Top 10 Web Design Ideas to Boost Your Creativity

Picking a design style for a website is dependent on many different factors. Brand identity, color schemes and client preferences all play a part, as does the target demographic. So does the purpose of the site. Different designs lend themselves to different combinations of these purposes. But there is no one right choice. In fact, a mixture of some of these styles can also be quite effective.

To get the creative juices flowing, here are ten creative web design ideas for you to consider.

1. Cartoons and Illustrations

CartoonsNot just for children, pictures can liven up and bring color and excitement to a site. Big, bold images and brilliant colors quickly grab the attention. By nature, drawing is a creative activity, so illustrations touch a different part of the brain for visitors, too. Options are only limited by the skill and imagination of the designer. Cartoons, pictures, charts, graphs and infographics are all viable possibilities.

2. Realism

The realism of a photograph is easily understood since there usually aren’t any abstract qualities to it. A photo mirrors real life and can create an instant connection to common experiences. This can be especially useful as a backdrop to play against other design elements. However, realism can easily distract you visitors from where you want them to be. This really applies to all web design ideas but specifically to this one. Balance is key factor for every page. It’s obvious that colorful above the fold and boring plain text on white background towards the end is poor design, right? Well, understanding all other design elements is almost the same only with sharper eye while understanding how design affects users.

3. Two Tone

Two-ToneConversely, you might subscribe to the “less is more” camp of thinking. To picture the power of this concept, think of the power of a black and white picture. You focus on the subject, not the colors. By limiting yourself to just two colors, you can create a bold, dramatic look that captures attention by its simplicity. This will allow you to focus instead on other design elements like layout and typography. I would not recommend mixing two tone illustrations with other design styles. In my opinion, two tone design is a type of style that have to be kept uniform in order not to lose the special in its simplicity.

4. Transparency

Transparency lets you place text on top of an image, while controlling how much of either shows through. This will let you make text easy enough to read while still allowing some of the image to show through.

5. Advanced Typography

Choosing the right typography can work wonders for the readability of your site. But well designed and unique typography can be a valuable design element itself. An art form itself, it can be used as a prominent feature to draw the eye in your design.

6. Texture and Pattern

Texture-and-PatternDifferent textures or patterns can evoke feeling and emotion. A sandy texture might trigger thoughts of vacation. Tweed might be comforting. In addition, various textures can add depth and interest to the backgrounds of your designs.

7. Grunge

This can look a little disorganized and messy, but that can appeal to a certain demographic and harmonize well with various brands. Current design trends favor clean and simple, but this still has its place.

8. Nature

Natural elements evoke the outdoors or homey atmospheres. It can also be used to indicate a site or brand that is down to earth or organic. This is one of my favorite; I can always find a way to blend nature is my designs. It could sounds irrelevant in some cases but if you creative enough, it possible and could even help you drop bounce rates. Sounds strange? Take a look on this amazing picture…did it keep you longer on this page?

9. Abstract

This is a very creative art form that allows the design virtually unlimited freedom of expression. Since meaning is subjective, interpretation can vary with each visitor. Or, it can have no meaning at all. It may simply be a visually pleasing expression of color and form. With such freedom comes the opportunity to create something stunning and memorable.

10. Retro

This style attempts to capture nostalgia for the good old days. It can be effectively used to bring up images from the visitors past, or to tie into deep emotions and memories. It generally tries to emulate styles that were common from the 1920s to the 70s. The juxtaposition of classic styles with modern products can also create a memorable site that captures the imagination.

These are just a few of the many styles that allow designers to express their creativity. Use them as a springboard to other ideas that will enhance the websites you work on.

12 thoughts on “Top 10 Web Design Ideas to Boost Your Creativity”

  1. Well, i love this article as it has some very interesting and unique ideas ! Trying out different ideas can take a website to new levels as people love unique and interesting ideas. Thanks for sharing the information with us .


  2. You can browse most any web designers website and look at their portfolios for ideas.

    I am not real good with images so I have to make up for it with my coding skills personally. That is why my website has so many little nuances like being able to change the font size or use access keys or dynamically generated comments or images upon refresh of the pages.

  3. Two Tone, Transparency and Retro worked well on my blog. I have received endearing comments about it. Simplicity is key, my friend. Simplicity without compromising the allure. My blog is about myself so I keep it a lot like myself, too.

  4. Hey asher, your post is awesome. I like your idea number 1, adding relevant pictures to the body of a webpage not only makes it professional, it also makes it interesting for visitors to browse through. The transperency aspect when it comes to adding text to images is very important. Thumbs up on this post.

  5. Very good points. I think that animation and white&black are always good options-as long as you don’t over do it.

    I think that the type of image you use needs to always be varied and should be characterized by the style/angle of the post.

  6. I Liked it very much ! Its very useful for me nowdays .

    In this post you have wirked very well Specially on picturizing & In this Article Mr Admin has made me understand about web designing .

    Thank you for sharing this Post ! Keep it Up .

  7. Designing a website is indeed a challenging and daunting task. If you really want to make a good and money making website then, viewers experience is one of the most important things that you need to keep in mind when designing a website.

  8. +1 For the good work you’ve done with this post! I am very interested in improving the aspect of my sites but creativity is not always my strongest point. Thanks for sharing!

  9. The points you have mentioned here are very effective. But, you might not try to apply all of these together in a single website. Cause, It’s hard to apply all of these together without making the website messy. It will be good if one implements some of these ideas and synchronize them wisely. That’s the challenge. Whatsoever, Web designing is itself a challenging job. Thanks for sharing the ideas

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