6 Reasons Your Blog Isn’t Making Any Money

The majority of bloggers surveyed last year – about 64% – didn’t earn any income from their blogs. Only 11 percent of the respondents considered blogging as their primary source of income. Although this figure has decreased compared to previous years, there are still a lot of people who fail to generate income from their blogs.

This is especially significant when you consider that the average professional blogger spends more than 10 hours per week blogging. You will see that there is indeed a disparity between the amount of effort put out and the rate of return.

Why is it that blogging, given its popularity, is still not a significant online revenue source? Read on as we discuss the most common reasons why your blog isn’t making any money and find out how you can turn this around.

  1. One of the most obvious reasons why bloggers fail to generate any revenue has to do with traditional economics. Bloggers make the mistake of thinking that doing business online is governed by a whole different set of rules. What most don’t realize is that the law of supply and demand also governs the Internet.
    If there is a demand for what you are putting out via your blog, then you are halfway there. All you have to do is to make yourself known to those who may have a use for what your blog is offering. Many bloggers are hobbyists looking to reach out to like-minded individuals. Herein lies the beauty of the Internet. Because no matter how obscure your interest are, you are bound to bump into somebody who shares your passion.
  2. People don’t even know that you exist. You may have interesting and useful content, but as long as people can’t find you, all this is of little use.
    Being unique is one thing, making yourself obscure is another. Don’t go for a barrage of consonants for blog names or titles. For starters, just trying to get your spelling right will make a considerable difference. Make it easy for Google to find you and you will notice it.
  3. You don’t have a concrete business model. Some bloggers who enjoy some level of popularity are often perplexed because they can’t turn traffic into cash. This can stem from online behavior. Internet users assume everything is free. For you to make money from your blog, learn how to tease. Give your audience a taste then promise to give them more for a modest fee, of course. The fact that you have to deliver on this promise is assumed, by the way.
  4. You may simply be trying to compete in a saturated market. It seems that everybody and their dog nowadays have a blog. You might love trying out restaurants and sharing your experiences – but so do millions of other people. In trying to get noticed, you have to offer something unique, something insightful. Be brave enough to experiment and try out things nobody’s thought of before.
  5. You might be doing everything right and the money still isn’t rolling in. Well then, perhaps you should be a little more patient. Think of all your effort as seeds that need care and time to grow.
    Everybody wants their blogs to go viral, but the occurrence of Internet phenomena like that are extremely rare. Rather than wish for overnight success, gear yourself up for the long haul. Links take time to spread out and even the best content needs to reach your intended audience first. Keep networking and keep generating useful and interesting content. Most important of all, have the patience to wait for good things to happen.
  6. Daniela Baker (from CreditDonkey) says: If you put out a truly useful product, it will eventually catch people’s attention. If your blog is really informative or entertaining, there is no reason why you can’t earn from it.
    You can help your blog reach a higher level of popularity by using a multi-pronged approach. Look into SEO services or learn how to optimize yourself. By making it easier for search engines to find you, you make your blog accessible to a wider audience. A wider reach is going to be more attractive to advertisers and affiliates. When you have established yourself, you can then look into offering premium content. By this time, people will have no qualms about handing over their credit card information because you have already proven yourself.

Bottom line, you have to lay the groundwork by putting out useful content. Everything else will follow. Let personal satisfaction be the driving force behind your blog early on so that you will not grow impatient.

Treat your blog as an ongoing project that requires constant improvement. Don’t look at it like a mere means to a more prosperous end. Instead, enjoy yourself and stick to your passion. Any money earn will be sweeter when you know that you are getting paid for doing what you love.

64 thoughts on “6 Reasons Your Blog Isn’t Making Any Money”

  1. Hi Daniela,

    Agreed with your point, If you have a informative or entertaining blog you can make money, you just need to get more exposure… which you can grab through social media sites and by participating in your niche forums.

    1. I understand what you mean, Aanchal, but it’s definitely better to have valuable and informative content as well as exposure.

    2. I agree, participating in niche forums, as well as social media is a great way to get your name out there.

  2. Excuse me for interrupting you, I would also like to express their opinions. I know that it is – a mistake. Thank you for your valuable information. I took advantage of it. almost nothing), drop dead thing, looked all advise …

  3. People forget that success comes from hard work, determination and patience. Putting in the time and effort and you’ll see results in the end. I agree that a mix of valuable and entertaining info will yield the best results.

    1. So true, anything worthwhile takes time to grow and mature. Unfortunately what most people lack is patience and the will to follow through. Patience is not passively waiting for things to change. That is laziness. But to keep going when the going is hard and slow – that is patience.

  4. You make a really good point about bloggers forgetting traditional business and marketing models. If they are trying to earn some income then they have to think of their business model. Their blog is their product. So, either they make their information worth reading and thus worth it for advertisers to purchase space or they have some other product they are using their blog to promote.

