3 Tools to Test Your Site for Mobile Devices

The Internet has taken a wide array of turns in its development. It started out as a desktop, then turned into a laptop, and currently is being accessed from Smartphones. Now the ability to get on-line has just skyrocketed.

Due to the growth of this mobile craze, webmasters need to find a way to upgrade their site to be more mobile friendly. But how does one go about updating their site to make it available to mobile users?

Thankfully, there are other webmasters who have already jumped on the mobile Internet train. These mobile Internet gurus have created simple ways to switch their websites over from traditional to mobile.


iPhoneyThis is a great website for users who want to have their websites viewed by many Apple users. What better way to make sure ones website looks great unless it’s tested? Well, iPhoney is the way to double-check to make sure one’s website can run smoothly on iPhones.

iPhoney allows webmasters to test their websites and codes to create that perfect mobile website. The best features of iPhoney are the ability to have the website switch from portrait to landscape, let the website zoom in and out, and even have fun with fancy plug-ins.

iPad Peek

While iPhoney focused on websites running well on the iPhone, iPad Peek (cue the name) boasts to work best with the iPad. Apple Safari and Google Chrome are the best mobile browsers to use to keep one’s mobile site running smoothly; giving visitors as smooth of a simulation as ever.

iPad Peek allows iPads to render one’s website by rendering the website page to load in a portrait version that makes the site easier to load. The faster and easier it is for a website to load on a mobile device, the better the site will run. The faster a mobile site runs, the happier the visitor will be.

Google Mobilizer

This is one of the easiest methods of converting a website from traditional to mobile. Once the website loads, all the webmaster has to do is put their website address into the text box, and let the website do all the processing for them.

Within minutes, webmasters can have a mobile friendly website with little, to no, effort. Google Mobilizer does all the trimming and fine tuning to make the website as bare as possible, then showing the webmaster what needs to be done. Quick and simple, websites can be converted to mobile sites with a few clicks of a mouse button.

These websites are listed because they are the best at what they do. So if transferring a traditional website into a mobile website is what is needed to create more traffic, then look no further.

This sudden rise in mobile Internet is escalating faster and faster, and if any webmaster is going to succeed in getting their website noticed- then the time to switch is now. So gear up those typing fingers and go make the switch from traditional to mobile! The rewards will be worth it.

11 thoughts on “3 Tools to Test Your Site for Mobile Devices”

  1. Great List of Tools, There is no doubt mobility based website is the need of time! Webmasters should also have focus on mobile based version of their sites! Smart Phone users are growing with rapid pace and it is quite necessary for webmaster to make mobile versions of their sites!

    1. Yes, you should. In case you’re looking for a better solution for Mobile web, lets try http://www.intenseblog.com/wptouch-pro, My website is one of its demo :)

  2. Google Mobilizer is really a great tool, but you presented me a list of another tools. Gonna check them out too.
    Thanks for a share.

  3. I tried Google Mobilizer and this suckzz… it makes my site very ugly… since my site is wordpressed i use mobilepress… i am happy with that…

  4. There are add-ons for Firefox that can manipulate the data sent to servers to make it seem as if the user agent is browsing on a mobile device, even when they’re not. To do this, you need an add-on called Modify Headers

  5. Fantastic article filled with really helpful and practical advice. Mobile Internet is here to stay and the use of mobile devices can be seen everywhere not just in developed countries. Webmasters and website owners need to ensure that their content can be displayed on these mobile devices or they will be left behind.

  6. Mobile website is really impotance!! Apps industry make billion dollar per years just in mobile.. So, web and blog for mobile is really sure will help us to improve and get more trafic + earning. =)

  7. Awesome post!!in modern generation everyone want to connect with internet every time,mobile apps and others version which is mobile based is very popular and get success.so i think mobile based version will more successful.
    Thanks for post.

  8. I think these are some great tools. Within the past few years, mobile sites have seen more traffic. I think it is important to make sure your site is mobile friendly

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