How to Popularize Your Brand with the Help of Blog

Today, it has become evident that each company needs a blog. It gives business a whole new level of communication and interaction with the customer, transforming the latter from the passive audience into the active partner. Customers appreciate that, and, with the blog involved, the company’s official website gets more visitors than it would without a blog, thus attracting more attention to the company’s product or service and ultimately generating more sales.

Now that you know that a blog can contribute to a brand’s popularity, let us take a closer look at how exactly it goes.

Step 1: SEO Analysis

SEO Analysis

Before starting of creation the blog, you need to know what your niche customers would like to read on your blog. The best way to do this is to look at what these people look for online.

Almost any search engine willingly provides instruments for that – for example, Google has Google Analytics. It gives you a list of the most frequent search terms associated with our custom keyword or phrase.

With such data at hand, you ‘ll have a clear idea about what to write in a blog.

Step 2: Choosing a strategy

Now that you have the idea of what our target audience is looking for, you can use this information for picking the right strategy for our blog.

Numerous detailed studies on blogging strategies can be found on the Internet. You can pick the one you like or think of your very own original one by combining some of the existing ones. Let’s take a look at some examples:

Humanize your brand

This suggests blogging about the working process and procedures that are going on in the company. You can write on the blog about how your production line works, about your employees, about the activities that you do outside your working hours, about the charities organizations in which you take part in, etc. Putting it briefly, let your customers get a glimpse of what is going on behind the scenes.

This allows your customers to feel more personally connected to the company and its brand(s) as if they belong to the chosen few whom some sacred in-house knowledge is being revealed to. It makes them feel special, and who doesn’t appreciate that.

Blog about related topics

This means blogging about your niche as a whole, only occasionally giving attention to the brand as such. For example, if you sell food and drinks – blog about recipes and healthy nutrition. If you sell clothes – blog about fashion trends.

This will let the customer feel like you care about them not only when they have a clear and immediate intention of buying something from you. You let them know that you treat them as actual intelligent people with lives of their own and not some mindless moneybags. It’s worth a lot.

Aim at your niche experts

Your blog does not necessarily have to be targeted at general audiences. In every niche, there are some trusted experts whose opinion is valued by the media, as well as by the end-customer.

Targeting your blog at such experts may seem like we are deliberately cutting down our audience. However, with such less mainstream approach, we can gain trust from the people who have the authority in our niche. And this way, given that our product or service is really good, we can ultimately turn them into our brand advocates. Then they start promoting our brand for its great qualities, and the rest is history.

STEP 3: Create great content

This seems like a no-brainer. Yet, there are a lot of hidden catches here. Most of them, however, come down to one: we fall prayer to the seduction of advertising. It is crucial to remember at all times that in-your-face advertising is not what blogging is about.

Create great content

In a present-day world, we are surrounded by aggressive ads wherever we go. It takes an effort to sort out truly valuable information from the garbage that everyone keeps trying to sell to us. This is why it is only logical that nobody will voluntarily go to a certain blog to get even more blunt, soulless ads.

The content of the blog must not be aggressive, but it needs to be friendly and welcoming so that the potential customer wanted to put their trust and loyalty into your blog and – consequently – your brand.

The blog must be primarily about valuable information that appeals to the reader, and only secondarily about the benefits of your brand on the niche market. Blog’s goal is to inform the customer about the product or service that you offer in general and not necessarily about products and services in particular.

As mentioned before, by working on a great blog with meaningful and relatable content on a certain topic we heartily invite your audience – your future customers – to put their trust in us. And trust is vital to building customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

Now that you have a great blog at disposal, all that’s left to do is to place links to our company/brand website in an inconspicuous yet visible manner and reap the fruits of labor. If the content of a blog is interesting and not overwhelming, and links are located invitingly and not annoyingly, then this means that you got the idea right and the blog visitor will want to follow the links and get engaged with your brand and the product or service that it represents.

As a bonus outcome, your brand website performs better with the search engines. By driving more traffic to your website through your blog, you increase our page ranks. Also, thanks to the regular posts in our blog, our brand website constantly gets referenced in fresh content, which also contributes to the page ranks. It all makes your website better visible in the search results, attracting even more visitors and potential customers who probably were not looking for your brand particularly.

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  1. Yeah!! Blog is the right kind of thing to popularize your brand as it is quite easy to target a specific keyword especially the long tail keyword and then work on it on your blog and then rank it on the search engines. Later then using the link in between to your main domain can give you the good amount of traffic if you are ranking high for your blog.

  2. While you can have a successful blog without being a stickler for organization, creating a system of organization for your blogging efforts will make the process move along much more smoothly for you.

    Use the tips mentioned above to help us get started.
    Thank you.

  3. Hi Christina
    This is really a awesome post.Now a days blogging becomes a great way for branding. This post gives a better overview about using blogging to popularize own brand.The steps discussed here are very much effective and obviously help to improve branding through blogging

    1. Christina Battons

      I’m glad that my article liked you. Yes, a blog is an excellent way popularization of the business and my article once again proves it.

  4. Hi Cristina,

    Very good post. The only problem of a blog is to write, but with a bit of compromise it could be profitable and even fun!

    1. Christina Battons

      Welcome, Caisl. You can read other articles about blogging and make sure that to write a blog is not so hard)

  5. now days blogging is really working and also social media increase brand name. I am working in social media marketing field thanks for posting this helpful informative article ……

  6. Hey!

    Some of those steps mentioned is just like an addition to Step 3, according to new algorithm in SEO, the most effective way to market your business/website is to make a marketable content and the rest will follow

  7. today blogs is very doing the job and as well web 2 . 0 raise company. My business is getting work done in email marketing subject appreciate it intended for placing that very helpful beneficial document.

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