Top Tips How to Optimize Ecommerce Websites for Smartphones

The demand of making an eCommerce site mobile friendly is becoming intense. It is predicted that the consumers will be spending about $119 billion on purchases made through the mobile phone by 2015. Moreover, about a third of the consumers communicate their preferences of using mobile applications for their retail shopping and 62% of the consumers are using their Smartphones when searching for a local store and to look for direction.

With this revealing statistics, every eCommerce site should take the step of optimizing their business performance and activities by making their websites mobile friendly.

The advent of modern Smartphones indeed revolutionized the shopping experience of the consumers and many online sites tend to lose a significant market by not catering to the mobile consumers. If you don’t want to miss out your potential eCommerce sales from the growing numbers of consumers who prefer to shop and make purchases online through their mobile device, here are some tips to help optimize your ecommerce website for Smartphone users.

Optimize your website for mobile viewing

Optimize your website for mobile viewingThis seems like the most basic thing to do in order to cater to the mobile consumers but the problem usually lies on how and where to start optimizing your ecommerce site for Smartphone users. It is easier to integrate a mobile platform to your website when you use plug-ins that can provide an option to your visitors to choose whether they like a desktop or mobile viewing. Not all Smartphone users may actually opt for a mobile viewing and prefer to view a website on a desktop platform thus it is best that you can offer them an option whether to convert their viewing optimized for Smartphone or not.

Another way of optimizing your website for mobile viewing is to search for a theme that is mobile friendly. Website theme developers understand the need of making a website mobile friendly and you can find numerous ecommerce themes that can easily adapt to the platform being used by your viewer (desktop, tablets, PDS or Smartphones). This is an effortless method of making your ecommerce site more optimized for mobile viewing as the website theme itself automatically adapts to interact more efficiently with the device that you website visitor is using.

If your website is created using WordPress, you can seamlessly make your ecommerce site mobile friendly using the different plugins available or download the free or premium ecommerce website themes that you can find in its gallery. A good plugin is the WordPress Mobile Pack that can display the mobile version of your website that adapts according to the platform that your visitor is using. You may also opt for the paid applications to further make your ecommerce site more appealing for Smartphone viewing.

Simplify your ecommerce website content

Keeping your ecommerce website simple yet interactive is the key in optimizing your business performance for Smartphone users. It is important to remember that there is a very limited space when viewing a website using a Smartphone device and website developers always want to keep the elements displayed on the site at a minimum. You should make your website optimized for finger touch by making the buttons and links big enough to accommodate both the big and small fingers of your Smartphone visitors.

You are also better off in writing less content and be selective in your choice of words to immediately communicate your message to your mobile visitors. It is also better to cut down the textual content in your mobile site and select to display a drop down menu where your visitors can simply select which content to display for viewing. This will give better convenience to mobile users who are using Smartphone devices with a smaller screen for viewing.

Overhaul the displayed elements on your website

As much as you want to display a comprehensive information to your website, this is just isn’t possible for Smartphone viewing considering the possibility of overcrowding your site with elements. A good solution is to be selective on which elements to display on your site and understanding the needs and preferences of your website visitors.

As an ecommerce website, the price and product descriptions are important to your customers hence you should keep these elements readily available for mobile viewing. Adding social media buttons will likewise be an important element to display on your website because not only it gives convenience to your customers to share your products to their network, these buttons can also help you optimize your ecommerce marketing efforts. And don’t forget to include the shopping cart where they can check out items to buy from your ecommerce site.

Develop your own eCommerce website application for Smartphones

e-commerce-applicationHaving your own ecommerce mobile app sitting directly on the screen of a Smartphone will definitely help you increase your potential sales. Mobile consumers prefer to shop directly on a shopping application such as those seen in eBay where you can instantly download the app to your mobile device, create your own account and start shopping without having to use the mobile browser.

With your ecommerce application icon sitting on the mobile screen, it will constantly remind a consumer to check out the latest products offered on your site. Just imagine the shopping convenience that they can experience and with the constant reminder of visiting your ecommerce site directly through the app that is readily accessible on their mobile screen.

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  1. Statistics prove that more than 45% of website traffic is trough mobile , hence every website should be able to run on mobile browsers without any issues .. Hence,we should always go for responsive themes.The wordpress mobile pack plugin sounds interesting and promising . I would be reading more about its features . Thanks for sharing the information .


  2. Thanks for this awesome post
    It is very necessary to optimize website for Smartphones because most of users using their phones for accessing these sites.

  3. yes 80% users of internet are using smartphone for shopping and all,So shopping site must be optimized for mobile otherwise they loss buyer

  4. Great Tips! Now It is very necessary to make your site mobile friendly as numbers of smartphone users are increasing day by day and these days most of the people like to visit site direct from mobile or tablets .

  5. No doubt about it 80% search is done on smart phone.
    I am from India and Indian smart phone market is growing by 150% year on year. Indian e-commerce market has shown almost 200% growth last year. So one should develop e-commerce site keeping in mind the smart phone user
    Thanks for the post

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