Social media has become a way of life (literally in some cases) for many people. And for the web marketer, it represents a cost effective means of reaching possible customers. But with everyone seemingly having a Facebook page these days, steps have to be taken to stand out from the crowd and get people interested in your message.

Keep business and personal separate…

This is the first and biggest mistake that web marketers make when it comes to social media. If you’re going to set up social media pages for business purposes, you have to stick to that context. It’s one thing to put up pictures of yourself at a trade meeting shaking hands with an industry Big Wig. It’s another to put up pictures of your children’s birthday. Keep all content business related …But still show your human side.

When people contact your business, all they see is your sales copy, email messages, and maybe hear your voice on the phone. Putting business appropriate pictures can help to put a face to the company and voice. But don’t go overboard.

Showing yourself always in a suit and tie when you don’t spend the majority of your business day dressed like that can give off a tone of insincerity. If you’re a personal trainer for instance, appearing in workout clothing is fine.

Make your posts informational, not sales pitches

Most social media sites consider unsolicited commercial offers of any kind to be spam, except for those geared toward business like LinkedIn.

Rather than tout what you have for sale or service that you offer, post about that most recent sale. Or the last convention or trade show you attended. Or offer useful information about what your line of business is without making an overt offer. This keeps you in your social media friends’ minds’ regarding you company and they’re sure to appreciate useful infothat helps them to better understand what you do. Sooner or later, they’re likely to need what you offer, or know someone who does. (Learn more about  “Secrets on How to Create a Killer Content for Your Blog “)

Harnessing the power of social media doesn’t have to be difficult, but does require a more careful approach than a personal site. Keep it professional, use it more for informational purposes rather than a solicitation, and you’ll be surprised at how fast it starts to convert for you.

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3 thoughts on “Powerful Social Marketing Tips to Help You Stand Out!”

  1. I agree, it is finding that right mix of business content and personal. Too much personal turns people off and confuses people. Nothing personal makes people feel that they can’t get to know you. So, I think it is finding the right combination of personal and business. Let people know you are human, and real, while professional and trustworthy.

  2. Good practice advice that can be sometimes overlooked. In searching for good content for your site or social media page sometimes inappropriate content can be added. I recently encountered a family manufacturing company that included pictures of their young children playing on the factory floor. This is lovely for a family album or personal site but looked out of place on their business website.

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