Timeless Blogging Niches For New Bloggers

New bloggers are often daunted with just how hard it is to find a niche for their blogs. Once the fresh thrill of writing wears off and the audience starts dwindling, it can be pretty hard to keep a blog going and mostly people just abandon their blogs once and for all.

However, there are a few niches that are timeless and always end up drawing a lot of audience in due course.

Relationship and dating advice


You’d be surprised to know how many people turn to the internet for dating advice these days. If you think that you have a knack for decking out good advice and love listening to other people’s problems and solving them, then you can spin your blog around relationship and dating advice very easily.

Weight loss and health advice

Anyone who has ever Googled the phrase “how to lose weight” will tell you how inspiring personal success stories are. If you too have had any success with losing weight and are in the market for a niche for your blog, this could be just the place for you.

Gaming news and tricks

Any self respecting gamer always has quite a few tricks up sleeve for every title that he has mastered. If you too are one such gaming enthusiast, you can always turn your passion into a great blog.

Most gamers are on the lookout for information on how to progress through games, cheat sheets etc. which means that you can direct a far amount of traffic your way easily.

Recipes and cooking


If you like to cook, then a cooking blog would be a great way for you to show off your specialties. if you don’t want to turn into a whole social media production, you can simply take pictures of the food that you cook every day, include the recipe for it, put a bit more into the presentation and add a little back-story about how you got the recipe or your own memories of the dish to create a great food blog.

You can also include reviews of your favorite food joints in your region to give an added edge to your blog.

Spirituality and religion

Everyone has their own take on religion. If you are passionate about your religion and have read the scriptures, you can easily turn it into a successful blog. Think of it like teaching a sermon without actually being an officially ordained minister.

You can include interviews with local church officials, guest posts from famous spiritual writes, historical monuments associated with your religion in your region and your own personal insights into religion to keep your blog running smoothly.

Regional travel


People are always looking for newer places to explore. Even though major tourist attractions and bigger resorts and hotels have their own websites, they aren’t too keen on blogging about it as they simply don’t need it to sustain their business.

If you like to travel or are using your gap year to explore your own region, you can always use to fuel your own blog. Write reviews about the places that you have stayed, how much they cost, what amenities they include and be sure to click lots of pictures of the rooms, the services, the staff, the bills and the menu cards etc. to attract audiences.

Local culture

If you are a blogger with a flair for exploring your own city or town, then you can really do wonders with a blog about your local culture.

You can split your blog into bits about local folklore, local places of interest, local festivals, local hotspots and hangouts and even post interviews with the local officials or celebrities. For research, you simply have go out and talk to people. You’d be surprised how original and interesting this niche could be turned into.

Fashion and style

Blogs about style and fashion may seem like a dime a dozen. However, people are always on the prowl for a voice that they can trust and if you have a wide social network, you can easily turn your eye for fashion into a sustainable blog that practically writes itself.

You can post images of wardrobe must haves, seasonal items, jewelry and makeup that go with particular kinds of ensembles and histories of fashion houses etc. to always have a great range of topics for your blog.

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