9 Great Tools for Creating Infographics

Five years ago, “infographic” wasn’t even a word. Now, sharable, clickable, interactive infographics are one of the cornerstones of a successful online marketing campaign, and there are dozens of ways to create them.

Whether you want to make graphics to supplement a robust blog post or if you need something concrete to attach to a marketing pitch, try one of these great tools for creating engaging infographics without an art degree.


infogramStill the gold standard in FREE infographic services, Infogr.am offers all the features a novice could need. Not only is it great with spreadsheets and CSVs, it allows you to create a multitude of charts that can be used in business presentations. Infogr.am makes it easier than most infographic creators to download your graphic into PDF format, making it easy to email and embed on your website.


VisuallyVisual.ly is a great program if you’re working with a lot of data. Maps and charts are the Visual.ly specialty, and you can even create a data-rich video, too. You can easily create a limited number of free infographics here with some standard templates, but if you’re willing to pay the nominal fee to upgrade, you’ll be impressed at all the options.


piktochartPiktochart is the kind of graphic maker you need if you’re a blogger or simply want to make something pretty, not display thousands of points of data. It’s designs are colorful and cartoonish but delightfully sharable. The service costs about $30 a month but it’s one of the largest infographic communities on the web right now.


timelinejsIt doesn’t have a lot of extra features, but TimelineJS is the perfect tool for creating a timeline, particularly of your business. All you have to do is upload your data in a Google spreadsheet and viola, timeline! It links up to Youtube, Flickr, Twitter and other social sites so you can share the graphic you create seamlessly.


infoactiveIf you have data that’s constantly changing, you need to check out this platform. Not only are InfoActive’s designs super mobile-friendly, they’re able to be embedded with live data. It’s not a free service (once the Beta period is over), but if you need professional, dynamic graphics, this simple service is the first place to look.


presentmeNot exactly an infographic tool, Present.me is one of the coolest design tools in presentations. You can record yourself talking next to slides of data, pictures, or even charts which makes for an extremely professional video when it’s all said and done. It’s something different, which is really half the battle.

Many Eyes

Many-EyesThe folks at IBM are experimenting with the Many Eyes software, trying to figure out the best way to display all different kinds of data. Essentially, you upload the data have in .CSV format and the program offers you several suggestions for displaying it: from maps to charts to line graphs. That way you can decide before you put in time and effort which infographic setup works best for what you had in mind.

Tableau Public

Tableau-PublicFor the Windows user who’s always left out of the app wars, Tableau Public is a fantastic free desktop application for creating infographics. There’s an active community in which to try out your graphic (from maps to charts) before it goes live and once you’re happy with the result you can imbed the image right onto your webpage with just a few clicks.


tagxedoWord clouds are hit are miss – sometimes they seem to just be taking up space. But Tagxedo’s bridged the gap between visually interesting and informational and allows users to create word cloud from any document that actually look like something interesting. For example, you can create a word cloud of the text of the Gettysburg Address to look like the profile of Abraham Lincoln. How cool is that?

Creating an infographic can be time consuming but it’s well worth it if your content gets shared. All you need to get started is a little data, a lot of determination, and the perfect infographic design tool to make it all a reality.

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  1. I personally never tried to make any infographics but still i love to make one of them for my readers. I was in search of how to make an infographics. I thought an infographics could be made by using photoshop but after reading this i am totally changed there are many other tools which enable you to make an awesome infographics. Nowadays infographics is becoming popular so it will be good for me if i too put one on my blog. Thanks howdy for providing this list with us.

  2. As a mac user, I find my options limited for infographics. I’ve used a couple of the programs you mentioned but I’m definitely going to try more of these. Thanks for the awesome list you have here.

  3. Infographics make alives the things. I was in search of this kind of information to increase my knowledge about infographics. Anyway Thanks for the huge lost of infographics tools.

  4. A Great share on Infographics …Many of us are still don’t understand the real meaning of infographics ..this post really narrate the real use of it ..Thanks for sharing

  5. Hey Ryan,
    The websites mentioned by you for making infographics are really helpful.
    Thank you so much for the share!

  6. I have lots of infographics in my collection but always been afraid to make one by my own due to my lack of photoshop skill. Never knew about these online tools & I am truly amazed after using Piktochart. Thanks a lot for this useful article!

  7. Infographics are the most useful resource for learning nowadays, and they are a great way to generate free backlinks when they’re shared.
    Also you can use them for creating an interesting resume that’ll help you stand Out Among your competition.
    Having an online Infographic resume page is the best idea to advertise your CV Ever.
    Many thanks and Happy new year!

  8. These tools are great for creating infographics. I suggest Creately for your list. It ‘s a online diagramming software. You can draw infographics with Creately by specific tools and objects.

  9. Richard @ About Cloud Storage

    I’m just preparing to create my first infographic after spending several weeks gathering all the data I needed (it was harder than I expected ;-)

    Now I’m trying to decide between designing the graphic myself or outsourcing it. I’ll check out these tools and see if even a graphic design dunce like me can make something noteworthy with them.

