More Strategies on Achieving Top Rankings In Google with SEO

There are multiple things one can do to achieve top rankings in Google. Therefore, without further adieu, here are the more strategies and factors to consider on how to achieve top rankings in Google.

Use Keyword In Your Title Tag

The title tag is ranked as the single most important area where your keyword should be incorporated which is especially useful in terms of on-site optimization.

The title tag together with your keyword will be reflected on various search engine results page and will further help Google to determine what your site is actually all about. If you had to do only one thing for your on-site optimization then this is the most important area that you need to prioritize above other things.

Trustworthiness Of Your Domain

There are no definite guidelines actually issued as to how Google determines the trustworthiness of a certain site. By all indications however, it is apparent that Google needs to trust your domain first before they can allow you to be placed on their top pages.

A number of factors have been known to add legitimacy or trustworthiness of your domain in the eyes of Google such as the age of your domain, since older ones are less likely to be spam sites.

Another factor is the number of known trustworthy sites with already higher page ranks which are linking back to you, as they will sort of pass the trust that Google has in them indirectly onto your domain.

Use Your Keyword In Your Domain Name

This is another very important aspect in SEO. It will be very good if you can secure a domain name which would include your keyword.

Since domain names are limited however, chances are you will find it difficult to get one that will still have your keyword especially if it’s a very popular one. If you cannot secure one however, don’t worry as there are other ways to utilize for you to still reach the top page of Google although it will be a little bit harder so to speak since it would surely be much easier if you can manage to secure a keyword-embedded domain instead of settling for another one which does not contain your keyword.

Link Your Articles Internally And Use Your Keyword As Anchor Text When Doing So

We have discussed about the importance of using your keyword as anchor text for external links tracing back to your site. You also need to do this for on-site optimization by linking your articles with one another and using your keyword as anchor text in doing so. This gives the search engine robots an idea of what your site is really about and they will use this information together with the information that they have gathered from the external back links in order to create a more thorough idea of what you site is about.

This way, they will have more confidence to place you on their top pages for certain topics which are related to your site when the time comes.

2 thoughts on “More Strategies on Achieving Top Rankings In Google with SEO”

  1. I agree that the trustworthiness of your site is huge and it seems like the only way to really build that up is getting good non-spammy links from quality sites. Also and I think you would agree, for those getting started, you’ve got to somewhat take it easy on the keyword anchor text whether it be internal or an external link. From my experience 1-2 words is ok but over doing phases can get you burned and throwing in you brand or name part of the time can also help to be a safeguard.

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