How to Write a Catchy Headline for Your Blog Post

You know that a catchy headline is a very important part of the post.  Most people don’t even bother to read past the headline. They expect this part of the post to show them if the content is worthy of their time. If it fails to attract their attention, you’ll lose them.

The pressure is huge. You invested all that effort into creating the perfect post, and now you have to sum up a point in a single headline. The good news is: there are ways to think of catchy headline for every post you write. You just need to understand what the audience wants to see. With a tiny bit of psychology involved, you’ll come up with a headline that works like a magnet. We’re here to help you with that.

Make It Clear and Straight to the Point

Click baits may work for some bloggers. They use emotional words and questions to trick the audience to click on a post. But, the post has nothing to do with the headline itself. You’ll never believe how Kim Kardashian looks without makeup. You click a headline like this only to see Kardashian in her usual edition – with makeup.

The result? Clickbaits make the readers so outraged that they started the anti-clickbait movement. A bait may get the audience clicking. However, it will also make them frustrated, so they will quickly unfollow you on social media.

The key to success is focus. The headline has to convey the essence of your post. When it makes a promise, the content should deliver it.

How to Write a Catchy Headline for Your Blog Post – you continued reading this because you expected to get tips on writing catchy headlines. And, that’s exactly what the post delivers.


Promise a Solution

Research shows that people use the Internet to find solutions for problems they face in their everyday lives. That’s the reason why How-to articles are so successful. Your headline has to promise a solution to a common or an unusual problem your target audience faces.

If, for example, you maintain a blog for iPads, you should be aware of different issues your target audience encounters.

  • iPad No Internet Connection – How Do You Solve This?
  • iPad Touchscreen Unresponsive – 5 Possible Solutions
  • How to Protect Your iPad from Malware

Those are the types of headlines that would work for such a blog. They show you understand what issues people are dealing with, and you have the solutions.

Use Adjectives

Take a look at the most popular words used in viral headlines. Some of the words that stand out are: why, which, what, and when. Why are they intriguing? They promise solutions to questions. As we already learned, solutions bring you readers. But, there is one particular word in the list that caught our attention: awesome. It’s an adjective we see very frequently in popular blog posts.

Adjectives are cool because they are punchy words. They make the headline fun and emotional. Here are only few of the awesome adjectives you can use in the headline:

  • Free
  • Unusual
  • Effortless
  • Essential
  • Incredible
  • Ultimate
  • Kickass
  • Fun

Suggest the Best Solution to Something

The Best Way to Write a Book Fast

The Best Yoga Poses for Stiff Back

The Best Tricks to Write a Business Plan

The Best Way to Attract Your Audience to Read Your Post

This type of headline makes the audience expect a superior strategy that will definitely help them solve their issues. The best adds some authority and self-confidence in the headline.

Make It Intriguing

killer-headlinesThe headline should definitely tell a reader what your post is about. But, it should also leave them in some kind of expectation. It should make them want more than a headline. Let’s take this example: Here’s Why Your Favorite Sites and Services Haven’t Been Working.

This headline is on-point, but it also imposes different questions. What services haven’t been working? Does it have something to do with hacking? Are some of my favorite sites in trouble? Bottom line, the headline makes the readers want more. That’s a great way to intrigue the audience to read through the rest of your post.

Use a Number

Numbers are a great trigger for readers to pay attention beyond the headline. Let’s use BuzzSumo to find the most popular online content on a random topic: travelling. We’ll see few headlines that contain a number, including:

  • 18 Quick Creative Workouts You Can Do While Traveling
  • The 50 best beaches in the world

They are great because they promise something specific. They also make the post easy to read, because they impose the need to organize it as a list.

Make an Exciting Announcement

It doesn’t matter what your niche is; you can always make an exciting announcement. Here are few examples:

  • At Last: the Nobel Prize in Literature Announced
  • Finally, We Get a Sneak Peek into Apple’s Latest Project
  • Top SEO Trends for 2017

The online audience craves for news. They are using the Internet to get informed about recent events, and they want to be the first ones to get the news. When your headline promises information they don’t have, it will be an instant hit.  

Rely on Technology

There are different online tools that will help you think of a catchy headline:


It shows the most popular posts on any topic, so you’ll understand what your audience likes.

CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer

The tool analyzes your headline and gives you a score based on the common, uncommon, emotional, and power words you used.

Portent’s Content Idea Generator

You insert a keyword and the tool gives you suggestions for a headline. Some of them make no sense, but they will still inspire you to craft a catchy headline.

Were you inspired by these tips? Are you ready to attract the attention of your audience with a great headline? Focus on the 8 techniques described above, and you’ll have a winner in minutes.

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  1. Really interesting facts about writing headlines to attract visitors to your posts, from my experience using adjectives and numbers really worked for me like “101 ways”. Most important thing while writing the title is to provide solution for the visitors, great post for people who have just started blogging and Robert keep us posted on posts related to the same in the coming days.

  2. Really amazing facts ,To capture your audience’s time and attention, you need a strong headline. On average, only 1 out of 5 readers gets beyond your headline.

  3. Very nice blog Robert. It is true that a headline plays quite an important role in every blog. A nice and catchy headline will surely attract people to get them involved in reading the blog. Thanks again for sharing this blog.

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