10 Web Design Trend Predictions 2017

Another year has gone by but the world of web design has remained busy today. With 2017 fresh in the air the latest trends and shifts in web design industry have surfaced once again which are bound to change the face of this industry this year and beyond.

True enough, the world of web design has seen a lot of new trends in the past recent years which have become a staple nowadays, such as the micro interactions, long scrolling, rich animations, minimalist design, and others. This 2017, we are all looking forward to the new developments that web designers will surely utilize to make their outputs more enticing as ever to the audience.

Here are the key takeaways from the infographic below.

  1. Micro-mini interactions continue to gain popularity.
  2. Development of weather apps will increase
  3. The mobile-first approach is going to be the standard.
  4. Web storytelling will become more interactive
  5. Responsive-based websites will become a must.
  6. Hapnotic feedback technology will revolutionize UX
  7. Increase utilization of curated images and original typography
  8. The ever-trusted flat design will continue to reign
  9. Parallax scrolling will gain more popularity
  10. Advanced analytics will be utilized more to identify the weak spots of websites.


6 thoughts on “10 Web Design Trend Predictions 2017”

  1. More and more video will be getting used in 2017 as better bandwidth means this is possible. Exciting times for online sites!

  2. I particularly believe that in 2017, as I have seen in my experience in 2016, blogs and websites in general have to adapt the mobile platforms completely, due to the great demand of these devices that now surpass the desktops. A simple and clean interface will also be successful, and the website needs to be fast and interactive. We are still in the digital revolution and people increasingly want to be participatory, no longer limited to being content consumers exclusively, this is the basis of success of social networks like Facebook. These are my predictions, not unlike yours. In fact, I loved the infographic, the blog is excellent.

  3. I notably believe that in 2017, as I even have seen in my expertise in 2016, blogs and websites normally got to adapt the mobile platforms utterly, owing to the good demand of those devices that currently surpass the desktops. an easy and clean interface also will achieve success, and therefore the web site must be quick and interactive. we have a tendency to ar still within the digital revolution and folks progressively need to be democratic, not restricted to being content customers solely, this can be the premise of success of social networks like Facebook. These ar my predictions, not in contrast to yours. In fact, I idolized the infographic, the web log is great.

  4. Hi jenny,
    Thanks by posting this latest information about web design trends that will help me to complete the website with new techniques.There is lot of difference in 2016-17 because of united states elections and some political issues in all parts of the world.any thanks for posting the article.

  5. Hi Jenni R,
    I am not. Blogging expert as you are and I don’t have enough knowledge. You have beautifully described the 10 trends of 2017 that will in your content and infographic. I was aware few of them but some of them were new to me.
    could you please write about best content marketing trends?
    Looking forward

  6. Hello ! Jenni R
    I am not a professional blogger but I write some blogs i my countries boggle site.
    I think you are a great blogger and thanks to you for your important information.

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