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Now that blogging has become a hugely popular pastime with everyone from home computer users through to business professionals, and all points in- between, there’s an increasing demand for apps that’ll help you get the job done more efficiently.

With most of us now carrying out our blogging activities on mobile devices, any app that can enable quick and easy posts with the minimum of fuss is a must-have.

Here are top five mobile applications that fit the bill:


Having a core blogging tool at your disposal and that works on a variety of different mobile platforms is a given. So it’s little wonder that WordPress is so universally popular with all sorts of users. It’s easy to set-up and configuring the software can be done by pretty much anyone. Better still is the fact that it can be customised to suit the tone and style of the blog that you’re writing.


Byline is another mobile tool that comes highly recommended because it amalgamates all of the information being posted from other blogs that you read. After all, staying on top of a continuous stream of information can be tricky and time consuming, so install this software on your mobile device and you’ll be able to keep tabs on all of your favourite social networking buddies.

Adobe Photoshop Express

With more of us now choosing to add images to our blogs then there’s also a major requirement for photos and other visual content to be added to our pages. Getting yourself equipped with something like Adobe Photoshop Express will mean that you can edit images on the go and have them sitting within your pages in no time, no matter what your location. It’s ease to use and offers a whole range of tools for tweaking digital shots.

Google Analytics

Of course, if you’re running any kind of blog then it’s always good to find out who is reading your posts and how many visits you are getting. So another mobile option that is well worth installing on your smartphone is the Google Analytics app for Android. This gives you all sorts of useful information about traffic and stats, plus handy ways of knowing which posts have proved more popular. It’s a great way to tweak your site to ensure that the hits keep coming.

The IFTTT app

The IFTTT app (If This Then That) is an app that allows your apps — such as Instagram and GMail — to talk to one other. This process of talking too each other is called creating a RECIPE. As good example of a recipe is when you can set it up so that all Instagram images are saved to DROPBOX. This is just one of many ‘recipes’ available. The IFTTT App is one of the most useful any blogger can own.


Similarly, the HootSuite app for Android is another power tool that enables you to get the best from the likes of Facebook and Twitter alongside your blogging activities. You can schedule and track the click through rate of the links that you’ve placed within your posts, which is very handy if you’re hoping to eventually make a little money from it. Post the right sort of content and you may get lucky with a comment that could go viral.

Add up all of these ingredients and you’ll soon have a blogging powerhouse inside your smartphone or tablet device. There are countless variations on these app themes, but as long as you have a core selection of these, or apps like them, then you’ll be sure to get the best from your future blogging activities.

12 thoughts on “Top mobile apps for bloggers”

  1. These tips make for great blogging on the go – thanks for sharing. I always wonder about those handheld graphics manipulation programs, however – do you recommend Adobe Photoshop Express for any particular reason over the other ones out there? I have toyed with the Hipstamatic iPhone app and was underwhelmed…

  2. Ah I’m just downloading Photoshop express now… Funny how i got my phone and I’m lazy to pickup all the cool apps so i mostly end up using the phone as a phone and email reader…

    Hopefully you can give us some more useful apps on the go :)

    It’s done and seems a bit confusing to use at once but you get a hang of it and seems kinda good for quick edit but of course for a pro edit you need to have the photoshop on your comp, but its pretty cool if you just wanna crop or add some effects to it :) Quite nice.. Thanks!

  3. It is such a big development for blogs to be improved and promoted with apps on mobile phones. They definitely make things easier and convenient. No need for me to rush getting back to my computer just for minor adjustments. Thank you for the info.

  4. Hi Joe!
    These blogger application for android are great tools for me to use even if I’m not in front of the computer. However, do you know any application so I can expand the memory and capacity of my phone? i can’t add anymore apps because it says that I have a full memory.. Please help. Thanks

  5. Ah! Very interesting, i love blogging a lot, especially when these useful mobile applications are there to enhance my blogging ability. Thanks for sharing these applications am currently download the photoshop express … Top 15 useful apps for your iPhones at

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  8. I’m just about to launch my blog and hadn’t really thought about people reading it from their mobile device – I’ll have to do a bit more research and make sure that it reads O.K

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