7 Free Tools You Can Use to Create Awesome Infographics

It has been proven that people comprehend images much better than text, which is why we have seen such a large rise in the amount of infographics being made. They are an amazing way to deliver information in an easy to understand way. They might seem simple and easy to make, but the truth is, they can be very difficult.

There have been plenty of tools to assist you with creating the perfect infographic, so let’s take a look at 7 tools you can use for free.

Google Developers

developersAs usual, Google has an amazing tool that delivers almost everything you need for free. They help you to create charts, input data, and have multiple ways to implement the graphic into your website or content. This is a great choice for anyone who has a large amount of data, a professional website, or needs to keep the content as professional as possible. While they let you customize your infographics, they are limited compared to some other options that you have.


easellyThis tool is a web based tool that offers multiple free templates to get you started, which you can also customize. Once you get the hang of the tool, you will be able to easily create your own templates to ensure your infographic is exactly how you want it.

You will also start out with their default library that have lots of different graphics, such as shapes, arrows, connector lines, and more. You are allowed up upload your own graphics and then move them around, making the customization options almost limitless.


piktochartThis is also a presentation tools that lets you make regular information into a spectacular infographic or presentation with only a couple clicks. The editor allows you to do a lot of different things such as change the color schemes, fonts, insert graphics, and upload shapes. It has a grid lined tool to help with aligning graphics and resizing things to make sure everything is correct.

This tools has a free version that can be sufficient, but also has a pro version for $29 per month.


vizualizemeThis isn’t your typical infographics tool. This tool focuses on making an infographic resume to submit to employers or it can also be used to create example resumes of how people should submit them. Infographic resumes have become popular and very successful throughout the professional world due to their ability to stand out from other resumes. You will be able to deliver all of the information about yourself while also keeping the viewer interested and entertained.

Get About

getaboutThis tool is focused towards social media users. It gives you the opportunity to generate a personalized infographic about all of your social media activity. All you have to do is link the tool to your social media accounts and it does most of the work. You will still have customization options to make it the best you can.

This tool can really help bloggers, businesses with high social media activity, or just the typical social media user. You can use the infographic to keep up with all of your activity throughout the day, or provide it to people who are interested in viewing all of your activity in a easy and fashionable way.


infogramInfogr.am is an excellent tool that offers a large amount of different charts, graphs, maps, and anything you want to upload. You are even able to upload videos to create top of the line infographics. Once you place in all of the data, you will just need to take your time and customize everything until it is perfect. Another option this tool gives, is to create all the visual effect prior to entering the information, then using a spreadsheet to input all of the data you want.


visuallyThis tool is known for is incredible community with over 35,000 people. You will be able to get help and support on all aspects of design and infographic creation. The tool is considered a community platform for data visualization that was created in 2011. You will be able to easily share any infographics to all major social media sites with almost no effort.


Infographics by Canva

Canva is a simple, drag-and-drop, design software that’s completely online and free to use. It has a wide range of infographic templates that you can use as a starting point and edit as needed. Start by browsing through the different layouts and choose the best fit for your needs.

19 thoughts on “7 Free Tools You Can Use to Create Awesome Infographics”

  1. Hi there,
    Thanks for the share, I think these will come in handy for anyone who has much info that is uniform and wants to spice things up and make them more interesting.
    It’s also good that there are free alternatives that are not worse than their payed counterparts.

    1. Ok, so I knew there were tools out there for this type of thing but not so specific and as good as these seem to be! I agree with Vinnie, these will come in very handy and anything that is FREE is awesome! Even free trials are great so that if it isn’t the specific program you are looking for you can move on and find what is right for your site. Thanks again for all the info!

  2. I didn’t knew that there exists tools for this purpose. I just thought that people make it using graphics softwares. Thanks for the info. Nice post.

  3. Wow, I had no idea it was this easy to create an infographic. I have zero drawing skills so I thought the ‘infographic game’ just wasn’t for me.

  4. infographics was great.it will surely catch the attention of each visitors because it can be very interesting graphics that people could ever imagined.thanks for sharing this post…

  5. Hi,
    There are other tools where i can create this infographics but you have posted some free websites. you have saved some precious time from doing research on Google. so i thanks to you for sharing this nice information over here.


  6. I agree with you that Infographics are best to deliver the information to the readers and the infographics designed should be effective. Well thanks for sharing about the free tools to build them…

  7. Hey ..

    That is really great. I didn’t know about Infographics. I’ve been using WordPress template because I don’t know even the ABC of designing. Your article has changed my thinking that it isn’t difficult to do. I’ll try this and will inform you about my work

  8. Infographics is the best way to express a topic or an issue in pictures. A reader can understand the topic well on seeing the images rather than reading hundreds of words.

  9. I knew of o couple of these, but not all. This is a wonderful post as it gives me actual resources on how to create what I have perceived to be lengthy and expensive. Once again, thanks for this thorough list of great resources.

  10. Hello all,

    This is what i am looking for doing promotional activity. Info-graphics more useful than contents. Thanks to you for posting the high rank with free websites.


  11. I always wanted to create an infographic for my blog but found a very hard task, thanks a lot for the tools I’ll definitely try them and hope they would help

  12. Thanks for sharing these great tools with us. I have read many post about how people are using infographics on their blogs but have never thought about using it. Always felt it would be took much work and trouble to create them. With this post, you have shown that there are a lot of tools out there to easily create one. Think it’s time to give it a go :)

  13. Interesting tools, thanks! Never thought of using one, but one day I might. They don’t seem to hard to make, Those infographics show information in an easy to understand way that content sometimes doesn’t.

  14. This is true and very easy to create infographics with this tools .I was used and realized that. These above tools help you create simple infographics. This tools you can get from play store also .Thanks for the info

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