15 Things to do Right After Publishing a New Blog Post

According To Net craft there are almost 1.5 Billion websites on the Internet and Millions of new sites are registering every day. This leads to a challenging situation for an amateur blogger.

Main objective behind creating any Blog or site is to get seen by huge no. of internet users. Due to Enormous competition, now it is very hard to get readers for a blog, thus Blog owners should make sure that Blog-post reach appreciable no. of readers.

Blogging has changed a lot with time, now it doesn’t only represent writing and publishing content. Variety of task should be carried out simultaneously to achieve something in blogging.

Experts Believe to follow 80/20 rule for post promotion i.e. – Only 20% of time should be given on Content creation, rest 80% should be spend on promotion of post.

The simple Ideology here is that Bloggers didn’t utilize the true power of content.  If fine promotion strategy has not been set-up then simply you are wasting most of efforts to write a brilliant post. This is an alarming signal for a Blog owner!

I have deeply researched and analyzed the post-publishing mistakes that Bloggers generally commit. It will help you to optimize the true power of Content and get amazing readers for Blog-posts.

Re-Read Post:


It’s an important task that most of the bloggers miss.  Mistakes happen even if you have taken utmost care. A Drafted Post is way different than a live post. Re-Reading the Published Post will clearly highlight the important editorial mistakes from reader point of view.

There are many essential things to consider before publishing a new blog post like Mobile optimization, Security checks, Keyword checks etc. but post-publishing mistakes are more common. Most of the errors are highlighted and can be removed if you have once read own post.

On Page SEO:


In order to maintain healthy SEO for the website you need to add new links to the site. As more posts are published on a Blog, more back-links should be created otherwise it will have negative effect on Google Search results.

Generally Content doesn’t acquire natural links, so you have to make effort to acquire quality links. Guest Post on reputed sites, RSS feeds, Widget directories, Adding Snippet on Page, WordPress theme/template directory etc. are some of the well known link building strategy used by Bloggers.

Don’t focus on the quantity too much if you are getting high value links.



Blogging Community is place where you have to be active to get good return. Sadly a few of the Bloggers are only interested in their own work only. They don’t like commenting on others post.

Commenting on others post has multiple advantages for your website. The readers will recognize you as an expert if they see your name on multiple website. Bloggers also return the favor by commenting and sharing your post on their network. It surely increases the site traffic and engagement. So don’t underestimate words of appreciation that could get you followers.

Share on Social Media Platforms:

There is no doubt that social media has become an important part of marketing plan for All Businesses. It allows you to reach new readers of blog which can’t be achieved on other platforms.

Nearly 30% of Website traffic is gained through Social Media, so every Blogger would love to utilize Social Media Platforms.

There are numerous Social Media Platforms which can bring high traffic to blog. Make sure that Social Share Buttons are embedded on web pages and maintain a decent Blog Profiles for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ etc.

Submit your article on Forums:

Forum posts are now widely used to increase page authority and get traffic on a blog. These Forums have huge no. of readers and technical savvy that could help your business grow and expand.

You can search for Forums that match your Niches for example: Inbound and Growthhackers are very big forums for marketing people, where posts get massive traffic. Likewise there are forums for each niche. Just after publishing a new Blog post, submit the article on a popular forum and be active to get traffic on the post.

Reply to Comment:

There was a time when Blog success was measured by looking at no. of average comments on Blog posts.  Still comments are considered as key factor in Blog performance.

While reading your article many readers will have doubts and queries which they ask through comments. If Comments are unanswered, it can ruin your reputation. Try to remove their doubts and thank them for appreciation, it will clearly tell them about your availability and good nature.



A Deep analysis of Post is as important as creating a high quality content. If you are not measuring performance, you’ll never know what’s good and what’s bad for Website’s health?

There are various tools in the market which gives accurate data and stats about the traffic source. This could help you to emphasize on more productive areas and improve results on deficient areas.

Utilize your network:


After the post has been published, tell your Friends, Family and Relatives about the post. They have their own network of people, which may increase the traffic, so don’t hesitate in asking them.

Email the Subscribers:


The Readers on any Blog visit only to consume informative and valuable content. They subscribe to stay updated about the latest posts on your blog. Some of Blogger forget to inform the subscribers about the latest posts and updates which is not a good practice at all.

Just after publishing the post, prepare and send an Email to all your subscribers about the post. Now enjoy massive traffic and Social Share by Loyal Readers.

Ask Sharer to Share your article:

Most of the Bloggers have their own network of people who help each other through appreciation.  After publishing the post, notify the people who could share your article.

To establish a good network of sharer, Do not forget to share other’s post with own readers.

Give Reward to readers:


Rewards and Incentives are always helpful for a Business or Organization. Companies could see a huge spike on the sales by offering little discount on their products.

You could also set Rewards and Discounts on Blog to attract plenty of new readers and hold existing readers also.

