Top Useful Traffic Monitoring Tools for Bloggers (2018 updated)

You blog in order to obtain better traffic on your blog site. You want to enjoy better exposure in the online world that is why you are exhausting your efforts in writing content and driving more traffic back to your website. So how do you know that your efforts are giving you productive results?

You can easily use different traffic monitoring tools in order to help evaluate your blog site performance and to find out about the traffic activities on your website. Use these 10 helpful traffic monitoring tools to improve your productivity by keeping your blog site’s traffic actively growing.

Google Analytics


Receive a complete analytic report about your website traffic performance and activities with Google Analytics. It comes with a customizable dashboard and provides you a real time statistic reports about your website traffic and performance. It is popularly used by the majority of SEO professionals and it is user friendly for the novice as well.

Social Mention

This monitoring tool provides a real time monitoring report about your social media search and analytics. It helps you track down about the web users who are talking about you and your products as well as any topic that is connected to your area of industry or expertise.

The tool could pull information from various social media platforms in order to provide you a timely report about your social media profile activities and traffic.


If you are concerned about tracking down traffic trends on websites. This is a very useful tool to use when you want to compare your website performance and traffic activities of your competitors. It is capable of monitoring and providing an analytic report by keywords, website location or by category.

Yahoo Web Analytics

Yahoo Web Analytics uses a software in order to deliver a feature of enterprise analytics that will let you know about the category and demographic of your blog site visitors. You will know which category your of your website is mostly visited and what topics your visitors like to read on your blog.

It offers you a straightforward solution in monitoring your website traffic and make the appropriate alignment of your website to address your website visitor’s preferences.

Ninja Outreach

Ninja Outreach is a piece of software used for influencer marketing. It lets you search for different bloggers and influencers based on different search phrases. You want to use this service to do the following: Connect with other bloggers; Get mentions on their sites; Get guest post opportunities; Get in front of their audiences.

Sprout Social


Blogging using your social media account is the latest trend in marketing. With Sprout Social, you can obtain an analytic report regarding your visitor demographics and monitor the conversations of your friends using a single tool, allowing you to obtain information about the “hottest topics” in the social media sphere.

It comes fully integrated with various social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, FourSquare and LinkedIn. This analytic tool makes the interpretation about the social media trend easier and updated.


You can track down events and activities of your visitors while they are using your website. This monitoring and analytic tool will give you the data you need in order to learn about who your visitors are, what are their activities on your site, and monitor their activities and preferences.

You can monitor your visitor activity in real time. You can view your website users as an icon and by clicking on it you will see the statistics report about their individual current activity.

Stat Counter

Monitor your blog reader’s activities in real time with this monitoring tool and analytics. It has similar features like the Google Analytics only the results are more simplified and less technical which makes it ideal for the novice blogger to use.

Get an analytic report about your website visitor’s location, keyword analysis, popular web page, browser statistics, length of your visitor visits as among many other features available from Stat Counter.


This monitoring tool is mainly designed for visitor-based analytics. It can provide you information about referral links, monitor your visitor activities from the time they reach your site until the time of leaving your blog, popular pages, computer stat, global statistics, and the number of your visitors every day.

It could convert complex data into a simplified and comprehensive report in order to help you understand your website traffic status and the activities on your blog site.


This monitoring tool could track down your visitor’s IP address, perform search analysis, keyword analysis, interpret outbound traffic flow, incoming links and other performance metrics that you need in order to understand the traffic activities in your blog site.



This is an intuitive traffic analysis tool that you can use on your blog site in order to provide you reliable organic research result, keyword analytics and research, and the ability to study your competitor’s ad activities. It offers add on features like the keyword based listing of your blog ranking as compared to your competitor ranking in major search engines.

10 thoughts on “Top Useful Traffic Monitoring Tools for Bloggers (2018 updated)”

  1. Very nice list. I like Google Analytics because you can get information pretty much right away. Some of the others, like Alexa, take time to get info from and only are helpful once you have gained some page rank.

  2. i’ve been using open tracker and google analytics since day 1 i started blogging , both of them are great and easy to use tools .Would have to try out Metrics as it keeps the track of ip addresses of the nodes from which my website was accessed . thanks for the info

    best wishes,

  3. Of all of these tools, we love Sprout Social. Glad they made your list. Will have to look at some of the others on your list that we hadn’t seen before, such as SemRush and Social Mention.

    Thank you!

  4. Very informative post about traffic monitoring tools. Google Analytics is the most common web traffic monitoring tool for SEO masters. Being free and user-friendly, this application has many patrons. You paste codes into templates and this brings up site traffic stats for your perusal. This application comes with the added benefits of Adsense and Adwords.

  5. I thank you for this post. I had no idea of the amount of tools that are available to help in maintaining the content, quality and overall statistics one can use on thier blog site. I believe this information can help me with my blog site quite a bit.

  6. Thanks for sharing, very useful informations for webmasters. Stat counter is the best traffic tracking tool for me. I love its easy to use features and its suitable for beginners.

  7. Nice list of tools, I am using ColibriTool at, this tool provides all needed insight from Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, Google Keyword Tool and Google Trends in one place.

    1. That tool seems promising, I would like to try it soon. Thank you for letting me know about this, Stacey.

  8. I pretty much had not heard about these tools before since I am a new blogger. I really appreciate this information. Well laid out post and easy to understand. Thanks to your good work, I can now start monitoring traffic to my site.

  9. Nice List! I use ColibriTool more then any other thing, I always want to know what people are saying about me. This helps me to monitor of seo performance. You can try it at

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