SEO and Niche Markets: Improve your Rank by Reducing Competition

Do you want to improve your site’s rank in search results? Your answer should be yes. And it’s easy to do.

Aside from identifying your niche market, you need to be able to optimize your site for it. That means reducing your competition. Read on to learn how you can tap into the hidden benefits of a niche market.

A niche market is a small section of the marketplace that specializes in meeting a specific need or promoting a particular product. Take a moment to glance around the room you are in. Every object you see, such as a desk lamp, office chair or printer ink cartridge, could potentially be a niche market.

Long-Tailed Keywords

A long-tailed keyword usually refers to a phrase comprised of more than two to three words. For example, let’s say you were thinking about an “Italian restaurant” niche. Chances are the Internet has tens of thousands of web pages devoted to this topic. Think of ways you can limit the niche, so you reduce the number of websites you are competing against. You could narrow it down by using the keyword “best Italian restaurant in Chicago.”

Likewise, if you are interested in a niche relating to an alcohol treatment facility, limit it by adding either a geographic area or some descriptive term that will make the niche smaller.

Do your keyword research

You can do your keyword research manually but there’re many great tools that can help you do this step in just a minute like: Keyword scout tool, The Niche Sensei…

Synonym Keywords

You can sometimes find a niche through a synonym. The Google keyword tool can help, but also try to think of some on your own. One example is the keyword “pearl necklace,” which would be much too competitive. However, the keyword “pearl strand” is much less competitive and it gets a substantial 18,000 searches each month.

Another example is the weight loss market. Instead of putting this term in the keyword tool, try putting in “lose pounds,” and you will get keywords like “lose 20 pounds in one month,” which is a niche small enough to be possibly feasible.

Assess Marketability

Merely finding a long-tailed keyword with a respectable amount of traffic is not enough. It may or may not be profitable. One way to assess this is to google the keyword and check to see if there are a lot of paid ads on the right side of the page. If there are, it shows that some people are making money there, so it may be worthwhile.

Also, look for profitable niches by going to places online that sell magazines. Each magazine is a large niche, and items relating to that niche may be good smaller niches.

Another consideration is to ask yourself if the product you are thinking of promoting is one that people actually buy online. Sometimes it’s easier for people to run down to their local drugstore to purchase what they need.

An additional tip in this area is to look for a need or problem people have and build a website offering a solution for the problem. One way of exploring this is to put “how to” in the Google keyword tool and see what issues it brings up that you can address.

Remember that there are no guarantees in Internet marketing, so seek advice from experienced marketers before you begin. Arming yourself with advice and knowledge can help you avoid pitfalls.

Although other factors can also play an important role in finding a profitable niche, keeping in mind these tips can help you begin your search. Go ahead and start. You’ll never know what you can achieve, if you don’t try.

6 thoughts on “SEO and Niche Markets: Improve your Rank by Reducing Competition”

  1. These are some wonderful tips.Proper research and analysis of your niche market is very essential before targeting specific keywords.

  2. Now a days,simple link building can not help you to improve keywords ranking.Its necessary to make website SE friendly and should have keyword rich content on website.

  3. Finding a “hungry market” and feeding it , is among the most important things you can do!
    Too many times people have a ‘hunch’ their idea is brilliant, but the actual search data and market analysis proves otherwise.

    Choosing a viable niche at the get-go is the foundation for everything else you do. It will be an uphill battle if you choose poorly!

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