    Also, blogging is a tough way to make an income and it takes time and patience to build up the traffic as it is. I think many bloggers probably give up before their blog becomes profitable. However, if they are persistent, they might have been able to become profitable with time.

  5. I like the point about not making yourself obscure. Most people have taken the niche market to the extreme and it hurts them that only a small handful of people are looking for what they are selling. There is a fine line between niche and tiny group of people interested in X.

  6. I know that a lot of people don’t earn serious money from their blogs but I had no idea that it was that big. It’s mostly because they are doing it wrong, making a blog doesn’t guarantee income and many people don’t treat blogging seriously. It takes a lot of hard work, time, patience, dedication, and commitment to be successful in blogging. It’s tough and it will give us a lot of sleepless nights when we decide to make the commitment to it, but in the end it will all be worth it.

  7. A series of good points here. Too often, when we are passionate about what we are blogging about, we forget to monetize the blog until it has taken off in a particular direction. And then it’s sometimes difficult to figure out how to earn money from it. It’s good advice to, as you say, make sure that you have a concrete business model and then to set yourself up for the long haul.

  8. To make money online you simply have to
    1) Get traffic. (finding a niche makes this easier)
    2) Monetise traffic.
    There’s a million and one ways to monetise traffic. Think about this when the traffic is there.

  9. Hi, when you say, “this figure has decreased compared to previous years,” are you referring to the 64% who didn’t make any money or the 11% who do make most of their money with their blogs?

  10. Blogs that perform well when monetized often contain good copy writing within its regular content. If you can write from a highly personalized voice — the kind that connects best to readers — and talk honestly about products that you wish to promote, you’ll see success, even if you only attract a small amount of visitors.

    It’s no surprise that the most successfully and profitable bloggers are those that come from a writing background. You might not have the schooling or experience to compare with this crowd, but ANYONE can learn to write better and more effectively. All skills take time to master. Why not start right now?

  11. Since last 1 year, I am ruing my blog but there is no improvement on it. Today i am happy to see these tips and wonderful info. i use these techniques & i also wish i get wonderful feedback from it. thanks for spreading these info.

  12. One of the big reasons I see that that far too many people go after the “blogging about blogging” niche which is horrible for earning revenue unless you got in early. The vast majority of my income comes from freelancing and websites I’ve created, years ago and still keep up with, in completely different industries related around hobbies I have.

  13. The lack of a solid business model is definitely a problem for many blogs. I couldn’t agree more with that point. For the clients I work with that hope to get their blogs into profitability, the talks we have regarding their actual model are by far the most important, as they set the foundation for everything that we will be doing.

  14. Great post, Danielle. There are many reasons why people don’t make money from blogs and often it is a case of not waiting for the income to kick in. It takes time and patience.

  15. Thanks for the useful advices. Earning by blogging needs a lot of patience and hard work just like any business. I agree on providing useful information as well as providing an entertaining post. Being unique is good but it is correct that we should make it easy for google to find us.

  16. Hey Daniela!
    I really admire and appreciate your firm and well fabricated explanation on why mostly blog owners cant make money from it.Any blog is like a seed which needs proper care and nourishment of fresh interesting and exiting content feeds for becoming a full fledged fruit giving tree.There is no any shortcut of hard work.And after doing all these things the one most important thing to do is the application of Organic SEO strategies,because this is only the way to be get identified by SERPS,after that any blog can achieve valuable and genuine audience.
    Thank you for sharing such a great,valuable,considerable,important and informative content with us.

    Good Luck and God Bless!!

    With Regards!
    Samuel Joshua

  17. Write timely, timeless, relevant, original and helpful content. Make sure your blog has aesthetic appeal. Invest in it. Make use of good images and videos. Take your own photos if necessary. Do something different every now and then that will require readers to participate like polls or contests. Interview someone important and popular specially to the people in your niche. Write something controversial every once in a while. Also combine all these with SEO and a great deal of patience.

  18. Internet world is rapidly changing, if your demand and supply are not not maintained then definitely there is Traffic loss and hence Less money. The blogger need to be all time Update like an Antivirus and gives what the readers actually want.
    Great post..”Daniela Baker”

  19. Patience is not passively waiting for things to change. Thanks for the useful advices. Earning by blogging needs a lot of patience and hard work just like any business. I agree on providing useful information as well as providing an entertaining post.

  20. Add one more reason – people don’t visit blogs to buy something, but to learn something. An eCommerce stor can just post its wares and drive traffic; a blogger has to work a lot harder.

  21. Hi Daniela,

    To your point about being patient and waiting for good things to happen, a big problem as I see it is that many bloggers are doing too much waiting. You need to put yourself out there and interact with others.

    This article is a good example of that. You’re guest posting and getting your name and website out there. If more bloggers did that instead of sitting around waiting for their site to take off, I think they would also see their bank balance increase as well.


