Optimizing Your Site Mobile Friendly: 3 Key Points to Remember

Do you know how fast is the mobile internet growing? The growth of mobile internet in the recent years is tremendous and speculation is it will replace the desktop. There is a clean rise 45% hike in users visiting a website from their mobile when compared to previous year. Mobile search has grown 500% in the past two years.

If you don’t want to disappoint those mobile visitors to your website, what should you do? You need to optimize your website mobile friendly.


You need to make sure your website is designed in a way that your visitors consume all your content without any hassle on mobile devices such smartphones and tablet devices.

Are you a blogger, Internet marketer? Don’t you want to take advantage of mobile platform and optimize your product landing pages for mobile devices?

By simply creating a mobile app, doesn’t mean everyone uses it. So before you take on other aspects to develop your business such as SEO, social media campaigns for maximum lead generation, focus on the basic mobile optimization for your website.

You need to have a clear user interface with easy navigation when accessed on mobile devices. After responsive themes begun to grow, many websites on the web have started to use Responsive themes. They are designed to provide an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices (desktop, laptops, smartphones, tablet devices etc.) They’re designed in a way for easy reading, navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning and scrolling. You can wiki on responsive design for more understanding.


When optimizing your website for mobile devices, make sure all your links are viewed correctly on mobile devices.

Mainly the contact pages and calls to action links. Focus on major devices such as iPhone and android device. It will be important to think about how your calls to action and offers work on mobile devices.

For blogs, you need to make sure your navigation and categories link work properly. You can optimize your entire categories link with a small dropdown menu. If you’re collection email subscription list, make sure they work perfect to visitors. If you’re placing AdSense or any other scripts, make sure they don’t mess up your website content when viewing from mobile devices.

Downloads section

If you offer any downloads for your readers, make sure it works perfectly on mobile devices.

Do your visitors need to fill out a form on your website from their smartphone to download the freebie that you offer? If so have you optimized the form for mobile devices? These small things are the trouble creators in long run.

So when optimizing websites for mobile devices, usually the layout and content will look decent, but the extra features like downloads option, email subscription are the ones that usually mess up.



The video consumption from mobile devices has seen huge growth in recent years. The video consumption through mobile internet is a growing trend that is having an impact on our television viewing habits.

For example: the official media production houses upload all the serials on web the next moment it is aired on television. Before I start on the importance of optimizing your website videos for mobile devices, I would like to state few facts on video consumption through mobile devices. The stats report predicts that 1 out of 3 Americans will watch video content on mobile devices by 2016. Info says 15% of US population who watched video content on mobile phones at least once per month in 2011. The average mobile web user consumes 7.2 hours of media daily in 2012.

If your website mainly focuses on videos, you need to definitely optimize your videos for mobile users. You cannot stream a HD 1080p video to mobile users who’re using cellular data connection. Give them an opportunity to watch the video if they’re on Wi-Fi connection, in an effort to help them conserve mobile bandwidth. You can also display options to watch video later when they connect to Wi-Fi network.


If your blog/website is running on WordPress, I suggest 3 WordPress plugins to optimize website for mobile devices:

  • WP Touch: WPtouch automatically transforms your WordPress website for mobile devices and it is awesome, Period.
  • Mobile Press: One of the greatest plugins I used so far. It has various themes to display for mobile devices such as iPhone, android and other devices too.
  • Mobile detector: It detects if the visitor is using a standard mobile phone or a smartphone automatically and displays relevant mobile theme for each.
  • Mobile Chief – MobileChief doesn’t take your existing WordPress site and convert it to a Mobile Optimized Site, rather it lets you create new content in new mobile sites.

You can build your own mobile theme for WordPress landing pages and sites by using their drag and drop feature. It is useful for running mobile marketing campaigns with target information rather than sending a user to a full website where they may get lost and never find the information you’re trying to provide.

These are few tips that I would like to suggest for people who’re yet to optimize their website for mobile devices. You’re losing lot of visitors if you haven’t optimized your website for mobile devices. If you have more tips and feedback on optimizing mobile devices, you can share it with us through comments.

5 thoughts on “Optimizing Your Site Mobile Friendly: 3 Key Points to Remember”

  1. I don’t know about all of the WordPress mobile plugins that you mentioned except WPTouch. I use it on my own blog for smart phones. It is beyond stunning.

    1. Hi Usama Rehan,

      Thanks for the comment. You should try other plugins too. Especially mobile press. it’s awesome :)

  2. I’m glad I read this one. Mobile marketing is the future it seems. This should be made more aware of for SEO’s and web marketers.

    1. Absolutely! Mobile marketing and mobile applications are the future. Mobile/cloud computing will rock!

  3. Hmm… nice plugin. I am also looking for a solution that would automatically direct mobile visitors to a mobile site and the desktop visitors to the desktop version of the site. I tried a lot to find but none of them work propertly.

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