The Ultimate List of Places to Sell Your Website

So you’ve gone the whole online business route. You’ve created a viable website – one that advertises and sells services or goods, or an informative blog that lots of people visit daily for information about your chosen field of interest.

But the time may come when you may wish to sell your website. Didn’t know you could do that? Well, it’ll help if you think of online domains as similar to physical property. It’s just like buying and selling a plot of land that has been adequately developed. Much like a plot of land with a house, another type of building, or a park, an online space that has a “structure” on top—say, a store or a community—is more valuable.

sell-website-2The reasons you have for selling the site don’t matter—you may have bought the site and set it up specifically for reselling, you have fallen out of love with this particular pet project, the place you live may have enacted prohibitive laws that stop you from monetizing your site, or you just need money fast. We’ve got you covered with a master list of places to sell your website.


eBay is one of the oldest online marketplaces, having been created during the dot-com bubble of the mid- to late 1990s. It’s an Internet auction house, which means that you can put up any product and have people bid on it. Plus, eBay’s a giant just like Amazon, so if you type in the appropriate keywords and accurate descriptions, search engines such as Google can spot your ad. Like most storefronts, eBay charges a commission for each transaction, so figure that into your pricing.


A place dedicated to buying and selling websites, InternetCompanyForSale prides itself in its support for both established and startup sites. Unlike eBay, they do not charge a commission for the ads you put up. However, there are fees for each ad: a reasonable USD 59.95 for an ad for an established site that will stay up until you sell (USD 39.95 for startups). You can also leverage their Permanently Featured Listing for USD 99, which will get your site into their regular newsletter.


Bloggeries is a website specifically created to serve as a directory of the entire “blogosphere”. You’ll not only be able to sell your site here, but you can also sell specific elements of your blog, such as templates and themes. The best part? It’s all free if you have a similarly free account.

Businesses for Sale

As you can gather from the name, Businesses for Sale allows you to buy and sell businesses, and this includes a website. Note that, however, many of its more advanced features are hidden behind a paywall— with a free account, you can’t post links, for example.


Ah, Craigslist. Don’t be afraid of the reputation this ad-posting site has gathered for itself. If you think carefully about the people you deal with, and examine their feedback thoroughly, you will rarely, if never, get burned on a deal. An advantage that Craigslist retains is that you aren’t obliged to sell, ever, unlike eBay which imposes this for any particular item.

Digital Point Forum

This community, dedicated to the buying and selling of websites, is an invaluable resource for many people who are active in this market. It’s also got active discussions on all aspects of web development. Like Bloggeries, you can sell individual pieces of the site. There are membership requirements before you’re allowed to sell, however: you must have been a member for at least two weeks, with at least 25 forum posts, and have a good reputation.

GeekVillage Forums

Another dedicated community, this site has the added factor of requiring people to pay per advertisement. This is pegged at USD 9.95. This could be seen as a disadvantage, but it will ensure that the people who visit your site are not spammers.


Despite its relative newness, Flippa has catapulted itself to the top spot in the rankings for website marketplaces. For a fee (usually around USD 30), Flippa will post your listing temporarily on their front page, practically guaranteeing that your listing will be seen. Its pricing structure doesn’t make too much sense if the site you’re selling is small, but for relatively major domains, then this is an excellent place to use.


At WebsiteBroker, you can have the option for selling just your domain, or the entire website itself. You’ll have to pay USD 9.95 for a 90-day listing, or opt for a premium ad that gives you more visibility for three times the price. Because of these fees, no commissions from the sale are obtained, so feel free to charge your product accordingly.  Selling your website might be too tricky for first time sellers, so it’s best to know what to do so you won’t be taken advantage of.

Sedo Auctions

Sedo isn’t a place to sell your website per se, but it is a leading marketplace for buying and selling domains. Sitting on that particularly juicy four-, five-, or six- letter domain? Sell it on Sedo. Its reach is astounding, with the site available globally and with over 16 million domains for sale. You can also take advantage of the site’s “domain parking” feature, which will let the domain earn even as you wait for it to be sold.

We’ve just covered the ten best resources for you to visit if you’re looking to sell your website. Have you had great experiences with these marketplaces? Are there other places we missed? Sound off in the comments below!

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