Explore New HTML5 Frameworks for Speed up Web Development

Responsive website is the new trend of development and it supports HTML5 that has special features and new frameworks to build an effective scripting language. Firefox6, Google Chrome, IE9 and all other modern browsers support HTML5 making this language far better than its previous versions by giving meaning to the structured specific tags.

This article elucidates some HTML5 frameworks which help in rapid development of websites and thus give prolific results.

Best HTML Frameworks

From mobile to desktop devices, HTML5 frameworks change with browsers and gadgets. The below description will help you to know more about new HTML5 tools for speed up development.

iio Engine

For creating HTML5 applications with JavaScript and Canvas, implement iio Engine HTML framework that is open source and completely free for users. The developers of this framework have bestowed fantastic features such as rich SDK, advanced debugging system plus cross platform deployment.  Team of web developers is free to use it without any JS framework as it is not dependent on any scripts and can be interfaced with Box2D.


In this hectic life schedules, a funny and interesting game in Smartphone and touch screen laptops is a blessing from developers. The changes and inventions in HTML language has bought a Lime JS HTML game framework for building games, working best in new touch screen gadgets.

It can be created with closure Library by Google and provides inbuilt classes and functions to control the timeline, shapes and animations. Python 2.6+Git and Subversion are the dependencies required to build this LimeJS framework HTML5.


With the increasing number of mobiles and Smart phones, JO, a JavaScript framework that is an open source mobile application based on HTML5 has been introduced. It allows creating applications for multiple platforms like webOS, iOS, Android, Symbian, Safari, Chrome and Dashboard Widgets.  It has been tested successfully and considered as a lightweight framework with 8 KB without any dependencies. It is compatible with many other JS. It has been designed to work on mobile platforms as a GUI. Made to be compatible with PhoneGap, it also helps in creating native apps besides all.


Lingo.Js is a framework powered with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript specifically for creating mobile web applications.  Ios, Android, Blackberry and WebOS platform based applications can be created on Lungo.Js framework.

All the applications created on this framework support the touch events of mobile phones such as tap, double-tap, or swipe, but it does not use images because everything is available in vector.  Also, distributing it by “Mobile Stores” or in websites is possible.  With this framework, developers can enjoy the advantages of current mobile devices as it captures all the events of mobiles.


Gridless HTML5 framework helps in creating responsive and cross browser/platforms websites with beautiful typography. It allows developers to use CSS normalization, organized folder structure, IE bug fixes, etc enhancing the performance of the website with the application. It gives print style for optimized performance and works almost on all major browsers including IE6.

The framework supports desktop browser, GoogleTV, Samsung TV, iOS Android and it also provide an adapter for Node.js as well. Keyword, mouse, touch, TV-remote can control this application and more is depending on the features of the device.


Joshfire, develops web applications based on HTML5 that works with multiple devices. It uses JavaScript and the applications built on this framework are compatible with browsers, desktops, smart phones, smartTV and related objects to this.  It allows developers to separate content, design and data to make flexible process and it uses popular resources like MediaElement.js or Zepto.js.

In addition to this list, there are other useful HTML5 frameworks, helping in creating mobile, desktop, smart phone applications in multiple browsers and makes web development an enchanting experience.

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  1. Hi Jenni !
    I checked out the tutorials of all these sites and its difficult for me to believe that such effects were created with an ease of calling a dew javascript methods (and ofcourse passing a few parameters) ..I’ll be surely using one of these frameworks for my online project .Thanks a lot for sharing with us these frameworks .I’ve shared this post on my facebook timeline for my developer friends to know these frameworks.


  2. I am a web designer. A web designer has to know html, css, java, and many more language. html5 is new concept that is widely used in design field. Thank you very much for this fruitful information. This info. will helps me in responsive design. keep posting.

  3. Really, by using the trendy tools and software we can make our web development process very easily and as well as very effectively. But make sure about the usage of those things.

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