5 Tips For Optimizing Your New Blog For The Search Engines in 2012

So you’ve finally decided to move forward with that new blog and just want to make sure you’ve got your bases covered when it comes to SEO (search engine optimization) and best blogging practices.

You’re aware that Google has a knack for changing its search algorithm and that it’s not uncommon for them to make upwards of 500 changes a year, all centered on improving search results.

However, you also know that the series of 2011 “Panda” updates by Google were major changes in SEO, ones that were focused on eliminating the influence of content farms and their penchant for trying to manipulate search engines through keyword stuffing. You want your new blog to succeed and are looking for any insight into optimizing that blog for search engines. With this in mind, here are 5 tips to make sure your blog hits the ground running.

Adding interactive Video

One of the most important aspects of blogging is the amount of time visitors spend on a given page. More time spent on a page, coupled with links that visitors click on, means a higher page rank.

However, the focus isn’t merely on writing long posts, but more about getting visitors to interact with your content. Using educational videos will ensure that your visitors are engaged, interested and more willing to investigate further into what your blog has to offer. Invite your readers into the inner workings of your blog. Don’t provide static content, but instead provide content that spurs customers to action.

Avoid Publishing Dates for Evergreen Content

If your blog is focused on evergreen content, then it’s best to avoid publishing the dates of your blog posts.

What is evergreen content? Simply put, it is content that isn’t tied to any specific date. In essence, it isn’t time related or considered news. For instance, content focused around best business practices is considered evergreen because it is content based on established principles, principles that don’t change over time.

Another benefit of not publishing dates on your content is that it allows you to post more important content without concerns for the time in-between those posts.

Quality Content

Quality content is essential to success. More importantly, useful content is essential. There are far too many blogs out there that post redundant, copied, useless and poorly structured content. Don’t sacrifice quality for a quick blog post.

As mentioned, one of the essential indicators of a good blog is the amount of time a visitor spends on a page. However, equally important is what they do after they’ve finished reading that page. In this case, bounce rates indicate what visitors do after reading your content. Do they stay, or do they leave? Have you given them a reason to stay, or is your content stale and not interesting enough?

Social Media

Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin all play an important role in distinguishing your blog amongst your readers. Today’s blogs must incorporate social media platforms and adopt them as part of their blog’s inner workings.

Widgets such as “Google +”, “Digg This” and “Facebook Like” aim to empower visitors to spread your content across the blogosphere. It’s all about providing a call to action and nothing does that more than getting free advertising via your visitors.

Guest Bloggers

Become a guest blogger on other quality sites, and invite bloggers to guest blog on yours. The surest way to get your name out is to actively making blogging a passion. Find likeminded individuals and blogs that are known for their insight. Ask to become a blogger and ask that they post on your site. Next, take these posts and spread them throughout the blogosphere by using the social media platforms outlined in step 4.

Is this all there is to making sure your blog is a success?

Not really, but it’s a start! There are other important actions you can take, such as performing keyword focused research and concentrating on those descriptive words most likely to be searched online by your potential readers.

However, by and large, the most important aspect of blogging success is to enjoy what you write about. If you enjoy what you’re blogging about, it will come across to your readers.

7 thoughts on “5 Tips For Optimizing Your New Blog For The Search Engines in 2012”

  1. it is important to keep up with the algorith changes otherwise you might get left behind. The only form of seo i havent tried is guest posting and i want to get into it soon. I also wrote an article on keeping up with googles changes and this post can help my readers

  2. I never try to submit articles by guest posting. By reading your article I am planning to do it. Could you tell me that how to find the great niche blog so that we could be a part of it by guest posting?

    1. Hi Shadab, here you can find how to choose a great niche : http://www.intenseblog.com/articles/choose-profitable-niche.html

      Thank you

  3. The dates actually have me thinking. Wouldn’t it make your readers think that it’s old news if the posts are published without the date? Well, I understand your point about the evergreen posts, but what if you write a series of evergreen posts because there isn’t that much news in your niche?

    1. I don’t think so, just because in some situation, you write about generic information, a tutorial… and by omitting the post’s date will engage the readers more.

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