Streamlining the Web Development Process with a Modern Communications System

The business world has rapidly changed to take on a more global flavor. While this might seem obvious, the numbers backing this statement are sure to astound any who still thinks regionalism has a place in the web development industry. According to a report from the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, 889,416 multinational corporations were open for business in 2010, creating nearly $8.5 trillion worth of worldwide commerce.

If you and your organization want to join these esteemed ranks, getting serious about modern communications is a key endeavor. The reason? In today’s global business climate, many of your web developers may be working off site – and that means, you must update your phone system.

At the heart of this process is developing a unified and uniform approach to keep your global network of web developers, programmers, and other vital employees connected and on the same page.

A Better Way to Handle Phone Calls

phone-callWhen working on a big web development project, one of the best ways to keep all of your employees working in concert is to streamline the communications process. Features, like call recording, can help keep business rolling by storing records of conversations with clients, or between employees, on in-house storage or offsite cloud servers.

These archived communications can help refine the customer service process or serve as training tools for new employees. In the case of a project issue, it never hurts to have a verified recording on hand to help sort the issue out efficiently and swiftly, thus keeping the project on schedule and the web page on tract to hit the Internet at full speed.

Cleaning Up the Voice Mail Process

Of course, call recording only works when a conversation actually occurs. Unfortunately, with busy employees in several time zones, communications can breakdown, leading to a clunky development process that stops and starts. To avert this issue, consider how a modern communications system can keep your site project flowing.

Instead of a relying on a recorded offering, a modern communications system can convert voice mail messages into emails and text messages. This way, your employees can handle the issue at hand, while also simultaneously acknowledging and potential solving other programming and development related concerns with these text-based messages.

Enhancing Inter-office Relations

To promote an efficient, successful, and cost effective business plan, having strong communications between offices, and even freelance developers, is a must. Unfortunately, the aforementioned statistic on corporations helps drive home the point that your offices might not just be in different cities, but entirely different countries as well.

To combat the distance dilemma, a strong modern communications system offers the right solution. Under this approach, your employees can take their office-based extensions with them across the globe, while also enjoying the convenience of voice mail transcriptions, call recording, and other advanced features.

The Automated Process

Perhaps the biggest boon of updating your outdated communications system is the ability to cut down on employee time on the administrative side of the process. Currently, your employees may be spending valuable time handling and receiving incoming calls. To avoid wasting any more time, your most precious resource, take a moment to learn more about how automated tools can help streamline a modern communications system.

By making the switch to this type of system, you and your employees can let an automated reception service take in and sort these incoming requests. Instead of sifting through several employees and departments, customers can simply operate the directory on their own, with helpful prompts and guidance, to reach your specialists in an effective and efficient manner. This helps limit the confusion and waste caused by manual rerouting, while also freeing up your employees to deal with their regular tasks, as well as any other important issues that pop up during your next programming or web development project.

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