4 Things To Avoid In Your Link Building Strategy

It is not complicated subject matter to create your own link building strategy. Furthermore, the external linking plays a major role in the overall SEO campaign. While working on the link building there are some common practices that you should avoid.

PageRank is the only indicator that you use to determine site’s authority?

Providing your website with links from different root domains is a great seo techniques. But there are so many sites to choose from and sometimes the task is not as easy as it seems.

So how can you choose the good quality domains?

Using only the PageRank indicator is not enough to determine how authoritative a site is. And it is quite obvious that if you want your link building to be quality one, you will use only sites that are trusted and with good authoritySEOmoz toolbar is a good way to examine further the metrics of a site – using the mozRank and mozTrust you can determine to a certain level, how authoritative is the site and every page on it.

It is also recommended not to forget the human factor – further examination in this area of the site could give you the complete overview. You can check how much people are online on a regular basis, see user comments and ratings, and pretty much use all the useful information you can get – information that will help you to determine how the visitors judge the website.

Do not forget your own personal opinion! Does this site look like it is a trusted one? Does it provide the readers with content that they are interested in? Is this website market niche same or close to mine? Those are some of the questions you should ask yourself if you have any doubts.

You got your keyword and your keyword phrase, so you think you are ready?

As you and most SEOs probably know – the successful link building strategy is supported by natural link profile. Let’s assume that 1000 people link to you, it is quite brave to think that all of them have used the same keyword or keyword phrase.

It is good to keep track of the anchor texts and if possible – use a mixture of anchor texts. The usage of secondary keyword phrases, website address, brand name, read more, click here, and etc. – guarantees success. You can link the secondary keywords and phrases to different pages of your website or to relevant ones.

Buying links mindlessly will boost my site?

There is no complete formula that can show you exactly how much links you need, so you can be competitive. To find the answer, you will need to do your competitive research. When you see the average links of your competitors, adding 2 to 5 % more should do “the magic” and put you in short time in the list.

Linking only to home page is good?

It is important to link to various pages of your site, thus increasing the overall PageRank and Authority. It is a great way to improve the traffic to your website and rank for more keywords. This all results better visibility and helps the readers to find the content on your site.

To Avoid some of the most common practices that could lead to ban for your site on the search engines or to be classified as spam, is surely great way to optimize your SEO activities. Set goals and do researches, or your link building strategy could result a great loss of time. 

9 thoughts on “4 Things To Avoid In Your Link Building Strategy”

  1. I think that the best startegy whether you are a begginer or a pro is to plan ahead. This will avoid compulsive searching for sites that will not be beneficial to your success.

  2. The best thing for beginners to do is not rush things to building links. Google will know if someone
    is hasty building backlinks.

    1. You’re right. We need make the link building effort look “nature” at the starting point.

      Thank you.

  3. Probably the most common problem is to find related links, because, if you just search for links, you could compulsively add anything and ask to be added to any sites you find cool.

    The problem is not if the site is cool or not, but if it’s related to your blog content. Then, a link could become valuable.

  4. Mostly building some links on the internet need more time and I don’t consider someone using black hat strategy. The only best thing I can think of is how you can enhance your keyword. yes, keywords is very important you can only enhance your keyword by doing link building and determining some of your competition on that keyword.

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  6. In link building there are two things (natural and relevant links) so I would say using almost all the method of link building would help in building natural links, we should use nofollow sites too for link building.

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