Securing your Graphic Design Services

If you are a website owner, you probably already know that using graphic design services can vastly improve the overall impression of your website.  Making the website attractive to visitors and potential customers can increase the survival of the site, and this proves more critical than ever in today’s robust online business world.

Graphic Design ServicesVarious options prove abundant in selecting the right professional graphic design services.  There are so many options available, it proves a tedious and sometimes frustrating task in choosing the service that is right for your business, especially when you seek not only quality service, but security and cost-efficiency.

The following are proven tips in choosing secure graphic services:

Know what you need and want before hiring design services

Begin with creating the scope of your requirements for your website.  Largely depending on the requirements, you can begin establishing the basis of services you expect from professional graphic design services. This will also assist in decreasing costs of the project. You will be able to communicateexactly what you want and where you want it placed.  This will eliminate countless hours of limitless consultations by the design professionals.

Determine how much works needs to be done

You might only require a landing page, or on the other hand, you may need an entire website to be redesigned.

Understanding what exactly needs to be done helps graphic designers to expediently perform their jobs for your business.

Use one service provider

Sometimes, business website owners have tons of work to be done. This is when it proves prudent to hire a single service provider.  Depending on the amount of work to be done, you can request some a discount for the bulk amount of work that needs to be performed.

Graphic designers are not cheap, but they do appreciate repeat business and sometimes, they will offer discounts to obtain your repeat business.

Always remain open

As suggested above, you should always know what you want before hiring graphic design services but sometimes, the designers will make appropriate recommendations. If the suggestions sound reasonable, embrace them.  Keep in mind, graphic designers are experts in designing your website.

Always keep your target audience and demographics in mind

Graphic design should always be performed with your target audience and demographics in mind.  Business websites should never look the same, and if your website appears similar to others, there is something wrong.

The entire website should be designed with gearing color schemes, graphics (graphics package) and even down to the size of fonts with your audience in mind.

Do not lose touch with a skilled graphic designer

When it comes to the field of graphic design, it is known that modifications do have to be performed rather consistently.

When you determine these modifications need to be performed, you will need the designer you have worked with in the past, especially if he or she did a fantastic job.

Purchase design services from reputable providers

With so many graphic design companies floating about, it proves understandable when the task of choosing one becomes frustrating and tedious.  Website owners should always check portfolios and references. If any designer has an issue with checking of references, this is not a reliable sign and he, or she should be avoided at all costs.

Some people will say that testimonials prove adequate in checking caliber of services offered, but I do not agree.  Testimonials can be written by anyone, and they should never be trusted.  What you can trust are references and their graphic design portfolio; ensure you check for both.

Never pay in full for services upfront

Never pay in fullThis can prove to be a slippery slope.  When you are redesigning your website whether it is for the first time or the tenth time, keep in mind, the site is your investment.  You need to ensure that whomever you hire, will enhance your investment.

It proves imperative that you do not pay for services up front.

It is highly suggested that you give an advance of the overall fee for services, especially if the process is going to take an extended time to complete.  Give thirty percent down for services rendered and pay the balance upon completion.  Ensure that this standard of payment is placed into the business contract (Yes, you should have a contract) before services begin.

Before you choose any design studio, it proves invaluable to do your homework.  Check the integrity of the company with careful research into their references, portfolio’s, websites, and even check with the Better Business Bureau to see any possible complaints or investigations into the service provider.

Yes, extensive research does prove a pain in the rear, but it will prove advantageous when you have a beautifully redesigned website that will enhance your business and not to mention your profits.

7 thoughts on “Securing your Graphic Design Services”

  1. I totally agree with your last point, Never pay in full for your work. You can pay half amount in advance and rest when work is done, this way you can force graphic design company to complete your work in time without delaying it.

  2. The way we work is a 50% fee on the basis of a ‘Shared Risk’ Strategy, the initial 50% is the customers risk and once half the project it is completed we take the other 50% risk. I think it’s a fair way of dealing with it, if we get knocked down by a bus then the customer has lost out on 50%, if we are near completion and the customer pulls out then we have lost out. We always keep in contact with our clients so we can build a business relationship and it really pays off, I’d recommend this to any design or development company. Show an interest in their business not just their wallet.

  3. I think,knowing better about the designers before using their services is the best way..and communication between clients and designers must be good before and after the is not every thing but relationship in the best for a business

  4. I think it’s really important to know what you want to be done before hiring a designer.. That way, your job will get done faster and more efficiently, as the designer doesn’t have to “read between the lines” to understand what you want.. Another important point you made in your post, is the one about the payment. Paying up front is a huge mistake. I really like your post.. it’s very informative!

  5. Daniel from make money online

    Such good information! I only have a very simple design and a plain white background. Your article made me think to hire a person who can help me have a good and attractive website too. Do you know if how much does a graphic designer will ask for designing my site?

  6. Good tips, it is always the best to know what we want when we are looking for graphic design service. I work in a place in which the management always change their mind and it is difficult to follow up with the graphic designer to make sure the final product will satisfy the management…

  7. Where are the best place to hire designer?? Best and cheap one.. I think i want to ask someone to design for my plig template… =)

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