The Top Great Sources Of Media For Your Blog

You’re got your blog set up and you’re swarming the Internet with all kinds of breaking news about social media, technology and business strategies. Your subscribers depend on you for the latest information—how you can now integrate Wufoo and Aweber, Twitter is changing their user interface, Samsung is beating Apple in mobile device sales!

As you’re aware, media is a great way to bolster your blog. Not only does it enhance the visual aesthetic, information density, and SEO of your posts, the absence of it can hurt you. But finding media sources that you can legally use is not always an easy task. Here are 4 places to find great media for your blog:

Prelinger Archives

The Prelinger Archives were founded in 1982 and have continued to be a rich source of historical and cultural media. The archives include a wide variety of films and pictures with great access and diverse file formats. Well over half of its resources are in the public domain, which means they can be used for free without crediting anyone.


This is a cross platform content suggestion application for bloggers that analyzes text and recommends related pictures, tags and links. It integrates naturally with many blogging platforms, such as WordPress, and usually provides fair use options, meaning the photos it suggests are in the public domain.

This is an infinitely better alternative than ripping copyrighted photos off Flickr. Don’t be accused of stealing photos—it’s artistically unethical and a terrible way of protecting your reputation online.


If you’re looking for current video to embed in your blog, there are a number of paid services that allow you to do so. Or you can just use YouTube.

Obviously, you need to be very careful not to infringe on copyright law. Even so, there are millions of open source videos on Youtube, embed code ready. It’s good form to message a user and make sure it’s okay to use their video in your blog. Most people will be flattered.

Deviant Art

This user generated social network for artists is a treasure trove of amazing images. There is an entire open source section with thousands of public domain works of art and photographs. You can also message users and ask them to use their media. Again, most of the time they will be flattered.

These are four Internet tools that provide a great variety of media for free. Whether you’re looking for videos, pictures, or links, embedding media into your blog is easy and greatly improves the quality of your posts.

6 thoughts on “The Top Great Sources Of Media For Your Blog”

  1. I just tried out Zemanta. That’s a great resource, thanks for suggesting it. I have always struggled with including media in my blogs. I’m never quite sure what to include or how to create media that fits. It’s a good reminder that there are media sources I can use.

  2. I’ve used Youtube and it really am great. As for the Deviant Art and the first one on the list. I really haven’t tried it yet. I might as well try it, if I will already know how to use it and apply for my blog.

  3. I am a regular user of Zemanta, it is very useful and saves lot of my time. Same is with case of Youtube too. I have a habit of adding related videos to my blog posts. I haven’t heard about Prelinger Archives before, thanks for sharing it.

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