3 Essential Tips to Create a Flat Design

The designs reflect the avoidance of states of intricacies. The power of a simple flat design is that it turns away the natural techniques of using strokes, drop shadows and numerous other elements that revamp the design greatly.

The major reason for resorting to such simplistic designs is that people have an appreciation for the easy and simple design styles that can be recognized easily.

Also, as mobile browsing became more prevalent, the screen space started shifting to limited sizes and form factors, that could not highlight the earlier forms of design as detailed as possible. Hence, simple images and a simplistic layout would maximize the design in the limited number of pixels that are there on a mobile screen.

This minimalistic design sports wide use of images, icons and other elements which make up the complete application or webpage. The text appears distinct and the readability comes as a part of the style itself and more of white spaces lay greater emphasis to text. It all started with Facebook among the widely used platforms and we will find out the secrets behind this flat design.

Essential Tips to Create a Flat Design

Replacing depth

Depth is something that designers feel have been a thing of the days gone by. Unlike previously, where design trends were incomplete without the use of bevels, strokes, shadows and gradients, this new flat design focuses more on the simplistic 2d blueprint look of an application.

The philosophy completely contradicts the traditional Skeuomorphistic design in which images are crafted in a way such that they imitate color, shape and utilization of real-world objects.

The iOS6 could be a good example that is similar to the kind of design we are talking about. Each design imitates a real world object which uses computer-generated 3D images and use of textures, bevels, strokes and gradients.

Simplicity and the beauty it reflects

With the elimination of depths in designs, icons, images and other elements that design a webpage, they started to appear simplistic. Icons that are nowadays used are more of a flat-geometric in shape with structures such as squares, circles and rectangles framing them up.

Well again, the overall idea is that of imparting an easy and simple looking user interface. The design simply seems to be an extension of the user, rather than giving a feeling of running around for the need of a manual.

Visual icons like the white colored F in a blue square tells you easily that its Facebook and that of a gear tells you that it’s for settings. That’s what flat design is. A diskette shape is analogous to the save button.

A big yellow M written in red background, it’s McDonalds! A simpler logo has easier recognition capabilities. A designer needs to get that, first of all.

The use of cooler colors

Color is definitely important as it can make or break your web page. It tells you about the whole feel that the user would get from the website. Candy colors are common for flat designs as they add a more unsaturated and aesthetic beauty to the website overall. Too much brightness makes reader uncomfortable to spend longer times on your website. Candy colors are cute and can be contrasted and complemented with other colors easily.

Boring people with colors is not seemingly a good idea when you want them to browse your website. Colors are everywhere and everyone knows what proper color coordination looks like. So unnecessary, don’t mess it up. Keep things simple, people like it the way it just is!

8 thoughts on “3 Essential Tips to Create a Flat Design”

  1. Quite simple and useful tool. It will help to create my new icons design for my device thanks for it! By the way, can you post about round shape with 3D icons? Please!

  2. Flat images are quicker to load and take up less space.

    BUT, for a “primary” image, sometimes the appeal of the image is worth the extra milliseconds it takes the page to load.

    That’s a call each person will have to make. If you’re after speed, the author is 100% correct: flat images are definitely the way to go.

  3. I am right now setting up my personal blog and probably I was going to search for these flat icons concept and yeeeyyyy I found it before time.
    I love the sleek and simplicity of flat icons. I find them more responsive than the usual ones. :)

  4. These are some good tips for creating a flat design. I’ve been creating graphics for my blog using flat design techniques. Check it out if you’re interested.

  5. The Flat design really is the next big thing (well really the current thing) in design as seen by windows 8 and the new iOs…

    And while I understand the need due to faster loading times and animation frame rates, in most cases I find them very boring and less engaging. Yes with a cluttered website this is te way to go.. but if you use a very clean design, with a good choice of colours and alot of spacing between elements then there’s nothing with skeuomorphism. Just like on my own website.

    Leave flat designs for the info-graphics

  6. So nice design, l love flat design and also now days flat design is more in. I think flat design give more attractive look.

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