5 Tips to Gain More Profits from Your Banner Advertising

Does banner advertising still effective today?

The answer is yes, and you can even gain more profits from your banner advertising by optimizing your banner and ad campaign. Banner advertising is considered a relatively low-investment advertising if you see it in the online marketing perspective.

Use these 5 tips to gain more profits from your banner advertising and separate you from those failed banner advertisers:

Copy the most successful banner ads

Before attempting to create a highly profitable banner ad, you have to take some time to analyze the already successful banner ads on the internet.

  • What are their common characteristics?
  • Is there any particular secret that they apply?
  • What are the size, placement, words, fonts, and design of those banner ads?

Analyze those aspects in those successful banner ads and create a similar ad for your campaign. This is a surefire way to copy their success as well.

This is a call for me!

Design your words in your banner ad so that your target audience will immediately say in their head “This is a call for me!” after seeing the ad. This will motivate them to click your banner immediately.

To use this, make sure that you craft the very best words in your banner ads that “call” your potential customers. The words should be benefit-oriented and problem-oriented, which means that the words in your banner should address your audience’s problem and giving them the solution at the same time.

Simple, professional, and catchy design

With too many banners circulating on the internet, your banner must get out from the mud of other similar banners. There are only three specifications to make a highly clickable banner design. They are simple, professional, and catchy.

  • Simplicity is important in a banner. Don’t make your banner too crowded with images and words.
  • Professional banner will get clicked more because people will be more willing to click an ad from reputable source.
  • Catchy design means that the design will stick in their head and instantly create their interest to click the banner.

I must include as well that animated banners are usually catchier than static banners.

Keep Relevancy

The more relevant your banner with the content of the website you’ve placed your banner on, the more clicks you will get. This is true in any advertising campaign.

Find some websites that are closely related with your niche and place your banner there. Blogs will also give you good ROI if you can search a relevant blog with good traffic. Just be sure to include the relevancy factor in your campaign. That’s because too many marketers are neglecting the importance of relevancy in banner advertising. That’s why they say that banner advertising doesn’t work.

Include the word “Free”

People are naturally attracted to the word “free” because they love free stuff. That’s why you’ll find this one word in many successful banners. The word “free” has strong power to attract attention and interest from your target audience to check out your offer.

Those are 5 tips to gain more profits from your banner advertising campaign. If you have unsuccessful banner advertising campaign before, you can start applying the tips above to make your campaign better and bring you more profits.

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