Contributing to Roundups:

Round-up Posts is an excellent strategy to increase average page views on a Blog.

Roundup generally consists of 5-10 experts on a subject, sharing their views on a single platform. This helps the readers to quickly grasp the quality information on a particular topic. Thus readers prefer to gain information on a roundup post as it saves a lot of their time.

Each Expert is associated with a decent traffic, that’s why roundup gains more traffic than a normal post.

Another approach of Round can be: Creating a Round-up Post at the end of month which include a quick overview of month’s post. This helps to reduce the bounce rate as visitors can read the post, which they have missed previously.

Repurpose Your Content:

I have seen many Posts which have not gained many viewers although they are excellently written. This is annoying situation for a Blogger, as expectations are not met.

Content can be modified in many ways like e-book, Podcast, Slides, Presentation, Info graphics, Newsletter, Webinar, Guide, Micro Content, Brochures etc.  Each form can get a significant no. of readers with much less effort. If you also struggle with low traffic on Posts, you could distribute the repurposed content to glitch more readers.

Prepare a Video about your post:


A Video of 30 seconds is worth hundreds of words. Visual Content are more easily noticed and appreciated by the readers.

Prepare a Video that should be funny and related to your latest post and enjoy the reach of YouTube. You could also organize a live video session with users and interact with them.


Marketers and Business owners have very busy schedule, so they optimize their time with the help of tools available in the market. You could also use the Scheduling tools to keep the task ahead of time.

Social Media automation helps to target the audience based on demographics and time. This helps to get noticed by the users which have not seen your earlier post. Thus Scheduling of Social Media Share would constantly bring fresh visits to your Blog posts.

Most of the Bloggers struggle with low traffic on their sites; many of them are not using the true power of promotion. There are also Blogs which receive excellent traffic without much frequent content, due to brilliant promotional strategy of the posts.

If you also don’t receive expected traffic on each post, it’s time to apply these 15 things just after publishing a new blog post. You could experience immediate hike on traffic after applying these hacks.

What’s the most challenging task after publishing a post for you? Share your views and opinions with me, in comments below.

Have a Superb Month!

23 thoughts on “15 Things to do Right After Publishing a New Blog Post”

  1. Hi Saurav,

    Blog commenting is one of the best ways to meet and interact different bloggers. And also blog commenting gives benefits to the commentators.

    Thanks for sharing the tips.

  2. On page SEO and social sharing is become the core features when you prepare or publish the post. Thank you for sharing the other points too.

  3. Isn’t better to re-read the post just before publishing it, instead of after publishing? Well, I can agree with your other points but not at this one.

  4. Very Nice. but i am sharing my post on all social networks but there is a problem I don’t have followers on social network.

    How can i increase the followers

  5. Brilliant tips! Thank you for sharing. Many of us forget to utilize the various methods of promoting our content. I am sure this list will be very useful to most of us. Cheers

  6. Nice post…. I personally experienced that replying to blog comments improves the traffic and authority of the particular post.

    Nice suggestions, i planned to follow this hereafter.

  7. Excellent tips !! Blogging is not that much easy a common man thinks like.
    We have to think many times about what to write , How to write , after thinking we have to take care of all the necessary things we need to add to the blog post which will increase its value and visitor satisfaction is also to be considered.
    These tips will surely help newbie bloggers to think before they write something new.


  8. Your point on “Repurpose Your Content” is very helpful,when you have a good content promoting it in such way to increase views is most important.
    its a great post and well written,
    thank you

  9. @saurav

    I prefer commenting and directory submission over the other, as a result i got a number of visitors and strong backlinks too.
    always try to build evergreen backlinks which surely helps to push up your blog for the next level.
    amazing post.

    Keep Updating


  10. Hi Saurav,
    The points you have written about blogging is just an awesome. I don’t have so much idea about blog but yes after reading such a descriptive and quality blog i got some tips which i am grateful to you for this valuable blog I have got some new knowledge from your post , will surely apply for my blog . Thanks a lot for sharing.

  11. Thank you so much for your information. I have found that I got a lot of mistakes after Publishing a New Blog Post. I’ll correct it now. Once again, thank you.

  12. Hello,

    Thank you for sharing this article with us, the contents in this blog are very nice and easy to understand a social media platform and other SEO things in a right publishing manners.

  13. I am new to this Blogging World. Commenting and directory submissions alone helps a blog in driving traffic into the site?

  14. Brilliant techniques. It is important to promote and fix silly errors after publishing your articles. Thanks for the share.

  15. Hi Saurav Kumar!

    Awesome post on what to do after publishing a blog post!
    It is really very necessary to read the whole post and re-check everything specially on page SEO!

    Anyway, thanks for the post!

    Keep it up!

  16. Nice post…. I personally experienced that replying to blog comments improves the traffic and authority of the particular post.

  17. This is good idea but how we can reward to our readers. how we can increase traffic on our site. please share simple ideas for both traffic and ranking. your post was good thank you.

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