4 Steps to Help You Focused on Providing The Best Blog Content

You have a blog! You’ve picked an appropriate theme! You’ve set up Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ accounts! Now, how do you get people to view your blog as a place to go to find out information about your topic?

You will need to create compelling copy that entices them to come back. All of the cute themes, interactive widgets, and product reviews in the world won’t give your blog a good reputation in your field if you don’t provide valuable information to your readers consistently.

This 4-step process can help keep you focused on providing the best content possible.

1. Create an editorial calendar.

Magazine and newspaper editors have long had large calendars with hastily scribbled notes about upcoming stories or ideas tucked aside for a rainy day. View your blog no differently.

You need to use the tags and navigational links on your blog to create an editorial calendar of article ideas for each heading. A calendar helps you to pre-plan and to have an overarching direction for your blog.

2. Provide useful content.

Provide useful contentContent that simply re-hashes content available on 4,356 other blogs isn’t going to make your blog stand out. Using videos and photos is one way that you can give your blog a little extra boost over others in your niche.

Spend some time thinking about how deeply you know your subject or where you can go to find new information. Interviewing others or providing in-depth information can make your blog the go-to choice for interested readers.

P/s: Create a Killer Content for Your Blog

3. Spend time on keyword research.

Spend time on keyword researchWhile you shouldn’t “write for search engines” , you do need to have them in mind when creating content for your blog. Jot down what you imagine are relevant keywords for the kind of content you will include. Then use a free keyword search, such as Keyword Tracker or Google’s Keyword Tool, to let you know what keywords receive the most searches and how high the competition may be.

New bloggers may want to focus on long-tail keywords as a way to draw in traffic. Basic search terms, such as “online math games” typically have high competition because there are thousands of sites available vying for that keyword’s traffic. Using something much more specific in your titles and articles, such as “online math games for advanced students” often has the benefit of helping to draw in traffic for which others aren’t in competition. Play around with keyword ideas until you find ones that will work naturally in your blog.

4. Install and use Analytics software.

Use Analytics softwareThe benefit of analytics software for internet marketing is that you can tailor your ad campaigns to the searches you get. From a content standpoint, you also can find out what blog posts appeal to the most readers.

Pay attention to the keyword searches that people use to get to your site, which will help you to define your strengths and weaknesses in keyword development.

Also check the pages that lead to bounces from your site because that means the content on those pages didn’t entice people to click further and read other pages. Tweak your editorial calendar to match the habits of your readers.

9 thoughts on “4 Steps to Help You Focused on Providing The Best Blog Content”

  1. Hi Jenni,

    nice tips, thanks for sharing !

    Creating High Quality Content is one of the most important factor to consider when we write new blog posts.

    I follow some basic rules :
    – write something interesting to your audience;
    – write correctly in your language;
    – use properly text and images;
    – integrate the content with social media;
    – optimize in SEO terms.

    And blog with passion !

    My best wishes.

    1. I agree with the part where you mentioned that you should write in your language the right way. There are people who think that if they post things fast, it spreads out just as fast. It might be true in some cases, but if you’re going to rush things, you might not notice that it’s spreading out like wildfire because of a mistake that they saw in your content.

  2. Creating an editorial calendar is absolutely a great idea. There are free tools like Google docs and Google calendar that one can use to create an online editorial calendar. By creating an editorial calendar, it won’t be tough for you to plan things ahead of time. You won’t then be worried with this question – ‘what to do next’.

    Today, small businesses or bloggers need to do some forward thinking. And that’s exactly what an editorial calendar is used for. It makes you look professional and helps you create brand awareness.


  3. I use Google Keyword Tool and it helps me a lot. Although my blog counts only 1 month, with this tool and the right keywords I rank in yahoo. (I was told that Google search engine needs time to recognize you) I also use Google Analytics but as a newbie, I get anxious with traffic and sometimes I feel disappointment. I agree with all your points and believe that can lead to success. Thank you :)

  4. Yeah the third point was very strong A deep search on keywords is very good for you as it will be used for higher rankings :)

  5. very specific points that can help you have a more focused blog. i think longtails are great way to get specific and interested audience. they are sometimes easy to get because they are not so competitive. also webmaster tools are can really help with your keyword search.

    great read!


  6. Hi there, these are some great tips, however there is one thing that you have to remember. Most of the tending topics are tending only for a day or two. You also need to check topics that are tending over an extended period of time.

    And Google provided many useful content so it is important to have a unique content.

  7. Kate Brown Wilson

    I totally agree with all of this, for blogger to provide content to other readers they must know what is their niche aside from that, unique article with a powerful content will sure attract many readers. make it simple and direct to the point but make sure that it will help. keyword research is also important to know whats the best keyword to use.

  8. The best way to provide a good content is to do a lot of research. Identify which topic has been posted in your chosen niche and how can you provide a better one. Keyword research plays an important role in providing a good content, as a blogger, you need to know what topic you will focus on based on your keyword. You can’t write a blog post from scratch without using a reference so it’s really better to arm yourself before you get into the field.

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