Want a Blog The Search Engines Love? Follow These 3 Simple Tips

In the blogging world, it’s not enough for your loyal readers to love you. You also need to feel the love from the search engines. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to find new loyal readers that love you, make a name for yourself, or make money with your blog!

But since search engine spiders can’t fully appreciate your sparkling wit, how do you get them to notice you, fall in love with you, and rank you at the top? In addition to having killer blog content, follow these 3 simple tips:

1. Remember that you are nothing without your keywords

Having a properly optimized website is like having a giant, flashing neon sign that tells the search engine spiders, “Hey! This is what my website is about!”

Your keywords should flow seamlessly throughout your content. Plus, they also need to be found in your meta tags and titles. If you can even include a keyword or two in your URL, that will earn you some extra points with the search engines.

Before you do anything with your blog, take a spin around Google’s free keyword tool, and make sure you’re targeting the right ones. Otherwise, you might never make a dent in the world wide web!

2. Choose a design with substance and style

If your blog isn’t easy to navigate, you will never get the search engine love that you want.

That’s because search engine spiders travel through your website just like human visitors do. If the path is confusing, your human and spider visitors will leave in a hurry – and you will see it reflected in your search engine ranking.

Your blog doesn’t need a big, fancy design to make an impression with the search engines. Spiders don’t care about colors and graphics. They do, however, care that your layout makes sense.

3. Focus on links

Without links, the world wide web wouldn’t be a “web”. Instead, it would just be a random collection of websites everywhere.

The search engines love links, because it’s an easy way for them to see which sites are deemed popular and relevant. If your blog gives and receives link love, the search engines will take notice.

If you want to want to get some brownie points with the search engine spiders, make it a point to do internal linking – or, linking to other pages on your own website. That way, the spiders will be able to see that your website is focused on one specific niche. Remember, they don’t like sites that ramble all over the place!

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  1. Good article for anyone considering changing their website design and worrying about the effect it may have on their SEO. This is something very relevant to us at the moment with a future design change coming up. A short term drop in your ranking can be recovered as mentioned above if the user experience is improved through the new design, a long term view must be taken.

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