5 Tasks to be Followed While Making WordPress Website to Maintenance Mode

Everything that works, needs maintenance, nothing can work without it for a lifetime. WordPress is not an exception. It cannot run always fine without having a special care of its time to time.

If you have launched your new website then it will work smooth and fast like every other new machine run, but with the time they also grew older and need some special care and maintenance. If you would not care about the maintenance of your WordPress site, then it might be down or get hacked by hackers.

Make Backups

Backup is a necessary task which should be done before every scheduled maintenance. It is advised that you must keep your site backup before doing any new thing with your WordPress site otherwise, you can lose huge amount of data.

There are mainly the managed WordPress hosting services like, Bluehost, WP-Engine and Inmotion hosting, but there are plenty of other backup plugins available in the market which can provide you a total backup of all your site files and database like Backupbuddy, Vault Press, Buddy Vault etc.

Delete Themes and Plugins which are not in Use

About every person who owns a WordPress blog likes to experiment with a lot of new themes and plugins. This can lead you to make a beautiful site with the great performance because the right combinations of themes and plugins are necessary for any website.

These unused themes and plugins still use your resources and can harm your website. Wonder? Here is why

  • If you are using plugins for a specific purpose which is active and another unused plugin is there which is for the same purpose then there can be major conflicts between them. And you will be unable to diagnose that issue.
  • The plugins and themes that are unused needs updates regularly and if you deny to update them, they will become vulnerable and open the gate for hackers.

Patch Internal link Structure

If you are doing maintenance of your WordPress blog, then you must patch the link structure of your blog. Search engines like Google use bots to check and crawl your sites and it is necessary that your link structure can be easily accessible for the crawler bot.

Here are the two best options available to check crawl errors:

  • Screaming FrogIt is a premium site that provides SEO Spider tool that can be downloaded from there. After installing this software you can directly put your URL there and this will show you errors in the site. This tool takes very less time to check and find out the potential problems.
  • Google Search ConsoleIt is always the best place to get free tools to check any website errors. All you have to do is to navigate to Crawl section and then crawl errors and then put your link there. Google will catch all the errors possible. Now you have to fix all the errors manually and then mark it as fixed in the Google Search Console.

Clear Database

The Database is the heart of any website. Every file and entities are stored and organized there. But when you start using your site there will be stored a lot of junk files and Spams that should be cleaned time to time in order to make your database clean.

To clear database, we mean to clear the following three things,

  • Post Revisions:When someone writes the posts directly in the Word Press, then Word Press stores every revision in the database such that you can restore any of your revisions anytime. Each time you make a small change to your post, it saves as revision. This gets accumulated a huge junk which is unnecessary and should be removed.
  • Spam Comments:Spam comments are the worst thing that every Word Press blog face. These comments are done by many bots regularly and WordPress deletes it every 30 days, but till then it’s been saved in the database and make them complicated.
  • Junk:Every time when you uninstall any theme or unused plugin it leaves some of the useless overheads which get stored in the databases. It can occupy a very large space in the database having too much junk in your database may slow down your site.

Well, to get on safer side you must clean your databases at regular intervals. The most used plugins for this purpose are WP sweep and WP-Cleanup.

Update Themes, Plugins and WordPress Core

There is no doubt WordPress is a secure software, but still there are many chances to get attacked on a WordPress site. Each plugin, themes, and files which you use on Word Press site must be updated regularly otherwise your site may get hacked by hackers.

There are 3 most important things which must be updated on a fixed span of time:

  • WordPress Core: To get safe from vulnerabilities WordPress continuously updates its software version approx in every 6 months. Every Word Press website must update its core with the latest version of the Word Press.
  • Themes: Most of the Word Press websites use 3rd party premium themes so it is very critical to check if your theme is up to date. You must update your theme when it has an update available so that you can make a patch for vulnerabilities.
  • Plugins: This is the thing people like experimenting with Plugins are very useful for many operations of the Word Press sites and they make many tasks easier, like backup and cleaning, SEO, caching, etc., but these plugins are also provided by the 3rd party companies so it is essential to update them.

All the above said points related to the backend activity, where these things will not be publicly shown to users. But when a user comes to website, they will see a wired message or design where this will tend to quit the site immediately. To avoid this, there are some plugins which will show a nice, clean and meaningful information that website is under maintenance. Some of them are,

  1. Ultimate Maintenance Mode
  2. WP Maintenance Mode
  3. Simple Maintenance
  4. Slim Maintenance Mode
  5. Site Offline Plugin

Final Thoughts: From the all above points, this must be clear to you that why maintenance is important for your WordPress sites and how less time does it take to perform also it is user- friendly.

15 thoughts on “5 Tasks to be Followed While Making WordPress Website to Maintenance Mode”

  1. Hello Shara,
    Thanks for this great article, Can I make a WordPress website without maintenance mode?
    Because I have already my old website data.

  2. Excellent post! I would agree to pretty much all of that,Nobody likes talking about a subject with mediocre knowledge. Know your stuff beforehand!


  3. Thanks for sharing! Very informative. I learned a lot, these tips are very important and one must follow them thoroughly whenever a WP website is in maintenance mode.

  4. Thanks for sharing these useful tips. Maintenance is important for any site and wordpress is not an exception. Very well explained.

  5. you shared good tips to improve response time of a blog. Daily update of a blog is key element to improve satisfaction level of visitor as well as google. it is better to have only one theme but optimized one rather than having multiple themes. Thanks mam for sharing this. :)

  6. Hello,

    This is nice post for word press maintenance of site will really help you and bring better response.

    Rama Krishna

  7. Thanks Jones
    The fact is, all things mentioned here are ones that are least thought about and yet they are at the same time those which could cause one serious issues especially to do with security.
    To be honest, i haven’t followed this list before i have been here!!

  8. Hi Sarah, thanks for a nice post. These are very useful pieces of advice I would also recommend to anyone. I am an owner and manager of multiple WordPress websites and the tasks mentioned by you are absolutely necessary. What I would also add is to keep a journal (it can be in the form of a Google Sheet document) where you will note any changes you have implemented (together with dates) or which you are planning to implement (with due dates). This is a good practice that helps you maintain your website but also be in control. Sometimes something may break down or change after you update something or delete some file so it’s great to keep a journal of the exact details of what you have done. If you are monetizing your website, such a journal may also help you know how (or if) some changes you introduced impacted conversions rates and earnings.

  9. Hey Shara Jones,
    Thanks for the great job its really awesome post to share with us WordPress maintenance it’s really necessary if you really want to increase the visibility of the website.

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