8 Simple Tips for Improving Your Web Design

There are many factors related to web designing which can affect the success and failure of the business. The factors like colors, fonts, images etc on your website affect it. All these factors are responsible for bounce rate, conversion rates, traffic volume etc. In order to ensure your business success, it is important to implement all these elements in your design.

In this article, it is discussed about the tips which will help you to improve your web design or will help you to create a better website. If you want to ensure that the visitors stay on your website for longer time and click on to buy more stuff from your site, then follow these web design tips:


The logo of your company is an important part which shows about your brand, therefore you must locate it at the most prominent place in your website. The best position or place where you should place your logo is the upper left corner of all your web pages.

Besides this you must use a high resolution image for your logo and a good thumb rule is to link your logo to the home page so that the visitors can navigate your site effectively.

Use Instinctive Navigation

Primary navigation option is basically placed in the form of horizontal bar or menu on the top of the website. Provide secondary navigation underneath the primary navigation option or in the sidebar. The confusing navigation layouts can insists the users to skip from your site as they will not be able to find what they are looking for.

Remove Clutter

It is easy now a days to overload your website with images. It is interesting and makes your site appealing but it should not be in large quantity because lots of graphics takes the visitors away from the information which is important. Therefore, make your site as simple as possible and include all the important information in such a way which grabs the attention of the users.

Give A Breathing Room To Visitors

Give enough space between the paragraphs and words and images, so that the visitors read your site conveniently and is able to absorb more features of your site.

You must control the white space as it will help the users to focus on the content. Controlling the white space and giving proper gap between paragraphs and images is very essential for the mobile users. To give them the better user experience it is essential to maintain this.

Use Color On Your Site Strategically

To make your website elegant, effective and clean, you must make use of neutral color palette. Besides this if you use small dashes of color for your important graphics and headlines then it can guide the visitors for the most important content. You must use the color palette according to the color of your logo and other marketing materials.

Correct Typography


While selecting fonts for your website, you must keep in your mind the fact that all your users will not open your site on desktops or laptops; they may use mobiles or other such devices to view your site. If you use large fonts then the mobile user will not be able to read it and your site will lose its look in mobile devices. Therefore, you must use a universal font.

Use Of Professional Images

If you make use of generic images in your website, then it will give general impression of your business or company to the visitors. Hence, you should try to place some of the unique images on your site which gives your site a professional look and also grab the attention of the audience.

You can hire a photographer to get original photos in your website. This will make your site more attractive but make sure that photograph or image is clear and is optimized, when placing on your site.

Design Every Page Of Your Site As A Landing Page

Most of the website owners think that every user reaches his website through its home page but in reality it is not true at all. And keeping this in mind they place the key elements of the website on home page only. Majority of the users land on your site from other pages, therefore it is necessary to place the key elements of your site on every page so that the users can navigate easily and find the information they need.

At last a good website is that website which:

  • Appeals to the eyes of visitors
  • Functions effectively
  • Has easy navigation
  • Is visually consistent.

Summary: All these tips will help you to create an effective site and will help you to achieve success in your business by increasing the number of visitors on your site.

14 thoughts on “8 Simple Tips for Improving Your Web Design”

  1. I like your point on designing every page as a landing page. Due to long tail keywords, I actually have more people coming in directly to posts on my site instead of through the home page. Optimizing those pages to increase the rate in which people visit other sections of my site has been subject to a number of Google Analytics experiments. Thanks for the great article!

  2. i really like your very last point, as majority of site visitors thanks to our search engines or social referrals directly lands onto other pages than website landing page. And it should be compulsory for each web designer to design every page like their land pages.

  3. These are no doubt the best tips to improve the design of a website /blog . One of the most important point i feel is that a website should have a clear and a meaningful navigation …Visitors should be able to visiting/discover all the pages just by using the Navigation bar .Thanks for sharing the information ..


  4. Web designing is the basic key factor for any type of business either it may small or large one. So web designing is must be in the manner of attracting the people, for designing web site you need to know the some of the basic things. The tips are more useful in web designing, thanks for that.

  5. Web Designing is basic for a web developer and designer. Creativity is also need to design a website. so Practice practice and practice of web design.

  6. these days Colour of most the websites is White! Logos are so simple & Nothing stand out! still waiting to see an incredible website in terms of graphic design, One day :)

  7. I also wanted to organized my blogs and make it look clutter-free. I can now do it little by little with the help of these tips.

  8. Hi, i like your idea you give alots of information about Web Designing in a single article. Use Color On Your Site Strategically is very great idea to use change and new look our website…

  9. WEB building may be the fundamental key element for any kind of company either it may small or big one. Therefore internet creating is must be in the way of attracting the men and women, for designing web website you will need to understand the certain of the fundamental things. The tips are much more helpful in internet building, many thanks for that.

  10. Yes, there are lot if simple tips to improve a website design, thanks for posting some major points from that, web designers can follow these tips to make a best output.

  11. Web design is a great art to prepare a website its a difficult task so sharing such useful steps are great. Thanks for sharing such a nice post.

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