20 Must Use JQuery Plugins For Every Developer

For web developers, jQuery has always been a must use JavaScript library. As it help them to make things on the web more exciting by adding superior functionality with jQuery based plugins. Though making your own jQuery plugins is not that difficult, but why should you really make your own plugin when you can get a better one for free. And in today’s article we are going to share the top 20 jQuery plugins that you can use in your projects.

S Gallery: Responsive jQuery Gallery Plugin with CSS3 Animations

S Gallery- Responsive jQuery Gallery Plugin with CSS3 AnimationsS Gallery is a super sleek and intuitive responsive jQuery based Gallery Plugin that has been made using HTML5 FullScreen API and CSS3 animations and transforms. It also offers touch/swipe support using a JavaScript library for multi-touch gestures named as hammer.js.


SkrollrAre you in love with Parallax Scrolling effect? Do you want to use the Parallax Scrolling effect on your site? If yes, then use Skrollr, a brilliant plugin that makes Parallax Scrolling effect look damn easy to use. Along with desktop, Skrollr can easily work on mobile specifically on iOS and Android.

Teamwork Gantt

Teamwork GanttWhen it comes to project management, you need a lot of tools and applications to keep track of everything. But now with Teamwork Gantt, you can do that pretty easily and build intuitive Gantt charts to make n number of progress bar charts for free.

Avgrund Modal

Avgrund ModalDo you want to highlight your specific content or product on your site using a popup or a modal box where you can also apply some transition and transformation effect to grab the users’ attention? Just try Avgrund Modal, a jQuery plugin that shows the depth between the popup box and the following web page.

Fancy Input

Fancy InputWhen it comes to building web based forms, each one of us wants to make them attractive and appealing. However, the only element of a web based form where nothing much can be done to stylize it is an input field. But with Fancy Input in place, you can apply five different types of effects to form input as well as textarea fields.


StickySticky is yet another jQuery plugin, which is very light in terms of its weight. The Sticky lets you make any web element stick to its position on a particular web page. This plugin can come handy while promoting or highlighting an offer on a website.


ArctextIf you want to display your text in an arc shape without using any image, just give Arctext a try. With Arctext you can bend your text in both upside and downside position. What Acrtext does is that it calculates the right rotation each alphabet or letter of any word it is used for and distribute them equally in the form of imaginary arc.


SupersizedDo you have a website where you want to use large images inside a slider? If yes, the choose Supersized. It’s a free jQuery plugin that lets you display a full screen background slideshow. This plugin works pretty well on all leading web browsers including Internet Explorer.


iCheckGenerally, there’s a lot of difference between a radio button and a checkbox, and their inputs also looks entirely different. However, have you ever thought to make them look identical? Yes, that’s possible with the new iCheck, a jQuery plugin that ensures identical inputs on different devices and browsers, along with the support for touch devices. Moreover, iCheck offers 31 new options to customize the radio buttons and checkboxes.


ThreesixtyWant to display your products in 3D format so that they can view it from all sides? If yes, then try your hands at threesixty, a new, innovative, and free jQuery plugin that makes it easy for every web developer to create a 360 view for any product that is to be displayed on a website.


FitvidsIf you are building a responsive site where you also need to display some videos to showcase your company overview, products, and brand yourself. Then Fitvids, a jQuery based plugin can be of your help as it transforms the embedded videos width into fluid width that resizes itself according to the device screen size.


TooltipsterHave you ever thought of redefining the tooltips? Tooltipster is a powerful jQuery plugin that turns ordinary looking tooltips into stylish and beautiful tooltips that strikes the chord with the users. This plugin is compatible with all leading web browsers such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, & Mozilla Firefox. Moreover, with this plugin, you can also add animations to your tooltips.


BackstretchBackstretch is yet another jQuery plugin that helps you stretch your background images to the width of the web browser window. What it does is that it automatically resizes the images used in a background. With this plugin you can also run a slideshow of background images, which will get resized based on the user’s device screen size.


SwipeSince Microsoft launched Windows 8 into the public domain, which also has a touch support, the need for touch sensitive plugins has also increased rapidly. And Swipe is one of the few touch enabled jQuery based slider plugin that is Responsive as well. The best part about this plugin is that it is compatible with Internet Explorer version 7 and above.

Countdown Timer

Countdown TimerWant your visitors to keep an eye on your upcoming product launch or an event that will take place in the coming days? Just provide them with a countdown timer on your site for which you can use a Countdown Timer that handles everything with jQuery.


FitTextResponsive site is in trend these days. For a responsive site, every element of a website should be responsive in nature be it anything such as text. And FitText is one such jQuery plugin that makes it pretty easy for you to turn your normal text into flexible or scalable text with resizable fonts. However, you must not use FitText for paragraph text; instead use it only for heading tags or gigantic text.


PageSlidePageSlide is a jQuery based plugin that lets you slide your webpage to the right and to the left as well to reveal another interaction pane. The PageSlide is a responsive plugin that ensure compatibility with mobile devices, no matter what their screen size is.

One Page Navigation

One Page NavigationNowadays, single page websites are in demand, and web developers all over the world are making them all day and night. However, setting up the navigation for a single page website can be quite a daunting task. But if you use One Page Navigation, a jQuery plugin then you really need not to worry about, as it is a navigation maker that is made specifically for single page websites.


ListLists and tables are something that is quite common on web pages. However, making a filterable, searchable and sortable list in HTML has never been easy before List.js came into existence. With List.js you can not only make filterable and searchable lists, but you can also add or edit items from an existing list pretty easily.


HookFor news based sites and blogs such as readwriteweb.com or mashable.com that posts content at regular intervals, an auto refresh feature is something that can’t be avoided. And if you also have a similar website then you can use Hook.js, a great plugin that refreshes a webpage automatically in 9 different ways.

If you have used or like any of the jQuery plugins we have listed here, then don’t forget to share your feedback with us as well as other readers via the comment section provided below.

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  1. Hi ajeet, awesome share from you. I am already use Countdown Timer to my product launching in my website. Its very cool. Thanks for share :D

  2. I wouldn’t go as far as saying a ‘must use’ list, but it definitely packs some nice little tools that make the life easier. Many developers are seasoned in different areas, so it’s hard to assume everyone is going to use the same tools.

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