Mind Your Blogging Ps and Qs

If you’re a successful blogger, or are striving to be a successful blogger, you’re probably well versed in web hosting, content management systems, social media, and how all three of these can be used to strengthen the impact of your content across the Internet.Yet all too often it’s easy to forget some of the core principles that go in getting your blog out there and into the bookmarks and RSS feeds of the people who would be most interesting in reading it. That’s why now and again it’s good to brush up on your blogging Ps and Qs:

Promote your blog in a wide variety of ways.

Posting a link on Facebook is not enough. You should be communicating with other bloggers and using social media to position your content into niche markets so that you can maximize the number of people who may see your work. In today’s world, a blogger has to be his/her own marketer, publicist, agent, manager, and PR person.

Quora yourself.

Quora is a new kind of social bookmarking site that is challenging Reddit and other networks. The site works by aggregating questions and answerssubmitted by users. It can be used for market research, reputation building, and communication—all things that help promote a blog.

Ping your content around.

The best way to do this is to use a content management system (CMS) like WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal that is optimized to affix your blog with pingsbacks and trackbacks. This allows you to see when your blog has been linked to by someone else.

Query your readers.

Polls and trivia questions can be great ways of generating interest in your blog and finding out what subjects your readers are interested in. You can also use Facebook and the aforementioned Quora in order to interact with people through the good, old-fashioned question and answer format.

Plugins are your friends.

A good CMS will have thousands of helpful plugins, ranging in variety and complexity from SEO assistants to social media to gravatar creaton.

WordPress alone has nearly 15,000 plugins and extensions that you can utilize in every aspect of blogging.

Qualify yourself as an authority.

You don’t need to write an autobiography, but a strong ‘About Me‘ page can lend your blog the air of authority it needs to attract readers. Minding your Ps and Qs when it comes to blogging can spell the difference between a page rank one site and page rank four or five. As a general rule: make sure you’re using a wide variety of optimized tools, management systems, and social media sites.

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