Top 4 Unconventional Ways to Promote Your Business

Business organizations spend a lot of money every year to promote themselves. However, they tend to neglect many unconventional ways that modern businesses can capitalize on. These exotic ways will help business organizations better compete in their own industries and get more exposure at lesser investments. Let us discuss what these ways are and how can business organizations leverage on them.

Business blog

Corporate blogging is not something new. Many successful organizations are already using this tool to their advantage. However, few of the businesses really know what an ideal business blog must look like.

Entrepreneurs can use the business blog to directly communicate with their customers. They can also deploy it to collect feedback regarding the products and services delivered. Many intelligent businessmen are using their business blogs to promote the benefits of using their products or services. Some of the more technical businesses are imparting technical knowledge regarding the use of their products.

Therefore, the advantages of using a business blog to an enterprise are countless. Business organizations can also manage their own products’ brand image using their blogs.

Similarly, many businesses are using blog along with social media to make it more democratized through Facebook and Twitter. This helps customers interact with other customers as well and get help in many different ways.

VoIP Service

VoIP or internet phone service is another way to help promote businesses. In modern days, organizations need to make every effort in order to survive the heat of competition. Small and medium sized business organizations lack the financial muscle like bigger enterprises. Therefore, they tend to rely on technologies that are cost effective yet more impacting to use.

VoIP phone service providers have introduced many packages that are economically affordable for SMEs to use. Skype, Axvoice, Ooma, Comcast, Vonage, and numerous other companies are offering low cost call plans exclusively targeted at small business organizations while keeping their affordability in mind.

Virtual Worlds

Virtual worlds have always been a neglected portion of marketing. Only few big enterprises are using these to promote their own image. There are many websites that offer virtual worlds to their customers.

A virtual world is a simulated environment that imitates the real world. The idea was originally limited to the video games. However, with the increasing interest of people, virtual world has taken center stage in marketing.

Many business organizations are promoting their brands by participating in these worlds. Users can communicate with each other using text, graphical icons, visual gestures, sounds, and various other senses. Tourism and medical industries are already using these virtual worlds to promote themselves.

Podcasts and Videos

Podcast has been one of the most neglected mediums of promotion. Few business managers really know about the effectiveness of podcasts in promoting their businesses. A podcast is an audio recording that helps communicate with listeners. There are many tools available with which you can create effective podcasts. Many nonprofit organizations are using podcasts to promote their message.

Similarly, BBC and many other big news corporations are using podcasts to spread their message across the world. There are several benefits of using podcasts. The first advantage is that the communicator has complete control over the message. Secondly, it is free to use. And lastly, there are hundreds of websites available, where anyone can freely distribute podcasts.

5 thoughts on “Top 4 Unconventional Ways to Promote Your Business”

  1. As far as the concept of virtual worlds is concerned, it is not good for every business. It is suitable for tech gadgets where you show your audience how your product would work. However, if you are trying to sale jackets in a simulated environment, it would definitely not work. The reason is buyer wants to see the actuall color of these jackets before he finally places the order.

  2. Well using virtual reality techniques to promote your business can be a tricky decision. If you are selling products for children, believe me children are more attracted to virtual reality techniques, colors, beeps and sounds. Mature people always check after sales service. For that, you must have a toll free available on your website.

  3. My experience is toll free number plays the most important role in online business growth. I know many people who’s websites had been making very ordinary sales for many years. However, the same websites started to make unprecented sales exactly when they had a toll free number on top of them. My experience is buyers feel more easy when they find out they would be able to talk to you.

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