Good and Bad practices of Logo Design

The logo of a company actually portrays the image of that particular company. Many a time people forget the name of the companies but they still remember the company’s logo. And many of the famous companies are actually more recognized by their logos. So it is very essential to have a well designed logo so that one can signify the logo with the company and its reputation.

Many business oriented people do not give much importance to the logo which in turn results in a bad logo. But you cannot ignore the fact that a bad logo will always project the wrong image of a company and so people won’t be able to relate to it.

Whereas a good logo will stick to their mind and whenever they see that logo again they will easily be able to relate it to the company.

Good practices of logo design

You should always try to follow these simple steps while carefully designing a good logo.

  • Always take the help of a professional designer as he can provide you with better ideas for your logo design. Being an expert in this field he will definitely have more experience and invaluable talent that can be of great asset to company’s logo design. This will also reduce the chances of making errors.
  • You should always try and keep the company logo design as simple as possible but it should clearly signify the company’s name and reputation.
  • It should be something that a customer can easily relate to, in that way he will be able to retain an image of the logo in his memory.
  • Do not use excessive fonts and colors as that would make the logo complex and hard to understand. And if a customer doesn’t understand the logo, he won’t remember it. Always go for black and white colors as these are the safe colors to play with and you can hardly go wrong if you use these colors.
  • You should make sure that the company’s logo looks good in all sizes. As it is not necessary that the logo of same size is used everywhere. So if by the change in size a logo looses its quality then it is of no good. Design a logo that looks good in all sizes.
  • You should always go for a logo which is timeless so that you don’t have to keep on updating it according to the change in time and trend. The number of times you change a logo, it looses its authenticity. So don’t go by what the trend is, go for something that is beyond time.
  • If the logo of a company is not the name of the company and is an image, then it is better if the image is separated from any text. Most of the famous company logos are just image without any letter or word.

Bad practices of logo design

You should try to follow these few steps while carefully designing a good logo.

  • You should never design the company’s logo using Adobe Photoshop. It is so because it tempts you to add many details and special effects to the logo which actually in the end do not go along with the logo.
  • Many people have a habit of designing the logo using Microsoft Word, but you should never do that. The outcome isn’t too good or rather it’s bad.
  • Do not use special effects as too much of special effect complicates the design of a logo and makes it look clumsy. Such logos aren’t liked by the customers.
  • Do not distort typography as that will again complicate stuffs. But people think otherwise.
  • Try to reduce the usage of different typefaces as too much of anything doesn’t look good, infact most of the times it goes wrong.
  • People tend to go for the designs that are trendy and look stylish without thinking of the future aspects, but this should be avoided.
  • The habit of using clip art or word art is very bad. This degrades the company logo and makes it look unappealing.
  • Never borrow or steal ideas from the logos of different companies.
  • Never finalize the design of a logo without taking other’s feedback. Doing so might actually cause big problems.
  • Taking care of the size and styling of the logo.

These were the few good and bad practices of logo design which should be taken care of before design the logo of a company because the company logo is of great importance.

9 thoughts on “Good and Bad practices of Logo Design”

  1. Great Advices. Anyway I was never such talented to make logo, so I’m always buy. I’m using services and effect is very good in small price.

  2. amit from best seo company

    If you have an online business, you must hire professional website design companies or if you are doing it yourself, make sure you attempt at doing something unique. Half baked web designs will always dither your visitors.

  3. This is a very good guide for having a good, authentic and remarkable logo design. I think the simpler the better with few and extraordinary design. The reason why I don’t like a logo to have many designs is because it distracts the viewer from looking the logo design or icon which is not a good sign of marketing your product.

  4. This is a pretty good guide as to what you should be doing. I myself am not great at designing logos, but my brother is a Photoshop expert!

    If people follow this guide then it will certainly help create better logos.

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