[How to] Make Google index your new post Faster with PubSubHubbub

When publishing a new post in your blog, you always want the search engine like Google updates its index and make a cache version of your post immediately. While Google is aiming to make this process as speedy as possible, it can take 1 or even a long day to complete indexing, this is a reason why you need PubSubHubbub, a smarter way to reduce the process time cost.

Google Pubsubhubbub (Google PuSH) is a protocol to help you notifies HUB immediately when you publish a new post or article at your website. It seems your blog assistance, when you completed writing a new post, you just give it to assistance then he will submit it to the central HUB to make an announcement to Search Engines and other feed readers that: “I’ve finished, let’s come to get it!”. You can read more about it at an official project homepage: http://code.google.com/p/pubsubhubbub/ (this originally started as a Google project)

And don’t forget that “Blogger Joins the Hubbub“:

We’re happy to announce that Blogger has rolled out support for the PubSubHubbub protocol, which turns feeds into real-time streams. What does this mean to you? As feed readers adopt PubSubHubbub, your posts will surface immediately for their users. For example, Google Reader has started rolling out support for PubSubHubbub; when it’s complete, your Blogger posts will surface in Google Reader as soon as you publish them. FriendFeed, Livedoor Reader (a feed reader popular in Japan), and FavIt already support PubSubHubbub—which means that their readers are already benefiting from this new feature.

For the WordPress user, the easiest way to approach this new protocol is downloading PuSHPress plugin and install it on your blog.

With other platforms, you should visit http://code.google.com/p/pubsubhubbub/, you can view the demo page at: http://pubsubhubbub.appspot.com/

Learn more about PubSubHubbub:

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  4. I must say that this plugin is big news for me, I’ve never heard of it before. I have just download it and I am installing today and test it. Thanks for the great tip!

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  6. Thanks for posting info on indexing, I was also having problem in indexing all of my site’s pages,

    I hope it would be helpful to me also.

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