  22. Overall, the main reason I see it could be not having a proper planning to generate revenue. There are many things to consider some of which Daniela has already covered. Great article!!

  23. Great post. All very good points – but the one that resonates most with me is the “online business is different from offline business” one. Why do so many people think that? It’s nothing short of bizarre, in my opinion.

    The difference between being unique and being obscure is another well made point. I think that many people underestimate their ability to rank their blog / site in certain markets and for certain keywords. You can micro niche yourself into your very own personal webspace if you’re not careful.

    Consistent effort and a well thought out plan will produce results every time.

  24. Interesting post and viewpoint. It is very common that bloggers are wrong to try to generate income. Some things are changing, and we need to stay current with the latest SEO and monetization news.

  25. Very true. A website needs to provide what the visitor is looking for. Most bloggers get this wrong and end up losing visitors.

  26. Gabriel Gutierrez

    Thanks for this article. I agree with you, I ve done many o mistakes as what you mentioned, will try to make it right, thanks for information.

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    there are high number of bloggers make least income online.they simply throw the content without any SEO guidence,I recommend your tips no money making sites to get more exposure and traffic with enough income

  28. Good post Daniella. Patience is definitely a huge key. Great blogs don’t happen overnight. I also find that if you participate in the blogging community and share others content it is more likely for others to check your blog out. Also it never hurts to get some links while blog commenting.

  29. Hi Daniela

    It’s true, patience and determination are needed to build out a blog and of course passion for what you are doing. Some people seem to be better at it than others, but everyone starts at the same place i.e. the begining, keep pushing forward daily increasing your content and readership and experiment with various types of monetisation. Your blog is always a work in progress.

  30. Look for some simple SEO techniques that you can use for your site so that you’ll be visible on the search engines. Make use of social media to spread the word about your site and any updates on the contents.

  31. For me it was “You don’t have a concrete business model” that kept me from being as profitable as I could have been. I see now at the end of the year a failing I had was not having a product of my own to sell and promote. Something I intend to fix in 2012.

  32. Seems that I also come in 64% of people and needed to come in 11% count soon.. Thanks for these points will look into them and will try myself hard to get into 11% count.. Thanks Daniela.. :) And one question I have seen many people have avatar like you have, from where you people get these??

  33. thanks for a great post.
    it has some good points you have.

    making money online requires hard work and patience. One must go on and on and eventually will succeed

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  35. From past six months i am running a blog and still i cant monetize it according to my expectations and after looking at this blog post i have got to understand what stupid mistakes i have done! and am sure after reading it i will definitely execute these tips that i belive will help me :-)

  36. Traditional ways are still there when it comes to earning money online. Thanks for these information. This is quite a big help. Keep it up Daniela. Hope to read more from you. This is my first time here in your site and I will be reading more from here.

  37. Also before I get to the other articles, I would like to add that the most important thing is the contents. That is what people are looking for. That is why “content is king” if I am right. Thanks again and looking forward for more.

  38. I just wonder if you’re an Economics icon because you’ve mentioned the low of supply and demand.. Good insight for blogging techniques. I’ve learned to be more conservative on my writings, time spent and earned revenue must be goes all the way.

  39. Daniela,

    Thank you for this insightful post. I’ve been thinking long and hard lately about starting a blog. My first hurdle is inline with your first point listed above… I need to offer something that not many others are. I need to narrow down my blog’s topic. I have many ideas, but need to make a decision, and then stick with it.

    Some of my areas of interest are:
    Star Trek (I know, I’m a nerd)
    Stand Up Jet Skis
    Real Estate Investing (Specifically flipping used mobile homes)
    Internet Marketing (Adsense monetized sites)
    And my son. He is 9 months old and he is a blast.

    Of all my areas of interest, the one I think I could give the most value to is the one about being a daddy. Yes there are blogs out there about being a father, but not as many as being a mother.

    Another thing I think I have going for me is that I am pretty darn good with Thesis theme (which you use here on this blog). I think it is the best WordPress theme available to date.

    Again, thanks for this wonderful blog post.

  40. If you want your blog to be successful you should write about something you really know.. People don’t follow blogs that are misleading or not informative at all..And if your blog has traffic it can make you money.. At least that”s what i do.. I treat my blog like my child.. it needs constant attention and “feeding”..

  41. I find that in this days with all the google updates with new google pinguine well when you want to make a blog you have to put pasion in it and wright about something that you love and you like not to buy some cheap articles from fiver and hope you will get succes just put fellings in your blogs wright usefull content and the pinguine will reward you this is my opinion !

  42. Hi Jen, thank you for the blogging tip.
    I agree with you anything good takes time and hard work.
    I like Daniela Baker says “Patience is not passively waiting for things to change. That is laziness. But to keep going when the going is hard and slow – that is patience.” – 100% agree

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