Mailing List Building: Everything You Need To Know

Mailing list building allows internet marketers to send their target clients their marketing emails using an “autoresponder” service or software. Many internet marketers have been considering the use of list building in maintaining the highest priority for their valuable assets.

With mailing list building, a marketer can build a good relation to his clients or subscribers and establish a reputation of trustworthiness, unless if the marketer effectively sends his sales messages to his list at a “high conversion rate”.

However, mailing list building remains an unknown subject for some people. In fact, they don’t know how significant a mailing list is. For newbie bloggers, the case of having less subscribers (or even no subscribers) is a proof to ignorance over mailing list building. The more experienced or professional bloggers meanwhile have a lot of advantage in undertaking their task of building their list. They make sure that every detail or element needs to be in perfect order prior to using their list building tools in marketing.

The Importance of List Building

Mailing list building plays a noteworthy role in attracting potential clients, and that’s evident enough as explained by these advantages:

  • It helps you increase the number of your returning/regular visitors. Quite a number of marketers have been publishing announcements or newsletters to convince their subscribers to visit their site all over again. As the number of returning visitors starts to increase, higher chances of maintaining your site’s stable traffic will come your way.
  • It helps your readers keep updated. The “mailing list service” allows you to send your feeds via email straight to your mailing list. Once your feeds are already in the list, readers will get a chance to read your new posts regularly.
  • The mailing list building serves as your “helping hand” during cases linking to “traffic downfall”. Sometimes, traffic downfall happens when the number of visitors coming to your blog extremely increases (the fluctuations in traffic becomes increasingly noticeable). When you’re experiencing traffic downfall most of the time, it would be better if you’ll build a separate mailing list within “high traffic” times. Tip: publish newsletters regularly at times when your blog/website experiences traffic downfall.
  • With mailing list building, making a sale becomes hassle-free. Some professional bloggers never put an affiliate link to their blog/website, but still, they earn thousands. The question is, how were they able to do it? The answer: By allowing their clients to write a review on an affiliate product then sending it to their list.

How You Can Start Building Your list?

Mailing list building is a great email marketing tool that brings so many wonders in maintaining stability in terms of traffic for your online business. However, some marketers are still having a hard time with their building lists, so it’s very important for novice marketers to know the reasons why list building fails.

List building is strongly recommended in creating a system where the mail service can directly send recipients to a blog/website. However, list building does not necessitate the blog or website’s creation, unless their existence lends considerable credibility to the marketing message conveyed to a particular client. Blogs/websites with excellent content can make the most of list building so you have to take care of that particular aspect as well.

Having great content in mailing list building will help you attract more clients in the future. As one of the major components of marketing process, there are so many ways on how a marketer can successfully build a mailing list for subscribers and increase your money at the same time – as explained by these seven tips and tricks:

  1. First, understand the market you want to attract. Just like the rest of the marketing strategies, always make it a point to know and understand the persons you want to attract and why you need to do so.
  2. Use an email marketing service. Using the service will result to these two factors:
    • You will have chances of getting more subscribers to your blog/website. That is, if you indicate that you’re using the service in terms of allowing your clients to optionally unsubscribe anytime they want to.
    • The number of days of sending mail from your computer will lessen, especially if it’s directly sent to your mailing list. Mailchimp is one of the few email marketing services with free services provided for 2000 subscribers who can receive up to 12,000 emails monthly! However, Mailchimp is so strict in Affiliate marketing, therefor, other service such as Aweber, iContact or GetResponse would be great for you.
  3. Add a SIGN UP form for every single page from your blog/website. Failing to include a sign up is a simple concept that unfortunately, some old and new marketers tend to forget. Remember that the sign up button is the first thing people will always notice once they visited your site. Note: To make it easier for them to keep in contact with you, put a sign-up form on the upper corner of every visible page.
  4. Highlight the benefits visitors will get from joining your mailing list. The trick to highlight the benefits: proving to your potential subscribers that your email or newsletter is free from spam. The trick to proving your email/newsletter is spam-free: provide sample messages, testimonials or even an archive of old newsletters or documentations.
  5. Make sure that your site has the essential “visible privacy policy” required. If you’re gathering personal information directly in your website, make sure you have a policy that tells your visitors what you are going to do with the information. Note: Draw the line between providing extra mailing list services and regulating a solid policy to gain trust from your visitors.
  6. If possible, put your newsletters’ email address on your website. This valuable information you provide must be archived on your website to encourage future visitors to subscribe.
  7. If you have the budget, use “Pay-Per-Click” advertisements in driving your web traffic. You can make use of Google Adwords in pushing your traffic straight to your website’s “subscription landing page”. You can select any keywords (from Adwords) to use in creating a campaign that will convince people to subscribe. If you have a great subscription landing page, you can use classified ads to get your visitors to sign up.

