5 Tips to Make Your Website Remarkable in 2012

The New Year is a great time to set goals for your small business website. Create a few 2012 resolutions for your business website that can support previous successes and make a greater web presence for your company to advertise with.

1.Frequent Updates

One productive website resolution for your business is to make more frequent updates to official website and blogging outlets. If you do not already have a blog, resolve to set one up and update it often.

Fresh content makes for more Google crawls and back-linking. Customers will be more inclined to visit your business website repeatedly if you have a reputation for regular new content.

2.Trim the Fat

Take a look at the current content on your business website. Resolve to remove outdated information and unnecessary pages.

Older websites can be bogged down by out of date coding and formats. Customers and other website visitors expect a certain level of user-friendliness that old formatting cannot deliver. Consider a website overhaul as a New Year’s resolution. Make sure all of the coding is up to date.

3.Technology Updates

A resolution that can improve the function and maintenance of your website is to update your technology.

Faster internet speeds, database software and better networking equipment can make it easier to keep up with a growing business’s website. Stay informed; read trade magazines on upcoming website technology, consult expert advisors and maybe attend a trade show to see next generation technology in person.

4.Be Visible

Social media and face to face networking are of vital importance to your business website. In order to get traffic for your website, people need to know it exists and why they should visit.

Make a website resolution to increase your visibility. A balance of social media presence and in-person meetings can get your website noticed, which can improve business overall.

5.Pay Attention

Make a New Year’s website resolution to pay attention. As a business owner, it can be easy to lose track of the smaller details of your website if you have one or more employees tasked with maintaining it.

Try harder to be hands on and informed. Make sure to get frequent status reports that include bug reports, customer feedback and traffic statistics. Visit the website as customers see it and make sure everything is functional, interesting and beneficial to your business.

Website resolutions for the New Year should help you focus and succeed in the coming months. Any changes you make to what your website conveys and how it operated should be made with growth and business stability in mind.

6 thoughts on “5 Tips to Make Your Website Remarkable in 2012”

  1. These are nice tips man. It’s really important that we should not let our website stay in the “DARK”. We need our website or blog to build more traffic and exposure to the people, so that it can make a real difference this year.


    Dan Lew

  2. “Trim the Fat” is a good advice. All of the usual advice and plans that we make for this time of year are set for the future. This is what all of us can do today!

  3. Here we can see 5 simple rules, which make business website become familiar to visitors and potential consumers. Moreover, the website will be more efficient and modern, if you trim the fat and pay attention to the modern networking technologies. Unfortunately sometimes these 5 rules are failed to take into account.

  4. Great info. I was missing 2 points out of these five. thanks very much. I came here through google alerts and I am sure you are going to be a famous blogger soon by the way you give candid information.

  5. It is a good idea to look out for pages that are performing badly and get a list of pages that are not indexed with a website. Adding rich/unique content to such pages/posts or deleting them can help the website in the long run. I have also noticed that google ranks blogs with frequent content updates much higher in search results. Even a couple of blog entries a week is a good start rather than leaving a blog without any entries for months.

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