5 Secrets Of Designing A Website Professionally With Excellence

Typography is the in-demand technique through which typefaces are arranged so as to establish an unswerving communication network. In a simplified manner, the typography refers to building an arrangement so as to put out a high-definition image.

Possessing a good typography embraces the factor of drawing attention of visitors as well as bestowing visual accuracy even to the minute elements of the website. This is really very essential and it might be quite surprising to know that the existence of typography took place ever since the evolution of typing. Moreover, typography is vital in every facet, but on a website there can be a difference between amateur and professional.

A Succinct Elucidation of Web Typography:

Web Typography

The in-trend concept of typography incorporates websites as well. Even though, the role of images has also become important. The majority of the content published on the website is in the form of text, thus, this is the chief reason which has made typography really important in the current era.

In this complete process of developing a webpage, typography elements are considered highly important just like other factors. All such factors are comprised visual hierarchy, appropriate colors, functionality and various other features too. If you are eager to develop a successful website, effective typography cannot be overlooked at any instance.

You must always keep in mind that there is a disparity between web typography and web typography. However, there is a thin line between these, that is, the process of web designing is utterly different. The bottom line is that both looms to typography embrace some rules and regulations which have to be abided by all the designers.

Significance of Hierarchy:

If you are a master of designing, then you must be very well aware of the hierarchy of its complete process. Similar is the case is with the process of Typography. The most crucial thing within hierarchy is to read the displayed text swiftly.

This practice is important just to consign the right content on the website so that the readers can comprehend its right meaning. Additionally, it also confers a new dimension to the website and also do not encounter it as an outdated one.

5 Secrets to Acquire Great Website Typography

Take heed of website friendly fonts:

fontA limited number of fonts can be used; this is the mammoth limitation of website typography. As per the latest trend, fonts cannot be engrossed into a website. As a result, this means that you are widely at the clemency of the fonts which are installed to your device. You need to stick with the list of habitually installed fonts in order to ensure that your content is using the definite font.

Breaches of Sizes or Weights:

Always put your efforts to make the fonts of websites noticeable. If you are not willing to endeavor a decent typography practice, it is important for you to work harder on font pairing. However, if you are working with dedication on font pairing, but an appropriate size is not present, then your entire appearance might get ruined. Eventually, you will trace the context as unreadable. Always keep in mind that the font is matching from background and it bestows a readable content.

Always shun using fonts more than three:

3 typefacesThis is the biggest constraint in the way of designing, so it will be better to focus on the practical aspect. Always favor avoiding the use fonts more than thrice while developing a website. It will be a good option for you, if you will use only two, that is, one for headline and another for content. There is a hard-rock reason behind this is that by having too many fonts, your website might have a scattered and non-uniform content. Moreover, you can also use the same font by keeping a variation in style (italic / caps), size and weight (bold).

Colors and palette:

The color of typography not only envelops the color of the ext which you are using, instead it embraces all the colors which have been used within the page of the website. It is important to use the color of background and text in contrast so that reader can find an ease in reading the content.

Maintain the elasticity of font sizes:

shyModern users are performing extremely well by manipulating the font sizes irrespective of the fact that how they are declared. However, it might not be a good idea to declare the size of font in pixels. Instead, always fix your font size in terms of em unit and percentage.

Thus, all these above discussed secrets are meant to furnish the website with a professional appearance and also a sturdy technical foundation so that your users can appreciate the prospects such as accessibility and font-resizing.

11 thoughts on “5 Secrets Of Designing A Website Professionally With Excellence”

  1. Yes, I do agree in professional website font place very important role. If the readers are convenient in reading then only they can understand the content.

    1. Agree with Rajkumar. When you are designing a professional website it is so obvious that you have to choose right fonts as the visitor have to convenient in reading. I personally focus on these things when its come to web design.

  2. Thanks Bro, It’s totally amazing. I am a web designer, but i never read about typography. It was unthinkable to me. Again thanks bro.

  3. This is what i call a good compilation of usegul information.Am a software developer i was totally unaware of the term typgraphy until i read this post.Thanks for sharing the information.

  4. Good article. I agree with you, more then 2 fonts looks really kitschy and messy. The key is in simplicity someone once said :) And of course there is creativity which plays a bog role :)
    Thanks for making this article rich and detailed.

  5. This is something cool i found here.. There is always confusion about the fonts and its size.. which fonts should be there in order to make it professional website.. The content you shared is really secrets i was even not knowing about Typography You have cleared the doubts.. thanks for sharing..

  6. First of all, I like your website’s design. Its looking simply awesome. And I strongly agree with your point of you. The fonts plays a necessary role in maintaining visitors interest to read the blog post. Thanks for sharing such a great thinking.

  7. Great post mate and I do agree that the site’s design looks awesome with great fonts and typography. I would say the more simpler the better.
    That’s the reason that I prefer using Helvetica mostly than other fancy fonts :)

  8. Hi, I love this post. I understand content is King. But if the design of the website is not attractive, then no one wants to visit once more times. I do also work on online business and I change several times my website’s design. In my opinion. I think, it will always change to adapt the increasing demands of customers. Thanks a lot for nice post. Great job!

  9. Typography is so important to a good looking website. While you may a great point about the use of colours and line height.

    I would also add the you should have paragraphs of 5 lines or less, while it is important to make good use of white space between all on page elements.

    Personally I would never use three different fonts, the most I would use is two at a push and preferable just a single font that is styled differently for different effects

  10. Shalvin Brhambhatt

    Nice article! You give the very helpful information on perfect web design. Thank you for sharing this information.

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