    Which, if any, do you personally use and recommend?

  10. There are certain sellers on Fiverr that will do a high-quality, basic infographic for only $5. I used this service and was very happy with the results.

  11. Infographics are effective because of their visual element. Entire business processes or industry sectors can be made relevant to a new audience through a guidance design technique that leads the eye. The page may link to a more complete report, but the infographic primes the reader making the subject-matter more accessible.Online trends, such as the increasingly short attention span of Internet users, has also contributed to the increasing popularity and effectiveness of infographics. And this tools are gonna be so useful for it, thank you for explaining those….

  12. Thanks for sharing this article. Honestly, I’m not familiar with some of the lists and I will research more about them soon. Do you have a favorite from the lists you’ve mentioned?

  13. Hey Ryan, thanks for this nice list of options for infographics and other interesting tools. I have been interested in using the infographic but have not known how to get started. Thanks for this great roadmap for learning about this area.

  14. Kayla Seah @ Not Your Standard

    Thanks for this incredibly useful info! I’ve been designing a few of my own infographics to highlight the health benefits of certain superfoods and they’ve proven to be highly popular. Great way to take advantage of today’s visual generation.

  15. First of all thank you very much..because i tried a lot to find a good infographic tool..Visual.ly and Present.me are quite interesting for me ..like them too

  16. i haven’t tried any infographics yet but i will sure do it, i think infographics are very useful to increase your social presence and probably can be helpful to increase traffic.

  17. A very useful articles, and i have bookmarked it because for the last few days, i am looking some good infographics tools for making inforgraphics for my blog posts. and from this posts, i have found it.

  18. This post is just what I was looking for. I have been looking at a few of these tools but didn’t have a good idea on the differences between them.
    Thanks Ryan.

  19. Katrin Brandstetter

    Awesome post! I prefer Infogram, because you can easily download your graphic and it is easy to handle. I agree with you that it is worthwhile taking time to create really good ones. People loves images!

    Saying that, I have to admit that we have certainly been lacking on the infographic side of things. Soon to change though!

    What’s your personal favourite tool?


  20. I have been shying away from infographics for a long while; never really bothered to learn anything about it though. You have given me some insight which makes me quite exited to just do it! Thanks Ryan.

  21. Thanks for share great list of infographic making tool. i am new in blogging and my friend said infographic is the best way to share your thought, but i don’t know how to make infographic. hope this tools help me to create an infographic which i want.

  22. Thank you so much for putting this list together. Making infographics is my weakness, but it seems that it’s an effective way to drive traffic. I will definitely get my hands on one of these tools and give it a whirl.

  23. Hi,

    Great post about infographics tolls, I love to make infographics. My favorite tool to create infogrpahic is Pictochart. I recently made one informative infographic using this. :)


  24. Nice post, I think infographics are the very interesting way to demonstrate something. I used the visual.ly as an infographic maker before and my experience with this is nice. Today you gave me more choices, so I will try others as well. Thanks for sharing!

  25. Nice and very helpful resource list. Infographics are really great to get the attention from Pinterest and G+ also they can build links if the infographics itself is great, attractive and informative. I used visual.ly and Piktochart and personally I am more comfortable with visual.ly. There are some other resources you mentioned but I haven’t tried yet but will be exploring them. Thanks for sharing and will be looking for such valuable resources from your end.

  26. Minakshi Srivastava


    This is great post about Infographics tools. For me Visual.ly is a great tool for creating and publishing Infographics because it’s very easy to use for making beautiful infographics by the way Thanks for sharing this!

  27. I wanted to create an Infographic some time back but couldn’t get to. I guess, I should give these services a try and make something cool looking.

  28. Superb article. I was looking for something that could help me create infographics sicne I have no design or PhotoShop sklls :)

  29. Hey,
    You forgot to mention Canva – An amazing web platform to create infographics, Facebook cover photo and even we can create photos for the blog posts using its easy and clean UI. I’ve tried some of them, you mentioned here, Visual.ly is my favorite.


  30. Infographics are the best way to attract attention of huge number of people due to its color and drawing figures. I was also thinking for creating one for me. Thanks for sharing the sites.

  31. Really Thanks a lot for sharing these great tools. I know only few tools for creating Infographics others are paid. But i can see useful infographics tools in this blog.

  32. Many Eyes is my favorite tool, but here are solutions that I have no idea about. Thanks for your research job…I will try all the tools from your list.

  33. you share your favorite tool. it is not possible to judge which tool is better. i will try some of your tool for my next blog post.

  34. Hi
    Infographics make our website very attractive. In this post you provided so many tools for this purpose.
    Thanks for sharing this article.

  35. Hello!

    I really like like biteable – has anyone tried it? You can use this to do really nice infographic. You do not have to know much, but you just need an idea – everything else is a joke :)

    Have a nice day to all

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