Leading Web Design Trends For 2016

What separates design from art is that design is meant to be… functional”.

Web design is a fast paced industry and the additional advantage that sets them aside will be given your models by having the capability to predict top trends ahead of time. We’ve taken the time to gather our predictions up for the leading web design trends of 2016.


What Has Changed?

Before we give our forecasts, it is vital that you understand the powerful forces that can transform in net layout:

Technology: advancements in tools and the accessible technologies, both to access and build web sites, largely decides what developers and designers can do.

Consumers: the prevailing ways developers, designers and net guests use the technology that is available, form the internet design scenery and push on its boundaries in a forward-looking course.

Other creative subjects: what’s trending in other creative areas like graphic design and fashion, finally finds its way into vice-versa and internet design. Creativity endures on mixing and matching ideas to carry feelings and propose options.

Most of us today are multi-device consumers and anticipate a website look and to simply function stunning, no matter the device we use.

Receptive Web Style (RWD), serving exactly the same HTML code to all devices and utilizing CSS to alter the look of the site on the device, is the prevailing method and what Google urges to build mobile-friendly sites. So some of the tendencies in my listing exemplify approaches to net design that are best worthy of RWD.

Taking the motorists above as guiding maxims, here’s our listing of 2016 net design tendencies.

Flat Design 2.0 & Minimalism


Minimalism will keep on to move strong in 2016 and has boomed in 2015. It’s an ideal fashion for RWD: no litter, focus on what’s significant, clever use of generous space that is white. In other words: Less is more.

A popular net design tactic that goes very nice layouts as well as the minimal philosophy is level design, or its newest incarnation Smooth 2.0.

Google Material Style well symbolizes Flat 2.0concepts: the metaphor of the material universe with the clever perform of shadows, light and movements, gives customers visual hints of their interaction with a web site.

Fundamental elements of print-based layout like negative room, grids, brilliant, vibrant colors and imagery that is beautiful, convey meaning and structure while creating experiences that are engaging.

While flat style has significantly ruthlessly eliminated any touch of rounded edges, drop shadows or color gradients, Toned 2.0 will begin experimenting with minimum textures and subtle gradients.

Nerdy Vintage Design


Enormous mobile phones of the early 80-90’s and the brilliant era of cumbersome computers s is the main way to obtain ideas for the latest essence of the classic trend on the net.

Text and pixelated emblems, backgrounds that are galactic and interactional shifting celebrities and exoplanets will be around a lot in 20-16 web design.

Immersive Effect


As humans, we’re storytellers and lovers of stories that are great by nature. Due to the wonder of animations and HTML 5 canvas, CSS3 changes, state of the art Java Script APIs like GreenSock and Web GL, as well as the power of components acceleration, storytelling on the internet may be interactive and also more immersive.

Browsing the web on mobile phones h-AS made users more familiar with scrolls that were long. Web site styles that are capable of showing a fantastic story lure them to keep scrolling to the underparts of the the page and keep consumers involved with the content.

Bright Illustrations and Iconography


High-pixel denseness screens have revealed how conventional picture platforms don’t always work as expected on the modern internet. Using .jpg and .png files may result in a pixelated look on retina displays, which ruins the aesthetics of a website.

Now, more extensive browser assistance for Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) and easily executed image fonts are an incredible answer to this problem. For that reason, we’ll see more net styles presenting custom illustrations that are vibrant, as well as stylish palm-SVG and drawn icon fonts symbols that stay sharp and amazing at any screen resolution.


Typography That Produces an Allegation


Typography is an essential part of branding and great design, the much more online, where using up information is the main goal visitors have as they land on your page.

As a result of services like Type kit and Yahoo Typefaces, which can make custom typefaces easy and easily accessible to use on the web, gone are the days when web designers were limited to a few system fonts.

Flat design and minimalism already use the power of large, dramatic typefaces to create a strong statement. The coming year will see innovative type treatments on web sites and more daring use of artistic fonts.

HD Visual Assets


Increased bandwidth, wide browser support of HTML5 video, and means to function high-resolution visual strengths uniquely to apparatus with retina displays, all add to the popularity of gorgeous High Definition history pictures and movies on sites developing even more powerful in 2016.

Wider browser support for background mixing that is CSS3 may well lead on images, which are developed immediately in the browser using a couple of lines of CSS code to the application of dramatic results that are arty.

Cinema graphs will also be enjoying widespread favor. These are still pictures with a selected animated portion, usually a delicate depth that aptly draws the attention of site visitors. They’re maybe not fresh, but the success of “live photos” on the most recent iPhones, which look rather near to robust browser support for HTML 5 sailcloth, and cinema graphs, play a key part in cinema graphs being listed as a design tendency of 20-16.

Minimization of The Rigid Grids


Grid-based designs, particularly Pinterest- like layouts, are still very well-liked now. Minimalism, well-liked front-end-frameworks and level layout like Bootstrap, which make employing plants very simple, all have led to the success of ordered, grid-based web layouts.

2016 will see more playful web designs that deviate from a grid design that is stiff. Surely, storytelling and action that is high support this type of soft revolt against the classic grid.

It’s my strong wish that you’ll observe more styles and internet components splitting out of the regular rectangle box shape with Shapes gaining better help in the near potential. Soft edges and curved curves would enrich the composition of components and their inter-relation on the internet page.

An excellent web design trial like Alice in Wonderland made by Adobe and the French service ultra noir could become an actual production site in 2016.

These net design tendencies are not self-contained, sealed pockets. Dramatic typography functions excellent on top of videos and High Definition photos. Storytelling that is immersive goes delightfully well along with custom typographic components and illustrations that are vibrant.

As the newest web specifications retain developing browser help, uniqueness and variety in design may be more apparent on the internet and simply your creativity is the limit to what you are able to do in the browser.

Do you agree with this or you’d like to suggest another trends?

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  1. Mind-blowing post.

    An in-depth post like this with so much valuable information must help everyone in this industry. There is so much information in this content that I have to come back again and again on this page to recheck and reconfirm that I am on the right track. Will be looking forward for more knowledge-heavy articles like this from your blog.
    Thanks again for sharing this with us.

  2. Using bespoke imagery etc is not a ‘trend’, it is what good designers should be doing as part of the creative process, always has been. The use of stock elements is generally down to budget, laziness or just bad design practice.

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