Why You Must Use Google Plus For Your Business?

Everybody these days is talking about Google Plus. Do you have any idea- why and what is Google Plus exactly?

Well, Google Plus is the new social networking initiative taken by Google that has a blend of services that already are used by all. Google Plus is gaining fast acclamation at a global platform. And a lot of people even think that soon it is expected to become a medium of getting people to patronize ones business. In other words, it is going to become a channel for social media marketing as well as internet marketing.

Google+ can help you promote your business and make it more visible to the online audience. Advancing your business with Google+ is a great idea. All you need to do is set up your account on Gmail and signup for Google+.  Once you get signed in, make your Google+ profile. This personal profile gives you complete liberty of advertising and promoting your business. Let’s take a look at few of the factors which make Google Plus must for an online business:

  • Set up a profile picture: Visuals speak more than words. A visual is surely one of the best ways that can make you get noticed online.
  • Complete your profile: As you do in Facebook, Google+ also requires you to fill up the relevant information. You need to complete your profile as much as possible so that your audience gets to know about everything about you in detail. Add some relevant aspects of your firm. Your group and other people in your circle will get to know about your work and this can be promising. You never know when a prospective client calls up.
  • Add Videos: Try video marketing if you never did it earlier. In case you have your business videos with you, it is best to upload them on the profile. It establishes your reliability. A proper picture about you and your firm is laid in the minds of people.
  • Develop your network: Be friends with people you know. After this, check for the names of people who are there in your Gmail address book. You can also add friends of friends. Have a strong network.
  • Be a part of discussions: If you want to catch attention of people towards your business then it is important to get engaged in more conversations. Follow up on the post and freely comment. Also, give a + to the content, if you like something. This shows that you have active listening skills.
  • Being part of a lot of conversations won’t do good enough: You just don’t have to be a part of the conversations but also you must have skills to start one. If you wish to announce product launch of your company then don’t hesitate. Go ahead and announce it freely.

So, take as much benefit as you can from this strong social networking platform called Google+. Grow your business in leaps and bounds.

18 thoughts on “Why You Must Use Google Plus For Your Business?”

  1. I’m all over G+ personally but I think it can be quite difficult to get more people into the circles of business pages since you can’t just add people and get recognition like we can with Twitter. I’m definitely going to try getting into more discussions though. Also, you mention videos – I watch a lot of videos on G+ but I’ve never really thought of making my own! Thanks for the tips! :)

  2. Hey Jenni, I’d be interested to know how much traffic you’re actually getting from G+. It’s difficult trying to manage another social media profile but if there are genuine traffic opportunities then it has to go on the list

    1. Hey Sam, actually I don’t know exactly how much traffic I got from G+.
      However, besides the direct traffic from your Google+ profile, don’t forget that the number of “G+ vote” you received will affect your website rank as well. http://www.readwriteweb.com/biz/2011/07/google-plus-impact-on-seo.php

  3. thanks for this, my friend has just lost her job and is almost ready to promote her new business, i shall pass this on to her,Google+sounds brilliant, i shall have to give it some thought too

  4. Google Plus is no wonder a place for your business. It’s one of the fastest growing Social Network. What I like about G+ is their features like circle and hang-outs. It’s a good way to know people more be engage with them. G+ could help you find some people within your niche who could be your potential leads/clients for your business.

  5. I personally struggle with Google plus, and yes I understand the SEO benefits. My biggest issue is that there still aren’t a lot of people within my local niche that’s on it. Any recommendations?

  6. There are so many social networking sites, sometimes you get confused which is the best one. I know Facebook & twitter are best right now but Google+ is the child of Google and no body can ignore it. But generally it’s really difficult to ask facebook and twitter user to join Google+… as they love these plateforms and nobody likes to move on new site unless they get something exceptional. I mean Facebook has already copied almost every new thing from Google+ like circle feature and so on.

    1. Ya, maybe only time can answer this question :)

      So, what’s your top priority social network site at this time?

    2. Right now, I give more preference to Facebook and Twitter….. plus I’m also working on Google+ as well but not very aggressively s you don’t want to miss any kind of marketing opportunity for your business.

  7. Hi jenni,
    I hope you answer me., I am a Professional Content writer From India I have just launched a website although i have created a Google plus, FB and twitter pages i hardly know what do with Google + as i never used it.. Give me more tips on using it for my field(content writing). I am expecting to hear from you. thanks in advance.
    Panzer Kumar

    1. Talking to other people in your social profile, share useful content in your niche and you’ll see the better result.

  8. I like the helpful info you provide on your articles. I will bookmark your weblog and check again right here regularly. I am fairly certain I will learn a lot of new stuff right here! Good luck for the next!

  9. I cancelled my FB account about 2 years ago due to its dulling effect and especially because of their shady policy on giving information about their data gathering. I mean, I’m ok with FB gathering user data and all, but when they try to deny it, it comes an issue for me. Anyway, as I’ve started to try my wings on blogging it has become clear that in order to gain some success, I must join some social thingy. So, as FB is not for me (did I mention that there’s something really creepy about Mr. Suckerburger imho; now I did), I think I will go with Google+. I mean, they probably already have a ton of information about me, so giving the rest is, um, not ok but apparently somewhat necessary.

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