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Studies show the average blogger is using 10 to 15 plugins on his WordPress blog. What about you? There are “SEO” plugins. Anti-spam. Commenting. Forum integration… Is there any “opt-in booster” plugin that can skyrocket your subscription rate?

There are quite a few; the question is, how do you know which one is the best?

I did the research on your behalf, you don’t have to spend days on Google or buy each one of these tools; let me share with you my favorite plugin and why you should care, it’s MaxBlogPress Subscribers Magnet!

About Subscribers Magnet:

MaxBlogPress Subscribers Magnet is a WordPress plugin which combines five never before used techniques to rapidly grow your list. It has the potential to grow your subscriber increasing rate by more than 300%.

With Subscribers Magnet, you have the option to add your opt-in form all over your blog, and actually ‘seduce’ your visitors to join your list, in a very friendly manner. You can add your form in your blog sidebar, in the footer bar, within the post itself and even in the comments.

Yet, in the hands of potent and smart bloggers, this is so powerful, it could triple your sign-up rate almost overnight, without you having to get more blog visitors than you’re already getting.

For example, if you actually get 100 unique visitors to your blog on a daily basis [on average] and you get a 5% conversion rate, meaning 5 subscribers, then using this plugin, you could get 15 subscribers instead, from the same amount of traffic.

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Why I love it?

  1. The only plugin that non-intrusively “hits” your visitors with multiple “sign-up” options and “forces” them to land on your list.
  2. Automatically “fills-out” your visitors’ name & email — save them time, and add more subscribers to your list, faster!
  3. Turn your blog into a subscriber gaining machine with point and click ease.

For example, imagine your visitors landing on your blog. This plugin will automatically fill the visitors’ name/email in the opt-in form on your blog. They won’t have to type in their email and name anymore. It’s all done for them, on auto-pilot!

Subscribers Magnet features:

  • You can show footer bar which is highly visible but not obnoxious. Very good for turning first time visitors into subscribers.
  • You can SEND “automatic” and highly-personalized ‘thank you messages’ by email, on the first occasion someone comments on your blog? Think of the possibilities! In that message you can invite them to join your newsletter or rss feed. It’s another “friendly” reason to bond trust with your readers and get them on your list, in a non intrusive way!
  • You have unique tracking available for each subscription method – you will know for sure which forms perform better than others; with this new found knowledge, you’ll be able to boost your sign-up rate like never before!

Special Offer!

Go ahead. Download the plugin, try it on your blog with the 30% OFF discount offer which saves you lots of money. Click here to grab your license now at this incredible bargain: MaxBlogPress Subscribers Magnet

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This offer expires on October 1st, 2010

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