How to Write Quality Product Review within 30 Minutes

Most people will rely on product reviews before they decide to buy certain product, especially if it is a relatively expensive product.

Product reviews will help them to make a good decision regarding the product that they want to buy later. Therefore, writing good product reviews will give you a good advantage, especially when you are trying to promote the product. The better your review, the higher the possibility to make some sales from your product review.

However, writing a good and quality product review might be a daunting task for you. In this article, you will learn about the tips to write quality product review within 30 minutes. Here are the step by step methods that you can follow:

1. Make a simple outline

The basic article outline will be needed for a good product review. It consists of opening, body, and closing. It is really that simple.

However, you have to further divide the body into several parts. The first part is product information and detail. The second part is the pros and cons of the product. The third part is the benefits of the product. Now that you know about the basic outlining, make sure to prepare this outline every time you write a review. If you have this outline, writing a product review will be a lot easier.

2. Introduction about the review

Make your review sounds personal. In the introduction, you have to let the people know about the product that you are going to review. Tell them how you feel about the product as well before you drive them to the body.

3. Body of the review article

The body is the core of your review. That’s why you need to make it as good as possible.

– The first part

Make sure that you give enough information about the product in this part.

For example, if you are writing a review of an LCD monitor, you have to give detailed information such as the manufacturer, the display resolution, brand, model, weight, and so on. The purpose of this part is to make sure that people have enough knowledge about the product.

– The second part

Now it’s time for you to tell your readers the cons and pros of the product. Don’t make this section too short. You can elaborate to your readers why this product has certain cons or pros. You have to make your readers understand more about the product.

– The third part

Tell them the benefits of the product. After telling your readers some cons and pros of the product, it is time for you to talk about the benefits of the product.

After all, your readers want to know the reason why they will need this product. Make sure that the benefits are written clearly and create positive impression about the product in your readers’ mind.

4. Closing part

In this part of the review, you simply talk about your overall opinion about the product. Next, you will give your readers a price range for the product and recommended websites to buy this product at the cheapest price (you will insert your affiliate link here). You can also give a rating for the product.

It is simple to write quality product review if you are doing some outlining in the beginning. This will save you a lot of time. If you want to write a good product review quickly, use those tips to write quality product review within 30 minutes.

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  1. Very nice information to write good product review for professional writer… this information very useful for beginner copywriting job… thank you… :D

  2. Great post! :) this is really perfect for those who are willing to invest their time doing copy writing job.

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