The Advantages of Mobile Websites over Responsive Design

In the modern times, everything is about speed, practicality, and availability. This is exactly why the World Wide Web has gone through some serious and important changes, and these changes have had a large impact on the type of devices people use to access the Internet.

What this means is that mobile is the way of the future, and web designers and developers have to think about the future if they want to be successful in the present.

Well, mobile website design is a big part of the future of Internet, and there are many advantages of mobile website design over responsive design:

The Success and Popularity of Websites

Many studies have been conducted in this department, and they all show the same results. Namely, mobile websites have been recognized as more popular and more successful with Internet users, and the reason for this is simple. More and more people are using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet in order to conduct Internet searches, and these people simply have no use for a website that is not a mobile website.

Responsive websites are great for desktop devices, but they fail miserably at providing mobile users with any kind of information. Some of the success of your website is definitely closely tied to it being a mobile website.

Local Searches and Mobile Websites


Did you know that more than 50% of Internet searches for local business, services, and products across the world are done using mobile devices?

This means that you could be missing thousands of searches, meaning thousands of website visitors, each and every day, and all of these searches would be of local character. Local Internet searches are very important for all local businesses, and a mobile website is absolutely required in order to take advantage of this modern trend in effort to increase traffic to you website.

Mobile Search Engine Rankings


Another important benefit of mobile website design over responsive design is the fact that good mobile websites are ranked higher in mobile search engine results than responsive design websites.

Mobile searches are different than desktop searches, as mobile users utilize a different technique for online research, and they also use completely different keywords and phrases to find certain things. So, if you want your website to rank well in mobile search engine rankings, you will have to understand the benefits of mobile websites. In fact, the search engines recognize your mobile CSS version and that tells them to what extent you took your design efforts and how serious you are, while responsive WP design you can purchase for $25 or even less. Food for thought!


Potential Website Visitors Is another Big Plus Side of Mobile Websites

Due to the fact that mobile coverage is today available throughout the world, your mobile website is basically available for millions of visitors to see and use, as opposed to responsive design websites, which are available only to those visitors who have traditional Internet access through desktop and laptop computers. This is basically a game of numbers, as having more website visitors equals more potential sales, and making more sales equates to more success.

In conclusion, for business owners from all over the world it is very important to understand that mobile websites are the future of Internet, and that success is becoming more and more elusive without accepting this simple fact of life.

3 thoughts on “The Advantages of Mobile Websites over Responsive Design”

  1. I agree with your points.In future mobile plays the vital role. Designing for the application is important. Many affordable techniques are emerging for designing.

  2. This is the good thing in the onset of mobile phones because it has a lot of changes and innovation in the SEO.

  3. I always advocate for a mobile site over responsive. But when you say responsive sites “fail miserably at providing mobile users with any kind of information” – I used to feel that way too, but it seems now there is a lot more programmatic flexibility to accommodate conversion centered design. Look at Zurb-Foundation, Bootstrap, and the one we’re excited about now is Responsive Grid System.

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