. Answer questions and share your opinions to let them feel your presence. The more positive reaction you get from people, the more they will trust you and patronize the content you post.

Hashtags are also one of the underrated features of social media. By using popular hashtags on your post, you can get instant retweets and increase your visibility online. Make sure that the hashtags you use are related to your content and are not considered spammy (e.g. using trending hashtags just so you’ll appear on people’s timelines). If you want your tweet to appear on the top tweets, do not repeat hashtags in one post. Use them wisely.

Link placements are okay

Google PenguinSince the release of Google Penguin, website owners have been careful of the links they put within their content, as well as the contributions they accept from guest writers. Some websites even remove links from the body of a post if they see that the link is too promotional or when they feel that the link’s placement is unrelated to the topic.

If you’re an affiliate marketer who wants to increase traffic to your own website, chances are, you have tried your luck on guest posting and constantly looked for ways on how to include a link that will lead to your website or product.

In social media, you can post as many links as you can and you won’t be penalized. However, make sure that the links are helpful to your subscribers or followers so that you can generate clicks.

When including links, make sure that they lead to credible websites. Otherwise, your followers will just exit the page and look for better sites that can give them the information they need. Also, the links shouldn’t be arbitrarily placed, so it will not look as if you are selling a product to your readers.

You can post a status and include a link to a recent article you found interesting. In a forum where everyone’s having a debate, suggest a reliable “source” that can help them solve their issues. Post a cool photo or graphics on Pinterest and link it directly to your website.

Social media is a cool way to make your presence known online. Let us know how social media has helped you increase traffic and sales via the comments section below!

14 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Affiliate Marketers Should Use Social Media”

  1. Its a good idea to leverage social media sites to get leads for getting success as an affiliate marketer . Social media sites are flooded with millions of active people . Hence , we should take advantage of it . Thanks for sharing the information.


    1. Thanks Pramod! Social media is definitely useful for affiliate marketers everywhere. Don’t forget to share the article!

  2. Social Media should be leveraged by everyone and not just marketers.
    It has already turned out to be a great platform from affiliate marketers as most of the social networks now support the use of hash tags that help them target their customers more accurately.
    So if you are not using social media to do affiliate marketing, then you are not doing it right.
    What do you say about it?

    1. Hi Arbaz, I agree with you on that. The thing is, some people still don’t trust the power of social media- not just for affiliate marketing but marketing as a whole.

  3. It’s simply easier to spread an idea on social media, because all of your audience are related to each other, in friends circles or family circles etc.., and they all trust each other.
    something recommended by a close friend or a bother is allot easier to grab attention to and trust than something recommended by a total stranger on a random website, but on a friend’s wall that’s a whole different story!
    so on social media not only it’s easier to spread the word but you’ll get allot more audience by reference! plus social media debates are allot more easier and faster through social media comments than the standard blog comments, (wait for comment moderation, then come back tomorrow to continue a small debate or discuss an idea)
    Many thanks and Best wishes!

    1. You are right there, Mitch! There’s also a trust factor involved. Don’t forget to share this to your friends through social media! ;)

  4. Very nice information. Social Media is the platform where people most often express, share the things. There plenty of people having interest somehow what you share. Though affiliate marketers can take advantage of it.

  5. Hi..
    Its always good to take advantage of social platform. is it in terms of affiliate marketing, promoting your post for more traffic or to sharing any useful content.

    Social platforms are playing very important roles in our web appearance, SERP position and Quality of visitors.


  6. I agree that social media is the best way. Social media is the best way to promote any content, the problem is getting clicks once it is posted in the various social networks.

  7. To keep up your brand you have to do something in this tough competition market. This post will really help marketers to keep involve with social marketing. Thanks….

  8. so on social media not only it’s easier to spread the word but you’ll get allot more audience by reference! plus social media debates are allot more easier and faster through social media comments than the standard blog comments

  9. Yes, social media is playing a great role in getting a good amount of business. the behind is, that everyone is using the Social sites to stay update, instead of watching news channels or reading news papers, people are getting it from social media.

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