7 Different Platforms for Digital Advertising

The world of business just can’t do without digital media. From targeting new people to maintaining relations with loyal customers, everything happens digitally. Also, all business sectors from retail stores to manufacturing companies are present on the digital platforms and are thinking of ways to develop online connection with their targets.

In fact, as we have stepped into the era of digitization; we are surrounded by digital ideas, concepts, and thought-processes.

And to make the most of the creative digital ideas, here are the different types of digital marketing platforms where you can place your brand communication and enjoy productive maximum response.

Display Advertising

Based on your audience profile and your products, select ad space in specific websites from where you can get good traffic.

Display ads can be anything from the banner ads to videos. In the online world, it is considered as one of the most effective ways of digital branding. Instead of developing text-based communication, create interesting videos or images that will speak on behalf of your brand. Also, take time to follow your targets and wisely choose the websites, which in turn are followed by your audience group.

Search Advertising

While your visitors enter certain search keywords, specific to your brand and business; you can take this opportunity and promote your ad through the search engines. To do so, you have to coin down certain keywords, with which you shall sync your advertising message.

With this, your business or company might not have a good rank in the search engine pages, yet you will expose your audience to your brand. Often, search engine ads can give you better leads since people eye-witness a solution that they are just looking for. It also saves their research time. You can also consult with any SEO Company for getting good position in Search Advertising.

Mobile Advertising

Mobile-centric ads are the current trend. From the in-app messages to the videos, mobile advertising is the most effective way to promote your brand. With the entire world going mobile, developing short and crisp communication targeting the mobile users is the best practice. As people carry their mobiles your brand communication stays in their mind, for a longer time.

While developing mobile ads, ensure that it fits the screen sizes of all hand-held devices. In this way, your message will be clear and you shall successfully position your brand name in the minds of your targets.

Social Advertising

Social media sites mostly Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and other similar platforms provide lucrative opportunities to promote your brand. The best thing about social ads is that you know your targets well and can propose your brand message.

Also, based on certain audience profile, you can personify your advertising and suit to the specific needs, interests and desires of your large target audience. If strategically done, social ads can also bring leads which are sure to land into sales.

Video Advertising

Contrary to texts which lack visual appeal, video ads serve as effective stimulant that influences your audience to try you out. Video ads can be placed in any platforms- mobile, website, social media sites. Just like television ads, online video ads quickly hit your targets and with frequent exposure can enable them to purchase your product or avail your service.

Cross-Channel Advertising

Another new-age form of digital advertising, cross-channel advertisement is an intelligent way to follow your online visitors and track their interests and desires. With the help of cross-channel ad software, you shall become aware about the digital journey of your target audience.

Accordingly, you can choose specific online platforms and promote your brand only in those spaces and reach individual audience. It is the best way to develop personal communication and have better connect with your target group.

Demand-side Platforms

Last but not the least, DSP or Demand-side platforms allow you to manage multiple ad exchange and various data exchange accounts, using only one interface. With DSPs, you can track real-time bidding, optimize algorithms and get maximum value from each audience. In milliseconds, the search engines try to determine the value of prospective impression and places a bid accordingly. Using DSPs, you can also integrate ads with third-party vendors and ensure more impressions from various sources.

With all the above digital advertising platforms, you must also realize that not all are required for your business. Based on your communication objective, purpose of advertising, nature of product, and target audience profile, you must choose the most suitable platforms that will provide maximum reach and exposure to your brand. Such decisions are time-consuming, and with adequate time and in-depth research and analysis; you can arrive at the right online destinations.

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  1. Hi, i am new to this digital marketing industry. I was searching for this type of article since a long time. Thank you, at last i found here. This helps in planning and executing my digital marketing strategies accordingly. Thank you ones again.

  2. These information about online advertising gave glimpse about targeting correct audience to get leads and make my online business successful.

  3. Hi Jenni , Your provided information is very helpful for me as i have hear about the Cross-Channel Advertising for the first time. I don’t know, what is Cross-Channel Advertising. will you please write your next blog post on Cross-Channel Advertising topic?

  4. Wow! Didn’t know these many options are available for promoting a business online. I am looking into promoting my cleaning business website and I have bookmarked this article to get back to it to try each type of platform. Thank you for sharing Vaishali.

  5. Thank you Jenni for sharing such awesome online marketing ideas. I was unaware about these kind of platforms. I wish I knew this before but now as you have enlightened me with this knowledge I am sure these will help me to achieve my marketing goals of my cleaning business. Thanks again for sharing

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