Essential Tools for List Building

1. WPSubscribers – Premium Subscription WP Plugin


WPSubscribers is the most comprehensive and feature-rich subscription plugin for WordPress platform that was built to ensure the complete convenience for end-users. In less than 10 minutes of setting-up, your users will going to see their blog subscription rates boost instantly without additional traffic and start making a lot of money from there.

2. List Eruption

List Eruption acts as a referral management system where you reward each of your subscribers for growing your list for you. List Eruption will automatically deliver reward content once they reach each of the reward levels that you set.

3. Optimize Press

OptimizePress is a revolutionary new WordPress Theme that gives you the power to create killer squeeze pages, sales letters, one-time offer pages, launch pages and much more, all through a simple point and click interface.

You don’t need to be a technical genius, and you certainly don’t need a graphics degree to create amazing looking and high converting pages with OptimizePress.

10 thoughts on “Mailing List Building: Everything You Need To Know”

  1. Thanks fo sharing great tips about email marketing. Here are some of my thoughts in addition to what you described above.

    Consistency is a crucial factor in email marketing. Ensure that your email is sent on the same day, at the same time. For example, every Tuesdays at 3pm. Your subscribers will expect your emails to arrive at this specific time, which means that they want to read your email and are generally more receptive to any of your special offers or promotions.

    1. Great tip, Tom, if our email is really useful for them, they will expect to receive it continuously.

  2. Jonathan - Internet Marketer

    I just wanted to stop by and say thanks for the link back, I really appreciate it.

    Now that I’m here it looks like you’ve got a bunch of cool stuff going on – do the comments actaully also subscribe me to the newsletter? How’d you do that, that’s pretty FLY!

    Oh yeah, and great post – I whole heartedly agree the heart of any internet marketing campaign is in the list. I still can’t believe how many people are trying to “make money online” and don’t even have a list.

    BTW – did I tell you this site is chock full of awesome? Would love to chat sometime about all the cool stuff you’re doing here. hit me up on Twitter and let’s catch up.


    1. Thank you so much for your comment, Jonathan, I always want to give backlinks to all high quality, relevant articles on my blog like what you have.

      At this time, I’m using my Wpsubscribers plugin that do a feature as you said “do the comments actaully also subscribe me to the newsletter” and will very happy if you would like to try it :)

      P/s: I wonder why your Gravatar won’t show up on my site !?

  3. Learned much about mail marketing, nicely explained those things which I was been searching, searching and searching….

  4. rent yacht barcelona

    I have had my website for almost a year now and my list building techniques stink. I know that having a targeted email list is the best way to be able to sell your products and make money, but I just can’t seem to get it right. Right now I only have about 75 names on my email list and I only see about a .25% conversion with the emails that I send out, so I am really not making that much money. Can someone point me in the right direction for a list building technique that has worked for them? Oh yea, my website sells natural beauty products if that helps any.

  5. Indeed, Mailing list is really useful and beneficial strategy. I am using List Eruption for my blog and I love it. People are referring others without me doing anything and one more suggestion is to use popup form that gets your visitor’s attention a lot more than normal form.

  6. The problem that most people have is that they forget about traffic. To be able to refine your click through rate you must have a good amount of traffic.

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