Why Should Your App Designers And Marketing Team Be Working Together?

These days, the app design and marketing teams are two of the most important components of the organization. An increasing number of companies need to create applications that are both useful and user-friendly, while awareness, engagement, and sales are necessary for survival.

However, business can suffer when these two components are out of line and off track. Luckily, we have compiled a few tips that will explain how to keep the efforts of your designers and marketing team aligned:

Encourage Two-way Communications

Encourage Two-way Communications

Meetings are generally boring, but when it comes to getting your app design and marketing teams on the same page, they tend to get the job done.

It is the responsibility of leaders to not only bring these two essential departments together, but bring them together in an environment where both can stand on equal footing. This means that either side can step up and let their voice be heard.

Because the mere thought of a meeting or anything close it often makes workers cringe, you may have to get a little creative in terms of setting the mood with the right environment. It will all be worth it when everyone walks out with a clear understanding of what needs to be done.

Review on a Regular

Review on a Regular

Getting the members of your app design and marketing teams together for a meeting is great. However, getting them to meet on a regular basis is even better. This is the opportunity for these two important units to review and “make sure” everyone is on the same page.

After all, what’s the sense in meeting if everyone either forgets what they are supposed to be doing or worse, aren’t living up to the established expectations? What takes place in these follow-ups may vary from session to session.

Just make sure both teams understand the importance of staying in-tune and updated. That initial meeting is vital, but communication needs to be an ongoing process.

Provide the Tools

Project management programs

You can make the communing between your app designers and marketing crew much easier by providing them with the tools they need to communicate with efficiency. Besides, this is the 21st century, so there is no reason to do without. So what type of tools should you deliver? Well, that all depends, but here are a few to give you an idea of what is available:

Project management softwareBasecamp and other project management programs are very useful for setting up projects and delegating tasks to individual team members.

CMS software – Content management system or CMS software is also ideal for project management and collaboration tasks. Many of these programs can be customized to fit the needs of your app design and marketing teams.

Cloud-based software – There are also a variety of cloud-based tools you can use to keep the objectives of your teams aligned. For instance, a simple application like Google Docs can help both parties keep track of campaigns and their respective responsibilities.

Getting your app design and marketing teams on the same level can be the key to continuous business success. Feel free to give these pointers a try when things start sliding off the track.

6 thoughts on “Why Should Your App Designers And Marketing Team Be Working Together?”

  1. Hi Francis,
    its really a nice post and i must say designer and marketing team should be work together because from marketing requirement designer will get to know how he will design web page or vice versa which definitely create a nice user friendly website and good for affiliated marketing

  2. If both teams are working together, the development should be a lot faster because the design team can get feedback as soon as they release a version of their work. The marketing team will be there to give some additional specs which will help the app become a big hit.

  3. I think communication is one of the most important way in application designer and marketing team.
    That way both teams can sum up to the best results.

  4. Great article; but I could have said this in two sentences – because apps are one of the big things of today. If your marketing team isn’t making them one of the cornerstones of their plan, then what in the heck are they doing, lol!?

  5. Hi Francis, did a great job. This is really thoughtful and worth to follow. Actually designing and marketing is two sides of coin. If any side of this coin is weak, it will definitely affect the other side. As you said these are the most important components of any organization and I completely agree with the thought because if the app that you are going to bring in to market has user-friendless and robust interaction, the marketing of that app will become more engaging. Thanks for useful share.

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