9 Steps to Publish Articles Frequently

The next big thing you would be struggling with starting a blog is to publish articles consistently.

I have seen many bloggers not being consistent with blog posting and waiting for a miracle to happen and boost site traffic. If you are not consistently publishing articles, there are a few chances of building your audience and ranking on search results. And there are some people who publish content every day without knowing the tricks of getting more visitors.

There are a lot of things you need to do, and I have listed them below to make your content creation process easier.  You might be familiar with few of the things but I am sure, you are still unaware of the gems.  

1. Coming up with content ideas

Your content idea is the first thing you need to care about. You should be aware of what your audience are searching for and how you are going to solve their problem.

Once you know the niche you are writing about, you can search for where the audience exists on the web.

QuoraQuora is the biggest online community where you find the best answers to any question. Find out what people are asking and how you are going to write content around the topics.

Google trendsSee the latest trends the most popular search terms on google. The graph is the most important thing to see as it shows the popularity of topic by time.

BuzzsumoSearch for the top content in your niche that is being shared most on social media. This will give you an idea of popular topics that actually work.

The same way you can look for other communities and forums where your audience exists for coming up with content ideas.

2. Keyword research

Keyword research is the most important step you should never miss for optimizing your content for search results. Once you got the topic idea, you should be then searching for how will people actually find your content. You should be thinking of the terms people will search to discover your content.

Brainstorming: Think about the terms that people will look up for and jot them down in an excel sheet. Don’t just think about the exact words but go for long tail keywords.

SemrushOnce you complete the brainstorming process, enter each word on this tool and check for the number of searches. I personally use this tool as it gives the related keywords and the content that is already ranking.

If your site is new, it’s a bit difficult to compete with high volume keywords. The good option is to look for low volume and long tail keywords. Choose less competitive keywords and add more related keywords that you think fit best for your content.

Keyword plannerKeyword planner is another popular tool to see the search volume for different keywords. Enter the keywords from your excel sheet and look for which keyword is being searched the most.

Once you have analyzed all the keywords, choose the keyword you think is the best fit. If you have still doubts about selecting right keywords, I suggest you go through the keyword research process.

3. Writing an attractive title

Coming up with a great title takes equal time as spending time writing the whole content. You should not take this lightly. After spending enough time and still not getting a good title, use the below tools for help.

  1. Portant content idea generator
  2. Awesome title generator
  3. Tweak your biz title generator

4. Choosing a header image

You all would agree with the fact that choosing a great header image really works if your title isn’t strong enough. Title and header image are the only things people see when you share content on social media. So, always try to create a header image that attracts attention and compel people to click.

CanvaCanva is simply an amazing tool for designing header images, graphics, flyers, posters and all graphical things. This isn’t a complicated tool like photoshop and doesn’t require special skills to use. Go for it and create a compelling header image.

5. Go through grammar checker

Once you are done with writing, make sure your content isn’t full with grammatical errors. Nobody would like to read your content even if it is full of jewels.

GrammarlyDownload this tool on your PC and make a habit of checking grammar before publishing your content.

6. Optimize images before you upload

Nobody likes to wait for your content to load. The best practice is to optimize your images before uploading to the server. This reduces the size of your images and loads page faster. Below are the two best tools you need to bookmark for your future use.

  1. Compressor.io
  2. Tinypng.com

For large size header images, I suggest you compress with compressior.io first and then with tinypng. For any other image, just go with compressor.io.

7. Optimize your content (the onsite optimization)

When your draft is ready, don’t just hit the publish button. The important thing is to optimize your content for search results. Make sure to add the keyword in your title, URL and in the first 100 words of your article. If you are running a wordpress site, I suggest you use Yoast plugin.  

8. Promote your content

Once you hit the publish button, don’t just close your laptop. This is the time to apply the 80/20 rule to your content creation and promotion strategies.

BufferSave time by using buffer. This is very useful for scheduling and promoting your content to multiple platforms simultaneously.

9. Measure the results

Now it’s time to see the results. Which is the most popular content and where in the world your targeted audience exists.

Google AnalyticsGoogle analytics is one of the best tools to analyze your site traffic. Using this tool, you can see the top content on your site, your website daily visitors, audience location and much more.

If you still have doubts, here is a big list of what google analytics can do.


So far you have come to know that creating content does need great effort and time. But by using the tools I mentioned above can make your life easier and save time to generate more content.
If you have read up to this point, allow me to say thanks and comment below with your favorite tools which you think I have missed.

17 thoughts on “9 Steps to Publish Articles Frequently”

  1. Hi
    I think Keyword is the most important step which you should never miss for optimizing your content for search results.Always write in simple english which everyone understand easily also see the feature and other images.

  2. Hi Noman,
    Your article will help me and other bloggers or website owners to improve traffic on blogs and website. I use some these tips and tools but your article described some extra points to drive more traffic. Specially, point 1 “Coming up with content ideas” will help every blogger a lot, because it is not easy to write content on any article.
    Thanks to share this informative article.

  3. Oh wow that was a great article – I never thought Quora for content ideas. Thank you for sharing. In addition, I agree with Zesna above the keyword is really important step and I have to admit is taking a lot of time to do the research but it pays off in the end. However, in this era of the internet is better to go for long tail keywords.

    Thank you again and looking forward to learn more from this blog.

  4. i like your strategies, but those who don’t have followers on social media, still submission on their social media accounts are effective ?

  5. Content is main king in the SEO. Content optimization is very necessary for promote blog. we should also use keyword research before content publishing. We should take low competition for keyword. it will ranked soon

  6. Thank you for these tips! I’ve been getting on board with Quora lately but besides that, I think having good headers/titles will be a needed change to make for myself. I’ll implement some of these for sure.

  7. Hi Noman,
    Thanks for this article. All these tips are very useful for ON page SEO. Keyword strategy is the most important step to drive traffic to a blog. Now I’m starting to use Quora now to get and share ideas for my blogging experience.
    Thanks again to share this informative article.

  8. Hey,
    Great ideas indeed. Quora is definitely one of the top options for getting content ideas. Subscribing to Google alerts for a particular keyword or niche help in this regards too. And what to say about Grammarly. It’s a life saver.

  9. hi our piece of content was awesome and i just want to ask is there is any free tool for keyword research because the two you have mentioned are paid weather i go for them or you have something in your mind of free

  10. Hi,
    This is nice post for wonderful post and having right idea here for frequently articles. Thanks a lot for sharing

    Rama Krishna

  11. LOVE all the details and ideas that you have included in here. I’ve now got a ton of new ideas to start testing and trying to see which ones we can get going on our site as well. The 80/20 rule of content vs promotion is something that I definitely need to do better at. I think I’m definitely on the flip side of that equation currently.

    Thanks for the great post, it’s time to check out a few others!

  12. Hello Noman
    Really amazing article. When it comes to the creative field, It is important to keep yourself fresh and to comeup with new content on daily basis. I usually subscribe to other blogs and magazines to keep my self upto date.

  13. I am running out of ideas now on how to write more articles on my blog because i think i already wrote everything that is related to my niche. Thanks for sharing this one jenni.

  14. I have never think of promoting my content b4 but after reading this, i think i should give it a try. thanks for sharing

  15. John Fitzgerald

    Thanks Jenni. Some great ideas there. I sometimes find it hard to think up new ideas about what to write about and how to do it. And it can become easy to put things off. As we all know, tomorrow never comes.

  16. Thanks for providing the image compressor tools. I loved compressor.io tools, it compressed my image from 157kb to 54.kb its unbelievable.

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