Five Tools to Increase Blogging Productivity

Blogging is a necessary component of any successful marketing campaign. Blogs are informative and drive traffic to the company’s website. Increased website traffic may equate to sales conversions and increased revenue if the content on the website is relevant and compelling.

Bloggers have to create a steady stream of blogs to help bloggers remain abreast of industry trends. Tools are also available to monitor visitor comments and respond to comments quickly. Bloggers that intend to make money from their blogs are challenged with finding tools to monitor statistics to improve site traffic and to outrank competitors.


FontStructThis free font-building tool allows users to build and create their own fonts. Good use of typography is one of the elements that Google uses to rank websites. The higher the ranking becomes, the more Google’s algorithm will recommend and rank the website in the search engine.

Unique websites also rank higher. Specialized fonts will help your website appear more unique if they are used effectively. A widget may be installed on your website to typeset your talents on the website.


DropboxMany bloggers are mobile. They enjoy blogging, because they can perform the job from any location. The documents are hosted and shared through the cloud. Bloggers may store their files on this server and have access to the information from any location with a computer, Internet access and a web browser.

Dropbox is also recommended as a part of a data recovery strategy. This is one of the most valuable tools that bloggers use. Most users find Dropbox easy to use, though there are some complaints about Dropbox.


BufferMany bloggers keep their subscribers and audience informed through informative Tweets. Bloggers do not have time to manually release Tweets throughout the day. BufferApp is designed to queue the pre-designed Tweets to be sent out throughout the day.

The Tweets may also be tailored to fit the time of the day that your followers are online. The Tweets will only be released when the most followers are online. This application ensures that relevant content reaches your followers and traffic reaches your website.


woorankWooRank allows you to compare your website with your competitors. This blogging tool analyzes the entire site for analytics. Simply enter the website’s URL into the application, and the tool will return the estimated number of visitors per month, the most popular pages, the off-site analysis Seo tools and the Alexa ranking.

The competitive analysis may be used for businesses to learn about the type of traffic on their website. A backlink analysis will help companies determine who is linked to their site, and the sites they need to link to in order to increase their website traffic. WooRank will help companies out rank their main rivals.


Google AdSense is almost imperative for any blogging website. SimpleSense works in conjunction with AdSense to generate statistics on AdSense advertisements. With this helpful tool people can determine how many visitors are clicking through the advertisements and determine the effectiveness of the campaign.

The tool communicates directly with Google and is relatively hacker free compared to other solutions. The figures are generated to ensure that the website’s revenue potential is increased.

Update: SimpleSense has now been discontinued.


Blogging productivity increases along with revenue when tools are integrated into the workplace environment. With increased traffic, sales conversions and revenue also increase. Most bloggers make money from affiliates and other advertisements.

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  1. Hi Jenni, I would have to say my favorite out of the 5, has to be the last one, Simple Sense gives you a great idea of what’s going on.

  2. Can you tell me how I can contact Jenni without joining Goggle+, Linkedin, etc.? (Does she have a regular email address?) I think I would like to use WPSubscribers in a blog I am developing, but I need to ask some “capacity” questions first–before I commit the funds and the time to learn the system.



    1. Hi Gary, you can contact me here about Wpsubscribers plugin.

      Thank you

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